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Do you guys share the axefx patches you use to track guitars?

Good question. I doubt it though. We're not quite as knowledgeable on the axefx as some of our peers.

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The Kezia X footage....

I think it's great that you're excited about it but it's gonna be a while... and asking me this question daily won't change that.

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Started rewatching TOS recently, fuckin top notch. Even the shitty acting and cheesiness blows Star Wars outta the water haha

Yea TOS isn't the easiest trek to watch but some love it most of all.
I prefer TNG.

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When was the last time you played the Pro-Smoking Cigarette Song?

paul loggia

I honestly don't recall. Maybe when we did the cheddar cheese tour.

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Hey Rody, what's your favorite Propagandhi record?

Probably supporting caste but I love them all.

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Did you guys change the song order or is it a mistake on bandcamp? (tidal is the first song and ragged tooth is second atm)

That's how it should have been all along.

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Anyway, why do the age restrictions even exist? Been to a PtH show when I was 13 with my older brother, and I got out alive


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Sorry for asking about the 19+ thing, wasn't sure how common it was. I was genuinely curious. All good I'll catch you guys next time it is possible! Thanks for being awesome.

No need to apologize. I appreciate that you want to see the band and got frigged by an age limit. However unless the promoter is willing to stick his neck out and potentially get in a lot of shit, there's nothing we can do. I've only seen it happen once in about 15 years.

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Anyway for the band to get someone into a 19+ concert when that person is only 18? ;)

We get asked this question all the time, and I find it frustrating.

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So when are you moving to the USA? Also, how's the Trump celebration party in your house going?

Seems like everyone thinks they know what's best right now. Facebook is embarrassing for a lot of people today.
Also this 'holier than thou' position a lot of Canadians are taking is pretty uncalled for.

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What's your favourite album from "The Wonder Years"??

I like them all but I think "suburbia..." is my favourite. Starts with such a bang.

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You dressing up today?

Nope, just stayed in and handed out some candy.

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Hey Rody! Is there any way I could meet you dudes at the Milwaukee date?


Sure is. We'll be around, if you know what we look like approach!

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Do your families still come see the home town shows?


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What are your thoughts on the whole Corelia album situation?

I am really enjoying watching it unfold. That being said, they're making crowdfunding look like a scam.
If their final product isn't the greatest thing since sliced bread, they better go into hiding.

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Dam I wanted a group pic with you fellas.

Doesn't mean that can't happen. Because we're not headlining we'll have more time to tool around the venue during the show.

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Will you guys do a meet and greet for this tour?

Unfortunately that's not something support bands can really do.

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Who is your favourite character from Trailer Park Boys?

Ricky, big time.

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@RodyWalker You said you guys arent allowed to announce the supposed dates for the tour.... Does that mean you guys arent to be headlining?

Now you're usin' your noggin! ;)

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Do you will come in Belarus again? And when?:)

Absolutely. Can't really give you a timeline but we'll be back.

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You guys were supposed to announce more tour dates a few days ago... Any word on this?

Yea not sure what happened but again, it's not ours to announce so the ball isn't in our court.

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What did you think of Auston Matthews last night? Do you think he'll be able to keep up that kind of production?

I thought he was fantastic, with almost no support. I don't expect him to get 4 goals every game, but I do expect he's going to be pretty damn good. The team however is a different story.

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instrumental drum head trial cuts off @ 4:24 not sure if file not download properly or if this is how it went up?

Emilio Montoya

It's a fuck up on our end, but we're dealing with it!

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I have instrumental versions for Fortress from my limited edition Volition tab book and for Volition and Pacific Myth from the Bandcamp subscription. Is there any instrumental versions for Kezia and Scurrilous anywhere to complete my collection ?

I'm not sure we're capable of making instrumental versions. The hard drives are long gone, I think. You never know though, Timmy is really good at holding onto things.

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DAYUM !!!! The bandcamp notifications made my day !! So many thanks !!! Frenchly yours !!


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