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Rody Walker @RodyWalker
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How long have you been singing?
Something like 15 years. You'd think I'd be better, but I've really plateaued.
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Did you get into any trouble for the filming of the video for These Colours Don't Run?
Would you say tour life is different to how most people would expect?
I'm sitting on a ferry at quarter to eight in the morning and have been for some time now. I would definitely say it's different than most people assume it is. It's exhausting and right now I hate it.
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Did Jake fill in when Truke got caught on the border with like a gram on him? My brother found you guys when you were going to tour with Trivium, but you didn;t make it to that show.
.02 of a gram.
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Why are metal band shirts and apparel so extremely unfashionable?
Because they're not typically for fashionable people.
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I hate you.
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Do you have any tips for recording an album in studio that you or the others boys have learnt from recording in a professional studio as opposed to demoing at home?
Other than the setting its not that different, just get comfortable and be patient.
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ever heard of Strung Out? What are your thoughts on their music?
Jake from Strung out filled in for Luke for three shows a number of years ago. I'm a fan for sure.
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How did you guys used to tour when you started? One van for equipment and the other for you guys to travel in? How did you guys travel with so much equipment before having an actual bus? (pre Axe-fx era). When did you guys start touring in a bus rather than a van?
When we first started, it was just a van, not even a trailer. We packed all the shit in the back of the van and drove like crazy all over Canada and the U.S.
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Do you think his apology was any good? (half a beer and a kick to the shin when wearing fuzzy slippers) (say if you were the guy that got kicked)
What more should he do? He apologized. He's just lucky the kid didn't get seriously fucked up.
The punch was justified, the kick was malicious.
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What do you guys do backstage while during the other band's sets when they open for you guys? (never seen you guys watching the show, only seen you guys get on and off stage quickly for your part of the show)
Sometimes we watch, just depends who it is. For the most part we're just in some kind of scummy broom closet playing yatzee.
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Where did you get that "The Road - The Chode" shirt?
A fella made it for me years and years ago, then some other fella made me a new one recently.
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Who wrote the biography on the PTH FB page? I've always wondered. . .
Taylor Swift.
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Why is Mike Semesky so attractive?
Partly it's his damn good looks, but mostly it's his affability.... Or his eff-ability.
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Are Luke and Tim ever going to make bass tabs for any of the albums?
I don't know, probably.
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At what point would you say that you loved tour life the most? (if you ever did)
Probably our first bus tour. I thought to myself "if we were in a bus all the time I could tour perpetually". I was wrong, even in a bus it's very trying, but it also has wonderful moments. I travel the world with old friends and new ones, meeting people and laughing all the while.
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In fear and loathing in Laramie, Who is the person who speaks (the voice sample) right before the "Let's talk about rights..." part?
It's some guy from the Laramie project I believe. We thought the ignorance of the statement was kind of frightening.
What did chris wynne do when he was on tour? I always just saw him hanging around being mocked by you, not doing much with a beer in hand. Was he the merch guy or did you guys just bring on tour?
He sold merch. He's our buddy and we just wanted to figure out a way to have him around all the time. It wouldn't make sense for him to just come and hang out cause he would just be venting cash, so we gave him a job. Unfortunately it doesn't pay incredibly well so he had to return to his real life.
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What were some of the biggest differences of recording in a studio like revolution recording? as opposed to other studios that the other PTH albums were recorded in?
Mainly the price. It was really cool, but I would never do it again. We could have achieved the same product for a fraction of the price.
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When did you start to gain weight rapidly? I mean because you were real skinny back when you were younger and sometime between fortress and scurrilous you gained a good amount of weight. Would you say solely booze related or just your metabolism caught up with you?
I started to gain weight around 25. It was partially drinking beer, partially eating like a complete asshole and partially not exercising ever. My metabolism slowed down considerably and I just kept doing what I was doing before, and it made me fat. When Mike joined the band I started exercising, and now I'm fairly addicted to it.
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Parathyroid Hormone=PTH=Hormone about bones. Is that why you say bones so many times on the new album? (Ex. Without Predgudice, Platos Tripartite(a lot), Underbite, Animal Bones). Illuminati.
I did not realize how often I referenced bones, and will attempt to do it less in the future. Thank you for pointing out the futility of the human endeavour.
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Are you trolling cause those are fan favorites, do you actually not like those songs, or do you not like those songs because they are fan favorites so you play them so often?
I essentially don't like them because they've been played so much. Not an intentional troll, but I suppose I troll nonetheless.
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What would you do if Luke left the band?
We would be pretty fucked.
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I thought for some reason you didn't like She Who Mars? Or was that someone else in the band?
That was someone else.
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