Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
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What are you wearing for "Dress Your Best" day tmrw
Dress, Wedges, and a hat
you and hayden?
No! we are just friends, i don't like him like that
Tbh you're perfect & we need to hang soon!! Hmu :)  Karlie Hanson
you too!! yes we do:) and okay!
Pap of snap feed
Pap of snap feed
I would prefer to not talk about it here but i mean feel free to hmu and I'll tell you
how did u get played again?
are you asking about my tweet last night?
Tbh you seem really nice hmu
Thank you! snap me:)
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mariamendoza614 snap me :)
any classes together?
was he in the same grade as you?
yeah he was
or nah
guess you'll never know
maybe i'm him
why don't you tell me who you are and i can easily tell you if you are or aren't
who was that guy?
the one from awhile ago?
same guy from like a month ago?
any classes with him?
younger or older?
same grade?
does he go to the same school as you?
Who do you like?
Are you talking to anyone?
idk am i?????
Number 1 best friend on snapchat
sorry qt
or you're qt
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turn ons love?
I'm not your love
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ill be honest with you. babe u are beautiful
I'm not you're babe
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