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Maria Mendoza @MariaMendoza14
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Tbh- you're soo pretty! You seem really nice and funny and we should talk sometime! Rate/10!  Blair
Thanks Blair! And yes for sure! Text me sometime:)
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Tbh-we talked for awhile but kinda stopped.. Hit me up again you're really nice! :) rate-9!  Gunnar Overboe
Thanks Gunnar! And okay will do:)
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You are dumb for thinking Jayden actually likes you
Who ever said that he likes me or that I think he likes me... You dumb anon
Do you like Matt?
Relationship status?
It complicated but idk if I want to date someone because I am really busy right now and I for want to make them a second priority
all likers get 5 likes or more please? 
First liker gets 5 likes
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Tbh your my babe ;) Duh :) but your a cutie and your super sweet :)  Jay!
Hahaha thanks:)
Thanks girl:)
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We should talk sometime :)  Jay!
Yes we should! text me sometime:)
Pap of you and Matt?
Maybe you will get one this week;)
Who do you like?
maybe I would if guys weren't dicks
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We should:talk more!  Blair
Yes! hmu whenever:)
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Holy shit post your profile pic on insta  Riley Connell
hahaha should I?? text me girly!
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Haha it doesn't matter I just wanted to be nice lol (:
Hahah well thank you anon:)
Aw Maria you look good in it (: don't listen to stupid anons
Thank you!! Who is this?
Do u ever change your profile pic geez
are you happy now? I don't look good in that pic but I changed it just for you anon
tbh: we've talked here n there but ur super nice n pretty n we should talk more:)  Ashley Myers
Thanks you too!! And yes we should Hmu:)
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Truth is?
Eh maybe some
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We should talk more!  Kyla
Yes! Hmu sometime girly:)
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Pap of your pet?
My penguin isn't cooperating with me and letting me take a pic
nugget  Shae Mitchell
Wtf what???
Tbh Idk you but you are pretty and seem nice !  taylor
Thank you! Text me sometime!!
hot  Mitchell Lorenz
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