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Halloween rates plz??
Sureeee like!
Halloween rates plz??
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How old are you?
you guys should follow my new twitter ‎@MariaMendoza614 since I can't access my other one anymore!
virgin? if not do u want sex?
why do you care
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Tbh I haven't talked to you in forever, miss u!  Teresa Rios❁
I miss you too!! Text me:)
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Do you like sparkling or still water?
Sparkling... My parents say I have an addiction
Truth is DC was sick af I miss it and you're in my art class and I hate art idk why I took it haha we should talk more girl  мιкαуℓα ℓєт¢нєя
I miss it too! And same! Yes we should:) Hmu!
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Bms!  Syd Brew
Thanks syd!!!
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BMS obvviiii❤️❤️  Kayla Wojcik
Love ya Kayla❤❤ text me!
we should : talk sometime  Mitchell Lorenz
hmu sometime
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Pjs selfie
Because of English class  Sam Karl
I was just joking!! now give me a real tbh
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Tbh you hate me sooo :p  Sam Karl
Why do you think that?
Rate A Date 90%  ♛Zachhh♛
Thank you!!
we need to hang girl :*  Honnie ;*
Yesss we do!! text me to make plans:)
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heyy gorgeouss :)  Honnie ;*
hey bb:)
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B+  Cory Jordan
Thank you!!
Rate- 8.5  Jessabelle
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compliment ~ smile (:  ✌Moæ✌
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Rate on looks-8!  Claudia S❤️
Thank you!
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Tbh I don't know you but your pretty sc me sometime(:  Mike P
Thank you!!
compliment - your pretty!  ✧ⓨⓐⓩⓩⓨ✧
Thanks you too:)
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that was me lol my bad  natalie ¨̮
It's okay!
truth is we have french together and youre nice and seem super cool lets talk more :) rate 9
Thanks! hmu:)