Otmane El Rhazi @OtmaneELRHAZI
Otmane El Rhazi @OtmaneELRHAZI
London, United Kingdom
Otmane El Rhazi, Business Manager. He graduated from ENPC as a State Civil Engineer and hold a Ph.D from UPMC. He is a skilled programmer and shares many Finance Papers and Trading Algorithms. Socially interactive, Mr. El Rhazi likes Networking, Reading books, Traveling, Food tasting and Swimming.
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What is the worst gift you have ever received?
A gift for the seek of a gift or a date not from the heart but from the pocket. Butter keep it in the shop bh.
What is the worst gift you have ever received?
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What is your best feature?
My best feature? Hummm most likely that I can get almost anything done if I have time.
Anyone played the new Avatar Korra game?  Otmane El Rhazi
The Legend of Korra (video game).
Anyone played the new Avatar Korra game?
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How do you communicate most with your friends?
Mostly visa Facebook, Twitter and by Phone...
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I love  Sude Ark
I Love.....my mum!
I love
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Have you ever shit your pants?  d
Well forget about that :-). Seriously everyone does it at some point hihihi.
Selfie  i am love
That is awsome!
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Ton âge ?  ♫ Oumeima AC ♫
Je suis tres age mais la jeunesse c'est dans le coeur!
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What two animals, if combined, would make for an awesome animal?
Bull Dog. If combined they make Bulldog which is an awesome bread.
Ton genre de musique préfèré ?  ♫ Oumeima AC ♫
Dance and rap.
Why are you so addicted to Ask.fm?
I guess just the Q/A on interesting subjects get you hooked up.
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What color pencil you use for drawing?
A crayon in general.
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ты носишь каблуки?  Наталья Миронова
Maybe once or twice when I was young!
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Do you already have Ask.fm app for iPhone?
Not yet but working on it.
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Can you sum up your day so far in just one word?
Well, cossi cossa.
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What are some things that make you really happy?
Food, Sleep, Popcorn and a movie! :-)
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What movie can you quote word for word?
The snail is fast!
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Do you have official Ask.fm app for Android?
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What’s the last sport event you watched?
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What is the most beautiful car?
901 Porsche
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Do you prefer to answer questions or ask them?
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What do you think when you look in the mirror?
You are a lucky dude!
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Love or Hate?
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