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Name some of your favorite upper classmen
Hannah, Ashley, Urmila, Kelsey, Jacob, Hailey, and others that I can't think of
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Everything (:  Syd Brew
Thanks girl:))
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Personality!  Hayden S
Likers get 1best feature?
sure why not
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Rate thingy?
This?? if so let's do a summer one since I wish it was summer!! likee
Rate thingy?
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10!  Maddie
Thanks Maddie!
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Tbh umm I'm really mad at you! Haha but that's alright :) we gotta start talking more & hang out soon!  Riley Connell
You love me tho!! And Yess we should!
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Hottt;)  Urmila L.
Thanks love ya;))
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tbh you seem nice and cool!  c pope
thanks dude you too
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Can you truly love more than one person?
I mean I love zac efron, channing tatum, the Argentinians... so yes it is possible
Truth is idk you
idk you either anon
Truth is Imy Maria! But we need to talk more! Your gorg and so nice we always have like the best conversations when we talk but yeah text me whenever!  Katlynne nichole
Thanks Katlynne! imy2! and okiee!
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rate:9:)  Ashley Myers
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Truth is you're super pretty and really nice text me!(:  Sophie Frey❤️
Thanks and okiee!!
who do you like?
idk you tell me.
BMS obviiii  Kayla Wojcik
10!(:  Cece Bittner
Thanks Cece!!
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7.5  §ierra
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I am doing "Hot or Not", if you want one like 30 answers and ask me "Hot or Not?"  ☆ ♕ ✌ COMPETITIONS ✌ ♕
nooo you have to be hot to do that
tbh~ idk you but you're sooo pretty!  Hailey
Thank you!
Tbh your so pretty and were art/twitter buds lol!;)  ᗰEGᗩᑎ ᖴOᒪEY
Tbh: Omg you are gorgg(: idk you, but you seem really nice!  Maci Weiss
Aww thank you and hmu sometime!
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What makes you really nervous?
being 6 ft under
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we should: talk more:)  Ashley Myers
Yesssss!!:)) hmu
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Bms❤️❤️❤️  Chealsey
I love you so much❤️❤️❤️
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