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Doing a quick survey. Do you ever get goofy with toys? Just for a survey.
I'm goofin off with a toy right now.
What are your thoughts on Meet and Greet thingy? (I think its kinda sell out)
I enjoy them personally. I understand people who believe it's a "sell out" move, but it gives me an opportunity to make a personal connection with people who enjoy the music and who I wouldn't have the chance to get to know otherwise.
I get just as much out of the experience as the people who purchase it.
I'm loving the videos! Keep the pupdates flowing when you enter the studio!
I will do my damnedest though most probably won't gain the notoriety of my last one.
I don't think there's "bad" music, every song is good if it makes you feel whatever it is you want to feel. Imo the thing that makes music bad is the recycling, repeating. Top chart songs' lyrics make me puke, but obviously it makes someone they should grow a butt? Agree, disagree?
I agree. I think that's a very mature opinion.
how bout 82,000?....
Yea, fuckin nuts.
Why is she nicknamed Cage? Cage fighter? Nicolas Cage enthusiast?
Her initials are K.J.B. I was just sayin it quickly and eventually it turned into Cage.
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I feel like from reading through comments...(one, I realized typing that out that I have a sad life for like two hours of every day during which I lurk the internet) but I feel like a lot of people missed the joke about telling your mom you're in A.A.....Loved it, bud!
Don't worry friend, a bunch of people got it.
42,000 views? Bet ya didn't see that coming haha
I did not, pretty craze.
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Do you even tell the rage cage youre making videos? lol
Yea she knows, she's usually at work when I do them.
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Fan of The Helix Nebula?
Yea man, someone introduced me to them on here. They're great.
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Are you bored?
Naw man, super entertained.
What the hell sort of a name is Cage? That's like calling your son Boner or something.
It's not her name ya fuckin boner! It's just a badass nickname.
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"Are you yelling at her?" You strike me as a bit of a handful, Rody. Cage must be a patient woman haha!!
I am, and she is.
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Why would you shout at your dog?
It was just a joke, but I felt bad and gave her a fuck ton of cookies after.
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Have you really never heard an AA song? Lucky man.
I don't believe I have.
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Wouldn't it be funny/sad if after answering that question 2 days ago Tim goes "I can't do this anymore, I got a baby on the way and my wife needs me...sorry aboat that eh."
Hahah yea, I mean it could happen. I doubt it though.
do you sing the "breed specific legislation falls flat on its own short snout" part in life embossed? that high note is insane at the end
No sir. That's a fella from Chicago named Mark. He's crazy good.
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what kind of flower is that on the kezia artwork? i am thinking of getting it as a tattoo
Don't do it! I've seen a few of them in my day and only one or two looked any good. Seems to me a lot of tattoo artists have a shitty time with that flower and do it so poorly it's awful.
Have you seen this? What do you think of it?
I hadn't seen that. It's pretty neat!
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In that case, I wish the best when all of that happens, but the day you guys stop touring will admittedly be a sad day for myself and at least....a few hundred other least ; )
It doesn't end then. Tim's married and has a kid on the way.
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Will you ever get married and have a family and such?
I believe I will.
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It was ....kinda lame. I fell asleep tbh
Yea it's usually pretty boring.
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Are you watching the All Star game currently?
I did.
Have you met any of the cast from Trek?
I met Michael Dorn once... I paid to do it though.
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would you ever throw your leafs jersey on the ice ?
Naw, I get why people do that, and I think the message is effective and necessary... But I'll stick by them Leafs because I love the game, and that's my team.