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As if you actually get hate for sharing your love for someone so special to you. Thank you for posting what you do. I'm Canadian and im so glad that the LQBTQ community is getting more and more love and support. Keep doing you bud. Wish you two the best ❤️ Work your pride!!

Kyla Rief
actually I get more hate then I do positive things, I just don't answer them, but thank you so much!
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it's so sad that it happened in Olympia, it made me so happy to know there is a magical place that exists full of kind people, it sucks that it happened at all but super sad that it was Olympia, if you know what I mean

i know i'm so bummed because olympia is such a poc lqbtq friendly place and so open and excepting and liberal so like if people aren't safe here then where are they safe ?

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