Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
instagram ‎@maria_mendoza14 sc/kik : mariamendoza614
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Perfect to me
you must be blind but thankss
Oh my god you're perfect
Oh my god no I'm not but you're too sweet thank you
Truth is we haven't talked in a while but your still my fav twin  Jason Rios
You're still my fav twin too, and hmu
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Truth is; Your very fun to talk to your super nice, really funny and your super pretty yeah hmu whenever!  Nefy
fuck or chuck for likers ?
no bc the chances of me actually wanting to fuck someone on this app is slim to none
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pap of sc best friends?
Tbh you're literally perfect!! you seem so sweet and we haven't ever talked that's so change!!  Ann
Awh thanks:) you're the perfect one tho 💕 sc me sometime: mariamendoza614
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Tbh.. Idrk you but you're gorgeous and seem super cool and nice and fun to be with!!! Snap me sometime:)  ✨Cam✨
thank you :) what's your snap?
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mariamendoza614 add me:)
tbh I miss you so much maria😢 you really sweet & funny & I can't wait to see you this year(:  Ellie Roach
awh miss you too! sc me sometime :)
You should do all of the tbhs
I'll try to finish them today
Share something you're grateful for today.
Mi Madre❤
Share something you're grateful for today.
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Tbh you were my first friend I made at Craig and I could not be happier to have you in my life. I love you Maria Mendoza thanks for all you do for me❤️❤️❤️❤️  Kayla Wojcik
Love you so much Kayla Wojcik💋❤❤
I'll try to do most
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no but someone should sc me:) mariamendoza614
Tbh; Your extremely beautiful, your funny, cool, and your awesome to talk too we talk here and there we should talk more!  Nefy
thank you
truth is I had a fun time at your quince but we haven't really talked since so hmu!! you're super nice & we need to hang out again!  riley connell
Thanks! and yes soon:)
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Tbh your my favorite twin and your really nice and funny  Jason Rios
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TBh~ idk u but your pretty  Kayla
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Tbh idk you but you seem real cool!  Noah Hanthorn
Thank you
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9!  Taylor Morgan
thank you!
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tbh you're so gorgeous & nice!! I love talking to you and we should definitely talk more and hang sometime:) hmu!  karlie hanson
awh thanks girl!! you too:) and will do!
Tbh: ur quince was a blast n u looked BEAUTIFUL. Ilysm n I'm so glad I've gotten to know you this year and ur such a sweetheart:))  Ashley Myers
Awh thank you so much Ashley😊 ilsym💝 hang soon again please
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Tbh ur quince was so fun and you're a great person and fun to talk to  Quinn
Thank you! glad to hear you had a good time☺
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Tbh I was at ur quince and it was a blast, and u looked amazing as well! Haha but ur a good friend of mine and ur a very nice and sweet girl😄  Hayden Schumann
thank you! glad you had fun😊