Guess you couldn't know about Caravan, back then, AHAHAHAHAHAH!

... You shut up.

Two questions: Any thoughts on Deftones? And how do you perform your high screams without destroying your voice? I'm guessing there's some technique and it's not just shouting into a mic. Could you give me a brief explanation on just how to produce that sound? Sean Schafer

Never got into the deftones.
I just punch my throat and scream, I don't really know. It does wreck my voice.

Did you guys ever toured with Avenged Sevenfold? What are your thoughts about them?

Years ago we did a small tour with them and 3 inches of blood. It was cool. They seemed relatively nice. I enjoyed a few of their earlier records but haven't heard anything in a long time.

How long of a break do you think you'll want to take after you and Cage tie the knot?

We tour Europe shortly there after so... Not long.

Can we still get the songs from the EP if we subscribe now?


What is your favorite kind of cheese? Taylorohl3112

Mazithra! Mostly because it's fun to say.

Have you ever choked on your own saliva while singing?

Oh fuck yes. Every now and again I just choke for no reason, which usually leads to me laughing. Which also leaves me not singing for about 30 seconds.

The last part of 'Caravan' is absolutely amazing. Have you guys experimented with making the part in which you sing, before the violin outro, a little longer? It cuts off a little quick (but keeping it nice and strong), I think. If the part with your vocals was longer it would be very catchy. Tom

We only had a month to write it. Which didn't provide us with very much time to experiment.

did you ever drink a raw egg before singing?

No... Does salmonella help you sing?

Any word about the Kezia anniversary scrap book that was going to be released? I'm keen as mustard!!!!

Just how keen is mustard? I haven't a clue about the scrap book. However I have a feeling it may be tied in with the release of the tenth anniversary show. That'd be neat.

So, "Sans" means without and "Fromage" means cheese. I know your nickname is "Cheese", so is "sans fromage" called that way because you don't sing on it? Winchester

"No shit Sherlock" is the most appropriate answer.

Rody have you ever thought to quit smoking? I see you get out of breath often on stage.. It´s pretty sad, because you are my IDOL if it comes to vocals. In fact, I don´t know why this happens too you, than clarify, I need "Clarity" ;)

I quit smoking a while ago. I just get out of breath.

Are you the only atheist in Protest?

I don't imagine so, but I don't really know.

you're like super good at singing just thought I'd put that out there 😂 & your sty is like on point 👌🏼😌

Thanks... What is sty?

Don't you find it kind of funny how some people were bitching over the 12 dollar price for the EP, and it ended up being the length of most bands full length albums? Plus with all the goodies that went along with it.

I understood. It's a lot for an EP. Especially in this current climate, where some people think artists don't deserve compensation for their work.

Hi, Rody! I really wish to become a singer like you one day! I wanted to ask you something: I think I'm pretty good with clean vocals at this point but I really wanted to learn how to growl properly, too. The thing is I can't find any teacher or at least any well done tutorial. Where do I even begin

Melissa Cross is the name you're looking for. I'm not sure if she teaches growling but she's the best of the best when it comes to screaming.

Is that super low scream in Caravan your real voice or is there any effect?

You're gonna have to be a little more specific. If I could swing a guess though, I'd say it's probably me, and it's probably not as low as it sounds haha.

Hey rody, have you ever been in a street fight? I got curious as you've always seemed as a good and calm fellow

Yea I've never been in a street fight. Came close to gettin the shit kicked out of me a couple times when I was younger though. I don't know if those would have classified as fights or beatings haha.

Woah, new twitter pic and header. I dont think i like this change.

Sorry, I'll change it back.

Have you ever filled-in for someone? Has anyone ever done that for you?

I have never filled in for anyone, and I haven't really had anyone full in for me. Though back in the day my buddy Quincey sang silent genocide while I had a beer at the bar.

Did you ever get that light outside your house working?

Haha yea. Turns out it doesn't work turn on for about twenty minutes or so. It made the video funny, so I didn't mention it.

would you fill-in for AC/DC if they asked you?

That would never happen, but yea hypothetically I would. For sure.


He's the fella who directs the majority of the videos we make.

Any news on episode 6?

Yea, it's up I think.

So in episode 6 you guys talk a lot about how revitalized you guys felt from all the support after the crowdfunding. How did you guys go from so energized to, it seems, more apathetic has caravan kind of says? I feel like you guys still got a ton of support with the subscription service?

I think you may have misinterpreted Caravan's lyrics.


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