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You are in my personal top 5 singers.
Crazy, you're in mine!
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Do you like Mike Patton?
I was once a very big fan, but I haven't been following him lately. I don't know why.
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Do you listen to Stoner? (Kyuss, Sleep, OM, QOTSA, etc)
Frig no.
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TO A SCREEEEEEEEAAAAAAAM!!!!! I feel like you guys should've mixed that a little louder cause every time I sing along it just disappears.
Haha yea it was louder in the first mix, I guess someone didn't like it very much and asked Crum to turn down.
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When you guys filmed the documentary about 2 years ago. Did you guys think you would eventually show it to your fans or you've secretly been orchestrating pacific myth since?  Emilio Montoya
The plan was always to show it to the fans, however It just got kinda lumped in with pacific myth. We haven't planned this thing that well in advance.
Are you touring with Monuments this spring? Just curious since you said that you plan on going on a tour around then, and so did Monuments?
Do you realize how many bands are gonna start touring in the spring? It's pretty much all of them. Your hypothesis is seriously flawed.
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Is Jadea Kelly goi to be at any of the Toronto dates? I really really really want to see her there
She's living in Nashville for the moment. So chances are not in your favour.
Will you miss the NHL All Star Games?
I don't really care about the allstar game. For the same reasons most don't.
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tidal tabs?
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Which game are you currently playing? Fallout4? Star Wars Battlefront?
I just finished the uncharted collection, probably hit up battlefront next.
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Seeing as how there are three Toronto dates, are there any plans to switch up the encores from night to night? Any insider information on whether Skies might finally make an appearance?
Skies takes rehearsal, and we have not done it not so we have time for it! We will get it in there eventually unfortunately not for this run!
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Who has the best answers to the hypothetical questions that you ask your bandmates?
I mostly ask Luke. He seems the most annoyed by it but he always plays along.
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What do you do to pass the time between venues? Books? Podcasts? Video games?  Taylorohl3112
I listen to music, read, and ask the other guys hypothetical questions.
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Do you remember Mirrelia?
Of course.
I really love Tidal. Nice job. <3333
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The long dark shadows growing old form familiar shapes.
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just watched the 2nd episode of the volition documentary, whats that mic you use in your home setup there near the end? my sm58 isn't really ideal for recording, also the sky is blue  Cody Murphy
Shire SM7b! (See?)
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What does "sure sm7b guy" mean? That seemed like a genuine question?
I responded to the wrong question, someone was asking me a very similar question and the answer was "Shure SM7b". I frigged up.
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So in the second part of the documentary, it shows you recording in your room. Do any of these vocals make it onto the track or are they more to serve as a rough draft for the song and finalized in the studio?
Sure sm7b guy!
Is there an estimated date for when we see some supporter Pacific Myth merch?
I'm not sure. Luke is constantly working away on stuff for it so it should be shortly.
Is Addazerty ok ?
I certainly hope so.
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Super stoked for track numero 2!
Comes out tomorrow! Haven't heard the final mix yet but the last mix I heard of it sounded pretty fuckin bangerang.
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Given your many years of touring experience what are your thoughts on stage divers versus crowdsurfers versus moshers?
It's all fine as long as you're not trying to hurt anyone. As for stage divers. Come on up, take a moment on stage (don't touch anything) and jump off. Don't stick around, don't try to sing into the mic, don't try to take a snapchat/Instagram pic with any of us. Basically don't be a dick-hole.
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What are the chances we get a Bone Marrow or Sex Tapes (I'd request Tandem but I won't expect anything) at the Ottawa show this coming weekend? (hint: I could go without hearing Hair-Trigger live again). Looking forward to the new track and doc Sunday!
I would love to not play hair trigger, but that's the set.
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Did you guys start playing Kezia to a click now? (I've seen some videos of Kezia X on YouTube (I know, worst source haha)) and some parts of some songs feel slightly strange/slow... Is it just a feeling I'm getting or actually happening?
Naw it's just all over the place.
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