Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
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Oh well kik maybe? You seem nice!
Its mariamendoza614
Well my names Justin
Then nope
I might know you. . I do know some juniors
No probably not in a JUINOR
Ur a junior?
Oh ok I've only seen your around school I'm not in any of your classes, I wouldn't know..
Its okay and can you please tell me who you are? Do i know you?
Oh I didn't know you have contacts
I got them like 2-3 weeks ago but before i would just take my glasses off for a picture
Because you're beautiful
Thank you but rn i still have my contacts in
Aw ): at least post one with your glasses?
Why don't you take pictures with glasses on? Your pretty!
Thank you! But i disagree
someone you wish you never met?
Oo rather not say
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Ur GORG ily
Awh thank you! Who is this?
That was me lol sorry  Honnie ;*
Its okay!
Dude I miss you :(
I miss you too!!
Eye pic?
Eye pic?
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followed  Kayce
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Ask me later or another day cuz im not in the mood
tbh we have a few classes together and your really nice  Quinn
I am pretty nice arent i
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How'd you know  Leeza ¨̮
Cuz you said marmar
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Hi marmar
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hot or not-hot tbh idk u but u seem cool hmu sometime  Troy Thomas
Thank u sc me sometime
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tbh I miss you so much!! we have go hang out soon gorgeous❤️❤️ hmu  Riley Connell
I miss you sososososo much 2!! And yess! ❤
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Is your dad a doctor?
If i got a dollor for each time someone asked me that ? I would be on a yacht in Greece by now
Tbh we talked a little but then stopped you're a pretty cool girl so hbu soon❤️  Gunnar Overboe
Thanks gunnar! And will do:)
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Rate- 7  Devontae
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