Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
instagram ‎@maria_mendoza14 sc/kik : mariamendoza614
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tbh you're gorgeous & so nice! we should hang soon for sure :) text meeβ€Ž  Karlie Hanson
Thanks!! and yes we should:) and will do!
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Tbh you're gorgeous and I love your smile :)β€Ž  Bradley Dion
awh thank you!😊
Tbh we used to talk but you're really pretty and you should hmu sometimeβ€Ž  Jason Rios
Hottest sport ?
Baseball or Hockey
Truth is?
If you could have a role in any TV show, what would it be?
Blair Waldorf hands down
9.5β€Ž  Cole Kaiser
Thank youu
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top 5 favorite craig guys?
You of course πŸ’•
Tbh idk you but u should hmuβ€Ž  Cole Kaiser
Sc me mariamendoza614
Hotttβ€Ž  Jake Duller
Thank ya
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thanks Maria that helped (:
you're very welcome:) even though i didn't really do anything!
girl issues
I'm sorry hope everything works out!
Alright ig
why alright?
How's your day today beautiful? 😊
It was pretty good! how was yours?
Tbh Maria we talk sometimes and ur fun to talk to! Ur really good at soccer and ur really nice and sweet! Ur cool and ur pretty too! πŸ˜„β€Ž  Hayden Schumann
Awh thank you!!
Just rates
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Hotβ€Ž  Zach Currie
Thank ya
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whos your best guy friend?
B hands down
Yes ma'am :)β€Ž  Teresa Rios❁
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10!β€Ž  Brooke Graesslin
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Tbh we don't talk but u seem nice! Hmu and rate 8β€Ž  Torin Hignell
thank you
Tbh you're one of my soccer babes & ilyβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€Ž  Teresa Rios❁
ilym T❀❀ are you playing Thursday? ?
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Omgg. tbh; your super pretty& I miss talking to you alot!! we need to catch up girl, I miss you!! ilysm & we need to hangout soon b :)β€β€β€Ž  Honnie ;*
Awh love you! and yesa❀
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tbh you're in a few classes of mine and you're really smart and cool. hmu. rate 9β€Ž  Quinn
Thanks dude!
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tbh we have a few classes together and u are in student council and very nice and funnyβ€Ž  JJ Brennan
Thank you