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Lmao your so cute.(:

Thanks ig

Your a babeeeeee;)

Lol ok

dangggg someone really likes you..

anneliese pedigo (: ♔


you're HOTTT!!!!

Thanks bæ

I love you!

Thanks ig lol

you're sooo cute!(:

Thanks! Lol

so its personal you like Shelby?

Me and her are just friends!

well someones a little feisty!

I'm just kinda done with the stupid questions.

why don't you ever answer any of your questions?

Bc most of them are personal! And I don't want to answer them!

I know someone who like you a lot(;

Haha who would that be?:)

how much do you like her on a scale of 1-10


is it someone in your grade?


I love you jack (:

anneliese pedigo (: ♔

I love you to!:)

Lol!!! ok sorry man!!!!!!

jacob messer

No problem. And I am a lucky guy.

I love you hehe.(:

I love you too.

Hay man I figured!!!!! I was just being nice!!!!!lol but she is really pretty your a lucky dude!!!!!!......:/

jacob messer

Ok. She is beautiful. And it's ok. Just make sure you don't hit on her.

idk. why you like anneliese she's ugly!

She is not at all! She is beautiful!:)

you don't really like anneliese you're lying.

Why don't you just stay out of this. Yes I do. And how would you know?

jack, you're soooo cute!(:

No u r!!!;)

who all do you like?

Just this one girl!:) she knows who she is!:)

truth is we dont talk like at all but you seem pretty cool and fun to talk to!



why do you like anneliese?

She's beautiful, athletic, and I want her to be mine.

you're sooo cute(:

anneliese pedigo (: ♔

Thanks I think you are too!:)

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