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ask me questions please dude  Makayla ✌️
Why do you beg??
ask me questions  Makayla ✌️
A+  Zach Bailey
Thank you
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ask me questions i'll return  Makayla ✌️
Why do you beg so many people to ask you questions? Don't beg me like you did with Courtney
Tbh: your pretty tbhh: I don't kno you tbh: follow 4 follow tbh: Hmu? Orr kik me sometimes Rate: 10 -  Celineee
ily  ❁Court❁
ily2 <3
Pap of your boobs!
Pap of your boobs!
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Rate- Orange:)  Caden Is Life
Thank you:)
8==============>~~ O:  ❁Court❁
Still can't believe you follow me:))
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Compliment; you're really pretty  kyla
Thank you!
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Compliment and Truth is soo like!
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Selfie please!?
Selfie please!?
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Love you❤️❤️❤️  ❁Court❁
Love you more❤️❤️
Followed❤️  ❁Court❁
Aww thank you:) My life is made now that you followed me:) love you Court❤️
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You are the most beautiful girl I've ever laid eyes on. You seem like an amazing girl. I really wish I was able to be friends with you. You are an angel. Your beauty is unmatched. You are flawless. Your eyes make me smile. Your smile brightens up the day. You are perfect in every way. <3
Awww thank you so much:)) This made my day!! Who are you??
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Can you twerk?
Yess I mean why else do you think I was on a twerking team
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Tbh- We don't really talk but you're pretty & seem nice!  Karlie Hanson
Thanks! hmu:)
tbh idk u but your pretty :)  Yazzy❤️
Thank you!
Truth is I don't know you but you're pretty✌️
Thank you!!
Tbh we used to be super close & now we aren't as much anymore :( we should talk more and hangout sometime!! Your also so pretty & nice!!! Hmu  Grace Carlson
Thanks Grace:)) And yess we do.. text me sometime!!
are a 9gag lover?
Wtf is 9gag?
describe your BEST FRIEND
not describing my best friend but my best friends! They are some of the most nicest people I have ever met! they are really funny and sweet! I know I can trust them with anything and they wouldn't tell a single soul! We have a blast hanging out and they are also some of the most easiest people to have a convo with
hello :)
do you want to build a snowman?
Do you want to fuck off?
describe zach anthony
I don't know who Zach Anthony is