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Tbh you're one of my best girl friends and I'm so glad we got close this past year, but we don't talk as much anymore 😔rate: bms  Christian Voskuil
Awhh thank you😊 sc me soon
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Rate// 9  Dom
hey thanks
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Top three guy friends?
1: B 2: M 3: H
a lot more beautiful than wisconsin right?
you are very very correct, it is way more beautiful
why cali?
it's beautiful and I've always wanted to live in cali. might move there next yr
In which city you would like to live?
tbh probably any city besides Janesville but probs Santa Barbara
pap of you and your parents
why do you want one
Tbh I miss you a ton!!! We haven't talked in awhile so you should hmu:) you're gorgeous btw😘  Teresa Rios❁
Miss you so much T and thank you you too 😘 and will do😊
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Pap of you and Allie Hainstock?
i don't believe i have one with her
Favorite tv shows?
too many to name
Do you miss Matt?
lol where have you been
Tbh I'm so glad I got to meet you this summer you are so sweet and hope we can hang out with grace soon! :)  Emily Newmark
thank you! Glad i met you too:) and yes hmu so we can make plans!
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Are you allergic to anything?
Fuckboys oh and chlorine
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Are you going to the fair? If so what day
probably Wednesday and or Thursday
Tbh you're quince was so fun and you're super nice and funny!  Quinn
glad you had fun and thank you for coming😊 & thanks! !
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tbh you're gorgeous & so fun to talk to! we havent talked in awhile, hmu :)  Karlie Hanson
thank you! you too :) and for sure!
Tbh we used to talk a good amount but not anymore, tht should change tho! Ur really nice and fun to be around and ur very pretty😃  Hayden Schumann
tbh you're very pretty and nice :-)  Tori ☮
thanks, same to you! :)
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Tbh I miss you! Lunch was always so fun haha you're super funny & gorg😊 we should deff talk more & hang soon  Kyla Kroeze
thank you :) you too😊 and yes:))
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tbh you seem nice and you're really pretty hmu sometime girl ☺️  Tori Welte
thank you😊 sc me mariamendoza614
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yeah I'll do most of them:)
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Tbh- i don't know you but you're gorgeous  Tara
thank you, you too :)
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hey idiot dont u know that its por favour not porfavour
you're actually the idiot bc i didn't spell it the way you said i did
Could you have a listen to this song I wrote for a girl? It's called "Amber Day" :)  ♪ George Chen ♪
Yeah no
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