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Can I provide input for the new album? You know, make it not suck. Hink!
You may, however it will be promptly ignored.
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will Arif and Moe be providing any input with the new album?  kdonovan89
Nope Your thoughts? Any advice on how to get better at not sucking as a band?
I like it dude. Sounds like early moneen, or choke. Good on ya.
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You guys used to play Sound Academy every home show, has the popularity of the band shrunk so much that you can't get enough people there, or are there other reasons? Not complaining, loving the intimate shows as of late, just curious.
The location of the sound academy is a real pain in the ass. The room is cool and the stage is huge but everything else about it kinda sucks. Also I believe it is now exclusively edm.
I have no clue if the band's popularity has decreased or not, but there are better reasons than that not to play there.
So I'm sitting really conflicted...I can't stop listening to Peachy H, followed immediately by Run the Jewels. What does this mean?
I don't know what run the jewels is so I can't help.
Hola Rody
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Do you have any band/music tattoos?
What's the last tattoo you got?
The puffin on my arm that Alicia did in Newfoundland.
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Bringing the Gameboy on tour? if so do you need any games?
I'll probably bring my vita.
the periscope stream thing was a joke right? you guys are getting one of the kezia x concerts pro shot right? right? pls?
I will do a bunch of periscope shit on that tour. However I'm not sure of the status of a filmed concert.
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Might we see a guest spot from Laura of Red Handed Denial in the new material? Their new single is pretty cool.
Lauren is great, but there are no plans as of yet.
Why is there a 5 day break after Edmonton? filming a music video by any chance?
Moe works during the week.
bruh why isn't Mandroid gunna be at the Vancouver date :(
They hate the Canucks so much they can't even set foot in B.C. God's honest truth.
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Would you find it lame if I showed up to one of your kezia shows wearing a shirt I bought at one of your shows 8 years ago and got signed and got it signed again?
Not in the least. It's always cool to see old shirts.
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Hey Rody when did you drop out of school? Did it affect the way you live now in a good or bad way?
I didn't drop out of school. I finished high school.
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Rody school is hard
I wouldn't know, I haven't been in a very long time.
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Rody, seriously now. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease just announce the new album NOW. ç__ç I'm, like, dying. The hype is slowly killing me, I need Kezortscurlition so damn much.  Leonardo Gabellini
Not much longer until an announcement.
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did you apply to be on Big Brother Canada yet?
No, never.
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would you ever put out a record/ep of some of your solo stuff, like the stuff on your soundcloud? I think its pretty killer man
I would very much like to. At this point I don't have a very clear vision of what to make. I'm always writing though, and one day I will.
Were you at reading festival this year?
I wasn't.
when you say your best man is gonna be Chris do you mean adler
I do not. I mean Wynne.
DJ or band at your wedding?
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are you going to sing at your wedding?
God no.
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How's wedding planning going? Are you making any of the decorating/guest list decisions, or is it mostly Cage who's handling those aspects?
Cage I'd handling most of it, but every now and again she asks me for input.
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Dude, next time I see you, I'm gonna run, tackle you, and give you the biggest hug ever. Seriously.
Please don't run tackle me.
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