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Are you seriously into meditation? What's your method?
It was a Vulcan joke.
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how do you deal with pon farr ?
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do you do anything to make your beard grow fast or use any products or do you just have badass beard growing ability? cause I wanna try for a yeard and want tips
There's no tricks, just don't shave your face.
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Why fuck the moon?
Trailer park boys.
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Hey rody, i'm on my first big tour, stuck in a van with 5 other people. None of us have had real showers or eaten nutritious food in days. It's a real pleb operation we have going here. How did you survive when you first started touring and what did you do to help occupy all of the down time?
There's nothing I can say that's going to make this any better. Just know that you're paying your dues in a very real way. A lot of bands go on their first tour and don't have to struggle at all, I have very little respect for it. Paying your dues might be a thing of the past but I think it's important.
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Um....what the fuck is wrong with that dude the posted the get through these without laughing pictures? I literally just took a break at work with my buddy, showed him "Plato's Tri" and we talked at length how fucked people are that seem to be okay with rape...then I saw that....just what the fuck.
I'm starting to think it might have been some kind of spam bot.
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Can you make it through this list without laughing out loud? I bet you cant haha
I didn't laugh once, most of them were really rape heavy... Hence not funny.
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do you ever feel nervous/anxious before or during a set?
Sometimes, if my throat is in rough shape or my stomach is going nuts I get nervous that I'm either going to suck or shit my pants.
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Do you foresee yourself and a female producing a child in your lifetime?
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have any of you or other PTH member's girlfriends ever asked to come along on tour? If they haven't but did what would be your response?
They come out to dates here and there but none of them are particularly interested in being on tour, they all have jobs and lives so it doesn't make too much sense.
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Do you actually workout now? as in you have a routine and do so frequently? or is it just a when you feel like it thing?
When I'm home I go five days a week with a pretty strict routine, but when I'm on the road I just do what I can.
How did you meet your current girlfriend?
High school.
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How did you first get into Trek?
My dad watched it when I was a kid.
How much would you charge to perform at my birthday party?
Everything you own.
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Why would it be awkward and or embarrassing to be a wedding band for a fan?
Mostly because out music doesn't lend itself to that kind of environment very well. I can picture a saggy old grand dad having the worst time of his life during our set.
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Is anybody in the band interested in astronomy?
Not that I'm aware of.
how much would it cost for protest to be my wedding band?
It would cost an arm and a leg, mostly because it's going to be the most awkward night of our lives and it's going to take a lot of money to convince us that it's worth the embarrassment.
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With everything that's been happening in the world, aren't you guys just a little bit afraid to fly or do you just go around randomly announcing that you're Canadian and not American?
I don't imagine your nationality matters too much if your plane gets hit by a rocket.
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Have you ever been waaayy too drunk to be on stage?
Yea, I fell off stage in Arizona one night, landed right on my nose. It was very funny.
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Can I eat some ice cream with you in Perth?
I'm lactose intolerant.
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In interviews Luke seems like a shy, sweetie pie. But when you talk about him you make him sound like a serial killer? haha
He's a nice guy, but he also may be a serial killer.
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Did Luke open a formspring and then ended up never using it or did you just make one and used his name?
I just made one and used his name.
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does Luke hate social media? he seems to take not part in any of it... didn't he use to have a formspring back in the day? What caused the change of heart?
Naw that was me on his formspring, he doesn't hate social media, he just doesn't particularly like... Anything.
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Who usually takes care of the bands instagram and facebook?
Whoever wants to. We when something has to go up and then someone does it.
Are all members of PTH on instagram?
I don't think Luke has a personal one. If he does he definitely doesn't care about it.