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Do you have any nicknames?
yeah... mar, marmar, maria Mendoza achoo, mary, mari, ochocinco, and others that I can't remember
9  Taylor lea
Thank you!
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7  Sarah Frank
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What makes life worth living?
Truth is we used to talk but not really anymore so hmu :) you're also really nice & pretty  Riley Connell
Thanks Riley you too! and okay!
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Follow back? ‎@cansukayy If you're an active follower I'll be the same :)).
um sure
oh alrighty then. talk to you later?  Robert Sells
did I do something wrong?  Robert Sells
no you did not
did I offend you?  Robert Sells
umm okay  Robert Sells
yeahh sorry
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oh do you want me to dm you on Instagram?  Robert Sells
can't sorry
unless you wanna kik me  Robert Sells
don't have kik sorry
bye.  Robert Sells
k bye
for sure. nice talking to you.  Robert Sells
10th haha. I'm 15  Robert Sells
aha same :) I'm kinda excited for it. what grade are you in?  Robert Sells
9th you?
don't be :) not your fault. so do you have school tomorrow?  Robert Sells
no Tuesday hbu
just arguing with a friend that's all  Robert Sells
ohh sorry for tht
I'm horrible :) aha  Robert Sells
yeah haha. how are you?  Robert Sells
good hbu
honestly I have no idea. just a long night last night I guess  Robert Sells
haha same :) I'm really tired  Robert Sells
hey what's up? :)  Robert Sells
nothing really hbu
hey*** lmao sorry!  Robert Sells
it's okay! hi
heyb  Robert Sells