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10:)  Kyla
Thanks Kyla:)
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rate: 10!! :)  Urmila L.
Thanks Girl!:)
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Truth is?
I think I will do some!! so like
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Compliment: I love how you dress!  Ashliey Lerma
Thanks Ashliey! imy!
Well it's Friday but Matt Doherty cuz he is bae
How tall are you
TBH: Your pretty.  Brooklyn Kruk
Thank you
Tbh I have a class with you but I don't really know you! But you seem really nice and funny!  Mac Ryan
Thanks hmu!
Rate:9  Morgan Christoph
Thanks Morgan!
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thanks hun
well thank you! I bet you are too
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youre funny
am I really?
I like the nickname "marmar"
dude same
truth is idk u but ur pretty nd seem chill rate 8  Eris.
Thank you
Tbh you look really jice  Darin DeShaun
Rachel leeder gets around
That's none of my business so just stop
I love you too! That was your only job you need to get it done;) jk we can do it tomorrow  Kayla Wojcik
:) haha yeahh!
Meeting you was good we immediately became friends:)  Kayla Wojcik
Yess!:) love ya kayla! btw didn't have time to do the internet guide!
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What was the green sheet you were passing around in your classes?
It was a sheet for student council that I needed to be a candidate for president! Which you guys should vote for me for president!:)
ask me questions please ty!  BIG BOOTY JUDY✌️
PLEASE HELP ME GET TO 20k FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  ❤️ⓡⓞⓜⓔⓞ❤️ #E.V.E.❤️
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8!  Hayden S
Do you have any nicknames?
yeah... mar, marmar, maria Mendoza achoo, mary, mari, ochocinco, and others that I can't remember
9  Taylor lea
Thank you!
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7  Sarah
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