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hey rody have you heard of this band before? they sound very similar to PTH, even the vocals!
Yea man people send this to me quite regularly. It's all good!
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I just sent a message regarding the UG situation to Timmy (tabs are back up, they are trying to contact him), but based on his 10 day absence from this site, I'm not sure if he's just busy or has lost interest in this site, but just in case it's the latter, could you bring this to his attention?  Dalton Munnal
I'm sure he'll get back to you shortly. He's just had a child, and I'm sure he's quite busy with that.
What's wrong with feeding your dog people food (i.e meat, potatoes, vegetables)?
I mainly meant feeding the dog your food while you're eating it.
So around me I've noticed a lot if pit and pit mixes up for Adoption, and I'm thinking about biting the bullet, what are the most important things to know and helpful when getting a pit bull?
They're just like any other dog, if you neglect training, or do shitty things like give them people food, they turn into little jerks. make clear rules and stick to them.
Other than that, socialization is very important for dogs, don't isolate your dog, make sure it's around a lot of other dogs so it can learn how to play properly.
Adopting and rescuing dogs is important and commendable. You should be very happy about doing the right thing!
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Alright, I wanna bite the bullet and finally get into trek. Next gen is on Netflix, so should I start there? Or watch the original series first?
Start with next gen. If you like it, you can go backward, if not... You don't have to.
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How often do you listen to PTH? I mean do you listen to your own music sometimes or no?  Matteo Gualandi
If there's a song on the set list we haven't played in a while, I listen to the song a couple times, that's about it. I don't like listening to the recordings because so much has changed with how I sing those songs, the original versions sound weird to me.
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when you say you guys added the acoustic parts, do you mean you Luke and Tim brought acoustic guitars out? or was there just a backing track?  Clay Lindstrom
Timmy went and grabbed an acoustic and Jadea and I sang the parts.
i was at that toronto show in danforth and personally pretty disappointed at the crowds lack of reaction to the acoustic ending parts. Maybe everyone's just not used to it, but i was happy you guys added it in! this isnt a question!
Thanks fella, it just wasn't as seemless as it needed to be
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Any hints as to what this whole Good Tiger thing is about? I know Tim and the Periphery dudes have been posting stuff on Instagram and the suspense is killing me
I don't know exactly, I have a pretty good idea though. However you'll just have to wait.
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Hi there Rody, a little request from Moscow fans: would you gentlemen please play acoustic-ending songs like Plato's Tripartite or Blindfolds Aside right to the end? Always wanted to sing them along to the guitar with the whole crowd, but you keep to castrate these tracks... why not to try?up 2 u.
We did that once before at a Toronto show, it didn't turn out very good.
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Did you check out any games at Pan Am?
I did not. I heard the baseball was cool, but I didn't watch any of it.
Have you heard the band PVRIS? Thoughts?
I know the single, and I really like it. She's got a really gritty tone and I love it.
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Why did that song not make it into ACUOS if it was miles ahead of what you guys were doing at the time? Are there a bunch of hidden gems you guys have written that haven't made the final cut on other albums? (Besides Sans Fromage and to porter, with love)
I don't know if I'm remembering it correctly maybe it sucked, but I loved it. All other songs have been released in one capacity or another.
Do you guys have any songs from the post ACUOS era that are unreleased (including demos or songs that you completed but didn't record)?
Yea there was one that I friggin loved... I can't remember what the fuck it was called but I know almost every word. It never got recorded, but it was for calculated... Riffy wrote the lyrics and they were awesome, miles a head of anything we were doing at the time.
I think the title had the word requiem in it... Fuck, I wish I could remember.
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Really enjoyed you acoustic solo stuff, especially "Water and Oil" and "I'll at Ease" Will you be doing more solo tracks in the vein of this?
I don't know. I write crap all the time, but only occasionally record any of it.
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You should play Destiny with me Rody.
Maybe I will! As soon as I get all those damn riddler trophies.
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How to falsetto like this?
This sounds like a poor attempt at a Jeff Buckley impersonation to me.... So there's one way to falsetto like that.
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Will we ever know what was said at the end of Hair-Trigger?
All you have to do is reverse it.
What are your thoughts on the new direction BTBAM has taken? I'm really digging all the cleans Tommy does now.
I haven't given it an honest listen yet. I put it on the other day while I was playing some video game but I didn't really listen. I will though, I'm like that he's singing now.
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Congrats on your Juno award! Did anything really change after winning it?
Thanks, not a damn thing.
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Do you know of any high-profile celebrities who like Protest the Hero?!
I don't know of a single one.
Do you miss The Human Abstract as much as I do? I never got to see those guys live.
They were a great band and they were awesome to tour with. Their presence is truly missed.
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How did you guys get that interview with George Stroumboulopoulos back in the day? What do you think about how his career has changed over the years? It'll be a long time before I'm used to him hosting HNIC instead of Ron, Ron is the man.
George was awesome to us, he played us on his radio show quite a bit and would wear our shirt on TV. He also helped us get exposure in the states through some of his connections. We got that interview because he's a great guy.
His career has been really interesting to watch, and he deserves all the success he achieves. I know some people don't love him on HNIC but I think he's great. He has a passion and respect for the game. I think it feels a little weird because he's so much cooler than everyone else involved, it makes him stick out a bit.
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Have you ever heard PTH classified as technical pop punk?
Back in the day, pretty much all the time.
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I bought ACUOS on CD back in 2009, brand new, just before they all disappeared or got really expensive. I listen to it all the time. Please answer this question so I can make the people who ask about ACUOS jealous.
Haha that's pretty cool, did you get the red one or the black one?