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Jim Sterling @JimSterling
Jim Sterling @JimSterling
Host of Jimquisition on The Escapist, and reviews editor for Destructoid.
Phil Fish ragequit Twitter. Your thoughts?
I am fond of both Phil and Marcus, the latter of which I would consider a pretty solid media chum at this point. Speaking as a guy who used to get into the same kind of twitter fights those guys get into, all I could say is I hope they mellow out, the pair of them, because there's no long-term satisfaction or happiness to be gained from one-upping people on Twitter. You just get more frustrated, lash out more, and make more people have fights with you.
Neither of them need my advice, but again, speaking as a guy who used to get himself into these sort of slanging matches on the regular, all I can say is I'm 100% happier and less stressed out professionally now that I go out of my way to avoid people who want to have fights (or just retweet the funny ones so *other people* go and fight them while I block them). It can be difficult not to bite back, and I still even find myself engaging it for a while now and then, but on the whole, mellowing out and learning not to step into the shit heap when I know, deep down, that's exactly what I'm stepping into (and you always *really* know), was one of the best things I did for my long-term job satisfaction and overall happiness in what I do.
In any case, I wish the best for Phil and Marcus both. I've never had cause to dislike either of them personally and it's a shame they used their weekend for this.
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