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You should post up your year book pictures from school
Unfortunately I have never purchased a year book. However I'm sure it's just as unfortunate as everyone else.
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Since Thor is being recast as a woman, do you think PTH would consider doing the same?
Sure! Why not?
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would you mind my coming from russia to your 15.11.14 show in Czech Rep. ?
I wouldn't mind at all! In fact I prefer it.
Do you think Luke would prefer to sit while performing?
He might, it would probably be easier to play his crazy shit. However even at practice, he stands.
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Hey. I'll be in skate Punk band with you. Pennywise and Millencolin covers, with one or two originals. And we all wear 3/4-length shorts. Band practice is at Davie's house at 4pm. BE THERE.
Fuck yea, I'm there.
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Are you still as big of a country music enthusiast as you once were, or was that a phase that has since passed? P.S. I think it would be great if you actually started a serious punk rock solo/side project
I still love country, Mostly the old stuff, but I listen to the new stuff on the radio sometimes too.
I'd love to be in a skate punk side project kind of thing.
My wife got super offended by the ending lyric to TAW. I've tried explaining your meaning behind the song but she is now a huge hater to my favorite band. What advice can you give me to persuade my wife?
The point of that lyric is not to just be crass and say "fuck god" though it is quite crass. What I meant was, fuck anything that promotes hatred and violence. So it's most likely not pointed at your wife's god.
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What was the reason for waiting so long to play Bone Marrow live?
We played it quite a bit when fortress came out, just took a little break.
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Does Canada have a soccer team? Does Canada know?
Don't know or care, probably though.
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I'm sure you're not the dude to ask about this but... the Jays-style PtH stickers- will they ever return? I need them because of reasons.
They aren't for sale, due to a little copy right issue.
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I recently got in aesop rock because of you and cant stop listening to him. How did you get into him ,do you still frequently jam to his songs and whats your fave tune?
I don't listen too much anymore but every now and then I toss on day light/night light. So that's probably my favourite. I got into him cause Riffy had a huge hip hop phase when we were kids and we would drive around, smoke weed and he would play a bunch of rap. Aesop rock was one of the only ones I ever really liked.
What do you think of Italy? Do you enjoy the concert that you made there?
I really enjoy Italy. Every time we're there is great.
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How will the instagram question thing work? Will we be able to watch it live?
I imagine it will be done through a series of posts on the spine farm Instagram.
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Is Suicide Silence the shit you love?
Never heard a second of their music. I would assume it's not for me though.
Couple of questions for ya Choad. Any more pod casts coming up, any set date for the re-releases of the vinyls and will there be a Volition documentary dvd?
I'm not sure if we'll get around to another pod cast, it was a lot of work for a pretty crappy product. I know nothing of the vinyl and I'm don't know at this point if anything will ever come of the footage shot during volition. Shit, turns out I don't know anything.
When can we expect the Mist video, Mr Walker?
I saw the first edit of it the other day it looks great and should be ready soon! I know that's not a great answer but it's all I've got right now.
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If the new youtube agreement is true, won't someone just create a new website and operate it like the old youtube?
Yea I imagine vimeo or something would fill the gap, but it's all that old shit that everyone loves that might be lost forever. I'm still not clear whether or not it's true.
Are you a fan of survivorman?
Les stroud rules.
As someone who sincerely dislikes djent, how do you feel about your tours with djent bands? I find it kind of ironic honestly.
Define irony.
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If it's true it's kind of scary.
I don't believe in the Liberals either, but I'm interested to hear why you think they are tearing apart the province and how you think the Conservatives would have done better? And please don't only talk about BSL...
They've admitted to stealing and wasting over a billion dollars of tax payers money? Need I a better reason? I also believe the jobs that were going to be cut by the conservatives were valid and were going to be cut for valid reasons, versus the jobs that are going to be cut by the liberals. There are no jobs for young people joining the workforce right now and due to their "plan" there won't be jobs any time soon. Not to mention the deficit which Kathleen Wynne is going to double in her term. Also, don't tell me that BSL isn't an important factor in this situation. The amount of tax money alone that is wasted enforcing this horse shit legislation is reason enough to not vote for them. A liberal vote in this election was a vote for complete ignorance.
Tim Hudak being the most 'honest' at the podium / unions control everything fuck this vs. YES I WANT TO TOPPLE THE SYSTEM. Maybe booze has really done a number on your mind?
The stance was simply that the conservatives were preferred over the liberal corruption. I don't believe in either party, however I believe what the liberals did and are doing to our province is fucking ludicrous. If you're suggesting that the liberals are left leaning at all and that I should support them for that reason alone, you need a swift kick betwixt your legs. Because they do not lean to the left in the slightest.
The concept of the union for the people verses the practice are two completely different things.
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Are "Johnny and the Boys" real people you know in Newfoundland?  After Gryce
You're damn right they are.
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I'm guessing you are aware of the effects of alcohol, as well as excessive talking on the voice when on tour? Your troubles would come to an end, but I'm sure you know that. If my assumptions are true, you are simply picking fun off stage over perfect vocal health? Being silent for months seems dull
I think the "facts" regarding vocal health and alcohol use are greatly exaggerated. I'm not as much of a drunk as it may seem but I do very much enjoy a drink.
How much are you involved in writing the instrumental parts?
Not at all, every now and again if I want a part extended I let them know. I just write my part for the most part.