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8.5!  Zach Currie
Thank you!!
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Maybe a couple if people like like
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9!:)  Devin
Thank you:)
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Elf!  Torin Hignell
Thank you!!
I just got this one so you guys can add me and sc me : mariamendoza614
Most embarrassing thing you have done?
If you have my number text me with your name cuz i got a new phone
9  Kirsten O'Leary
Thank you!
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Kik and sc?
No and no
gorgeous x
Thanks anon
I like you  Jay.
Well I don't like you so ✋
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When is your quince?
June 20th so mark your calendars:)
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Do you like anyone?
NO NOW STFU! You don't need to spam me with this question!
Do you like anyone?
Do you like anyone?
tbh: ur so pretty and nice n we need to talk more n ur overall a sweetheart:)  Ashley Myers
Thank you Ashley! You are too! And I will text you tomorrow when I get my new phone!
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Compliment: your teeth and smile are perfect !❤️  Max
Awh thank you Max❤❤
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Molly  Sydney Nicolle
Thank you!
MISTLETOE ❤️❤️  Grace Schmaling
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Tbh-we used to go to school together & you're really nice!  Sydney Nicolle
Indeed we did. And thank you Syd!
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B+  Kaylen Ryan
whens your birthday?
June 14th.... It needs to come sooner
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first liker gets 20 likes and the rest get 3 please? 
First liker gets 10-15 and rest get 2
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Tbh gotta love the geometry sub(not really) Ur pretty and really nice!:) I'm so glad no geometry till Thursday! Rate:10 for sure!:)  Morgan Christoph
I mean who doesn't love geometry with mr what's his face;) but thanks Morgan! Love ya
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Compliment - your gorgouse unf , you seem really nice pop up more (:  -Liz-
Thank you!
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Tbh you've helped me a lot & I'm very thankful for that! We have to hang out soon girl!  Riley Connell
Yes we do:) Hmu!
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