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Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
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do you have an older brother? if so, you got any suggestions on how to get bros to back off, when they put you in a headlock?
bite him
hottest sport a guy can play?
Soccer, Hockey, Baseball
best friend that is a senior
Lindsay for a girl and Lake for a guy
Ur fave nickname.?
probs marmar
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best friends?
Kayla, Amber, Lexi, Kelsey, Leeza, Chealsey and others
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Pap? (Sent to all I follow)  JuNiOr CaTcHeWaY
One of the many many reasons i love soccer!
Pap? (Sent to all I follow)
truth is?
Im bores so suree
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We should hang soon!  Sophie Frey✾❥❃
yes:) hmu so we can make plans!
If a guy is making you mad or threatening you, do you ever put your foot close to his nuts and scare him?
What is up with you and these type of questions?
why did you kick him in the nuts?
because he deserved it
Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before? Were you barefoot or wearing shoes when you did it?
yes i have and shoes
Tbh- idrk you but you're super pretty and seem nice and cool!  ✨Cam✨
thankss! txt or sc me sometime!
Pap of ur homescreen
Don't know why u want to see it but..
Pap of ur homescreen
If you were physically attacked by a guy, what move / technique would you use to win?
Hit him where the sun doesnt shine
10!  Karlie Hanson
thanks girl:)
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we should talk more! miss you Maria!  Ellie Roach
yes we should! hmu:) and miss you more Ellie❤
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Tbh you're really pretty & you seem nice! Hmu :)  Lily Stockheimer
thank ya! sc me sometime: mariamendoza614
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Will you watch the Oscars?
Can't watch what I'll be in
Hot  Jason Rios
thank you
Pap of snapchat feed
sorry i sc Beyonce and i have to keep her sc top secret
tbh you're one of my besties & ily for always being there for me (: we should: HANG SOON ❤️  Amber Mussey
thank you Amber! ily2!! and YESS❤ text me so we can make plans:)
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What was the last gift you gave somebody?
someone should txt or sc me pleaseeee
Hot(:  Jake Duller
thank ya:)
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