Do you think you would have had a harder time "breaking in" if you had been in the US instead?

Maybe... There's so many bands in the states it's difficult to not become another fart in the wind.

Did you have the opportunity to meet Addazerty during the European tour ?

I did not unfortunately. Looking forward to meeting him one day.

You got any plans to watch any other bands at Techfest today?

I wanted to see destiny potato and sithu aye but missed them both! I bought some shorts though so... That's cool.

Can you give us a hint about the upcoming US tour (bands, timeline) :) ?

Don't know what you're talking about pal.

Are you guys gonna sell out cause you're married?

Honestly, yes.

So Québec now has started to ban pitbulls It is just so despicable. They are also want to ban other breeds such as german shepherds and huskies... Rody, you called it. My own dog is next...

Yea I know. It sucks, and certainly isn't a solution to the problem.

Congratulations to the beautiful Cage and dapper Cheese!! Best of luck for an amazing future together!!! - Every PTH fan!

Thanks, that's very kind of you.

What's your take on this video representing Plato's Tripartite featuring Lauren Babic?

I've seen it, Lauren is great and it's cool that she was involved in this. However it's pretty sensitive subject matter that's difficult to address with the gravity it deserves. Though the video doesn't really represent the issue expressed in the song, it's good for what it is.

Been thinking about getting my first tattoo but can't decide between inner forearm or top of shoulder/outer arm. Which one was less painful for you and how painful was it?

Neither of those spots are particularly painful, but it's never fun getting tattooed. It hurts, that's all there is to it. Some people claim it feels good, those people are liars. Not only does the initial pain kinda suck but it continues to suck for the next few weeks. It's sore and itchy but eventually you look really cool, hink.

Do you a video of you singing blindfolds aside on karaoke?

Such a video exists.

"Chris just keeps getting fatter" Chris? Isn't he in some of your earlier tour vids for fortress n such?

That's the one. He's quite skinny now though.

Who's gonna be the best man in your wedding?

My buddy Chris.

Do you like Every Time I DIe?

I do!

Hey Rodyhead I saw that you have given some advice to upcumming bands on here before, so after PTH is one of my favorite bands i thought i might be a 'good idea' to ask what you think of our music? Love from Denmark Dines Dahl Karlsen

Hey dude, pretty fuckin cool shit. Don't need critiquing from me, just keep truckin along.

How was your experience Winchester

Generally good.

so on around 5:07 on Caravan, there is that synth which sounds fairly similar to a part of the opening tune in the anime attack on titan. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or what, check the thing out:

I asked around because a lot of people said this when it was released. It's a coincidence.

Everything set up for the big day?

Not quite yet, but we're getting close!

What filler stuff did you get added to your sleeve?

I believe it's lovingly referred to as "bio-mec".

What's your favorite kind of booze?

Based on what I drink the most probably beer.

Have you ever play tandem live?

Never. Would very much like to though.

Is Rody your name or short for something else?

It's my middle name, but it does appear in its entirety.

are u ever gonna play caravan live?

Eventually yes.

I know you guys loved Japan but which country in Asia did you like the least? Please don't say Singapore.

Really liked Singapore. There were places that I didn't love but I'd rather not say for the sake of other people's feelings haha. However it occurs to me that I was fairly candid in the videos we shot.

Hey what Pacific Myth songs did you guys do over in Japan?

Just Tidal.

LMFAO, how could you have possibly forgotten the lyrics to Clarity? Well, least you played it out snd had a laugh about it. @RodyWalker

Hahah sometimes you just blank.


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