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During the second "That's when they" of Plato's, did you sing that through your teeth?
I absolutely did. Cam and I were very pleased with it.
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What's the hardest song to sing from your current set?
Plato's by a long shot.
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What's your go-to booze mate, i wanna drink like rody walker
Moosehead and glen fiddich. Drink your heart out.
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Would you like a picture of yourself in a banana suit?
Why is Luke always wearing a hoodie on stage, doesn't he get hot?
He's nuts, he'll wear a sweater at the hottest shows, I don't know why.
What do you do when you aren't on tour?
I do three things, gym, netflix, and booze.
Why don't you like djent?
I'm so tired of this question it's unbelievable. I don't like it because it all sounds the same. Who caaaaaaaaares?
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Wait, Timmy has a tattoo??
Yea he has his wedding date on his arm.
is Luke the only member of PTH who doesn't have a tattoo?
He is, Crum doesn't have any either but he's not really in the band.
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why don't you guys use in ear monitors?
Because we're stupid.
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Did you know that I think ur a cutie ba tootie? Do you do anything special to maintain your beard?
I did know that! Sometimes I use beard oil mostly stuff my friend Mark Peyton makes in Halifax, but I only really use it when my beard is good and long.
Do you ever go deaf while on stage or after the show? Is the music as loud as it is at the front of the stage while your on it?
I sometimes get wax build ups so bad that I can't hear until I get my ears flushed. We are quite loud on stage because we don't use in ear monitors, but it's not nearly as loud as it is out front.
Do/did you ever like system of a down?
Yea! When I was first getting into metal Arif showed me their self titled record and I loved it. I still listen to some of those tracks sometimes. I really liked toxicity when it came out too but after that I kind of stopped listening.
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Are you and Trevor Strnad from TBDM in any way related? You guys look a lot alike.
I'm not sure who this is.
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Do you think that Sequoia Throne is the best song you've ever written?
I do not. Lest ye forget whoopsie pooperella.
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Are they any songs that you play regularly that you'd be content to never play live again?
Probably blindfolds.
I wonder, does Canadian english have something specific in itself or is it same as American ?
Some words are spelled differently.
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Is Tongue-Splitter one of the harder songs to sing live?
Absolutely, yes it is.
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There's nothing really to answer here, but on the off chance you still read this one, to the guy that asked if Tandem was about your gf, I say, "....c'moooonnn." Aaanyways, Happy Sunday Cheese : )
Hahah yea pretty clear what the song is about I thought.
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When you and your gf get married, will both of you be wearing a dress or just you?
Just me.
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are you guys ever going to do drumhead trial live? it seems like the most insane song to play live on guitar that you guys have written yet!
Eventually they all get a go.
Is Tandem about your girlfriend?
Not in any way.
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Did you ever feel a tad ridiculous standing around NFL playing instruments that aren't plugged in?
Extremely. But we've done quite a few music videos now. We're accustom to it.
A while back you were asked if you would accept Moe back and you said you wouldn't. How is it different for Arif?
The difference is we have a permanent replacement for Moe. We haven't found anyone for Riff, plus he's my best friend.
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Are you going to be attending both propagandhi shows this weekend?
No just the second one, we have a show the night of the first one.