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If Blindfolds Aside wasn't such a fan favorite, would you ever play it at shows?
Never again.
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Can I name my daughter Rodalina after you?
I don't care, go nuts. It's your fuckin life.
5 people like this you should feature her in your next album Chodestein
Yea she's great.
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Hey Rody, I feel kinda rude asking this but are you going to answer those questions? Assignment has to be in Thursday. If not it's totally cool, can look through other interviews you've done.
Sorry man, don't feel rude. I will answer them, my bad about the delay.
Hey Rod, dude I am actually making a vocal cover of "Mist" of PTH, I can't handle very well the faster than you spell all the lyrics hahaha, some advice or something for that? Thank you a lot!  Arturo Castro
I would love to help you out, but I don't really understand the question. If you could clarify, I would be more than happy to shed some light on how it's done... Whatever 'it' is.
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thanks! any breathing techniques or warmups you can recommend?
Run scales while buzzing your lips or rolling your tongue. Start low, warm that up for a while then move onto higher stuff. Breathing techniques are a little too difficult to explain via askfm.
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Advice for starting out singers?
Sing all the time.
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Nightman or Dayman?
Night man.
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At the beginning of 'Dunsel', is that a synth playing?
It's a bass.
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It says they should appear in your others box. I can add you as a friend if that would help.
Yea send me a request so I can get it in my messenger app.
Sent the questions through Facebook, name is Sam.
Where? I don't see them.
Thanks a lot man. Would it be better to ask you through here or somewhere else?
You can do it on here or on Facebook.
Is your mom also a swat Sargent?
How do you think they met?
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Hey Rody could I ask you some questions for my college assignment? It's about what makes a band successful.
Go nuts. Though I'm not sure I really qualify to answer the questions.
Any news on an instrumental version of Volition?
Pretty sure it's not happening.
Mastodon already put that Shakespeare quote in 'The Ruiner' though before you did.
It's a pretty popular quote.
Sick of the dad questions?
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I don't want to fight your dad.
Me neither.
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There's an interview where you say 'PETA are always coming after my Dad, so fuck off PETA'. What is your dad doing to animals? :O
I'm not sure if it was my father directly, but it had something to do with tasering pigs that were all jacked up on cocaine.
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If your dads such a badass how did you grow up to be such a pussy girly singer? (This is joke I love your singing)
I know you're joking, but it's true enough.
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I know your first name is James so where did the name Rody come from ?
It's my middle name and my grandmother's maiden name.
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What does your dad do for a living?
My dad is a retired swat sergeant and bomb squad sergeant.
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Did your dad use jiu jitsu as an excuse to twist the shit out of your arm (gakun) also?
I don't know what this means.
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Written any new Cheddar Cheese?
Yea I wrote a song about my Dad knowing jiu jitsu. It'll probably never see the light of day.
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Kind of a long one, but here goes nothing. How do I leave a bad musical situation? The guys I'm in a band with are all really cool, but I just don't dig what we're doing as a group. They're convinced that we're some sort of revelation the music too...ever dealt with this before?
I'm not sure what to tell us friend. I've only ever been in two bands and one of them is a joke. If you don't love it quit... But you should keep in mind a lot of people playing in metal right now aren't really big fans of metal.
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