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Im so horny come help me (;
eww no thank you!
Wash your vagina
tbh we used to kinda talk but now we don't and you're nice!  Sam Kelly
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Did you go to Washington elementary when you were a kid? Lol  十I Put The D In Donuts十
chocolate bunny(:  ↞riley↠
Pink(:  Lorin
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Likers get a we should?
Sure and an Easter rate! Happy Easter Everyone!
Likers get a we should?
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Thanks for all he likes too(:  Shasaaaaa.
No problem:))
Bugatti  Shasaaaaa.
Aww thanks:)
First 2 likers get 30 likes + follow? the rest.. maybe 10 likes? :)
Sure but the rest get 5
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Hi :) Can you like him 30 answers ‎@KendallSchmidtKS ? thank you angel :) followed
followed, follow back?x  ♕ your queen ♕
<3 If you get this I follow you and love you as a mate:) Hmu:3  MIC✔️
Thanks I guess
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Hey Dear) check out my new video, if you like it subscribe and put the thumb up,thanks* tell me what you think about it;) more videos you can see here ) follow me on twitter and i'll follow back)  Nastia Sparks.
No thanks
We should hangout soon & bring me to Magcon :)  MᎯɖɖίε ✞❀
Yes.. and idk if it will be Magcon but maybe another event with them:))
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Likers get Best feauture?
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Likers get 3 likes ?
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why are you heartbroken?
They knew we didn't #ripmagcon
why are you heartbroken?
how are you?
Truth is idk u but you seem chill and you're pretty  Gavin
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
What picture comes to your mind when you hear word "fun"?
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Tbh: ur so pretty, really nice, & funny :) we need to hangout sometime & I really hate u for going to MAGCON >:) love u Maria!  MᎯɖɖίε ✞❀
Thanks Maddie!! and I haven't gone YET!!!!!!!! and yess we do!! Love you Maddie!
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Truth is?
why not
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3 Pointer  Lauren
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  Sadie Robertson
Love you❤
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