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ily2 anon
Follow for follow?:) Im new :)  Helper :)
omgg thats like my life.. that advice thingg.  Honnie
Samee happens a lot!
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What's the best dating advice you have?
Don't let someone you think you like in because most likely they will be a dick and completely forget about you.. they had nothing to lose but you did because you told him everything
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oh yeah..well then I guess you're a caramel frap(; hahaha  kels✨
Hahaha Thank you! love you!
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Definitely coffee + iced tea :)  kels✨
Kelsey you were supposed to rate me not you!! jk love ya bae!
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followed ❤️  ♛ Poon Slayer ♛
Thanks ❤️
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Tbh ilysm and we need to hang soon you're really pretty and fun to talk to but I always forget to text you back or something:(( you're extremely nice and I hope we talk more next year too! Rate: bms❤️❤️  Chealsey
Aww Thanks Chealsey!! And yess we need to hang super soon and fsu!! and yeah it's either one of us that forgets to text back! Love ya Chealsey❤️❤️
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the Kim game is sex
okay then
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truth is we went to DC together! it was a blast and you're pretty and super nice:) we should talk more! rate 10  Mikayla Letcher
Thanks Mikayla! and yes it was I miss it so much! hmu sometime!
❤️  You're Really Cute
thx for the follow
Truth is I don't know you...  Kourtney Camm❤️
true true
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rate: BMS!!(:  kels✨
Thanks Kels:))
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omg ahahahah I'm a class C on that game lmfao  kels✨
omg hahaha!! text me girly!
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whats your #?  Amber♥
left it on you're ask!!
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Like 10 and send your a for an opinion  You're Really Cute
Okay so you ask me this way more than once just so I can like ten and then say you're ok... wow
Like 10 and send your a for an opinion  You're Really Cute
rate: bms truth is you seem nice so we should talk sometime!  Amber♥
Thanks! and text me sometime!
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Rate:8  Jordan Meyer
A+  Rylee Gonzalez
Thank youu
2013  Kameron Van Natta
Thank you!!
Like for a Kim Kardashian rate bc I am in love with that game soo Likeee
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Rate: 10!  Queen Of Hearts❤️
Thank you:))
Youre beautiful
Thank you!! who is this?