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سلام عليكم 👀💜، شخبااركم وحشني جو الاسئلةة يعني و شلون تجاوبون و مدام وصلك هالسؤال يعني انا معطنك فولو تأكد انك معطني و اذا مو معطني عطني 👍 السؤال ( صورة ) : ممثل/ة وجهه/ا يفتح النفس ؟يعني من جماله/ها ترتاح له/ها او ممثل/ة تحبها/ينها..#ديبيكا بادكون عن نفسي ، نبي صورةة 😒 نشووف ذوقكم 👌

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DeepikaPadukone :(💗.

what your thoughts about vogue women empowerment video featuring deepika padukone ? what you liked or disliked about the video?

Dear women's, we belong to the 21st century, the
suffering days are long gone.. we are strong, we
live a fantastic life, yes there must be problems
and this is because life can never be easy, not for
anyone and women are no exception.. But we
very well know how to manage it, we will not
suffer if we don't want to, we have rights, laws
and the world in our support, we are growing,
We are leading, we are powerful, may be not all
of us, but majority of us.. Stop making all
these videos which are actually making us look
like a weak gender dreaming strength, which is
also making men feel hated, like they don't
have anything else to do then to suppress us all
the time.. Stop demanding attention, we are
already commanding it..
-love Nazmeen
# DeepikaPadukone #mychoice #feminist
# spreadlove # nothate # UnitedWeStand

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Bana Deepika ile ilgili , sempatik , tatlı , rakam içermeyen 3 veya 5 tane kullanıcı adı önerir misin lütfen ?

Ben böyle şeylerde pek başarılı değilim. Deepika ile ilgili en sevdiğim sıfatlardan biri "the killer smile". Ben olsam kullanıcı adı diye bunu kullanırdım. Ya da basitçe ismini kullanırdım deepipadukone, deepikapadukone olarak falan.
Bana Deepika ile ilgili  sempatik  tatlı  rakam içermeyen 3 veya 5 tane

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