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Have you fellas been properly booed at the end of Underbite anywhere yet?
Not quite properly, but a fair amount every night it's great.
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You should make a shirt that says Peachy H.
I don't know that people would buy it haha.
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Is the tall guy in your FB profile pic your new bassist?
Naw but he is actually the third tallest guy in all of South Africa.
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You look incredibly drunk tonight Mr Walker
I was pretty friggin sober, not no
More though.
Regarding those tabs, I understand that the official tabs from PTH tab books were removed. But there are also ones taken down that you could tell were actually done by ear by the way they were formatted and when they were published. Any reason for that? Sucks for those that want to learn your songs
Again, Tim just sent them an email asking about it and they took everything down immediately. That's all I know.
me and my friend were approached by our first promoter the other day who wants us to do a few shows, a photoshoot and record some original songs. we're a bit sceptical though because we've never worked with anyone before...any suggestions or advice for us?
Promoters don't usually handle anything but the show, that's really weird maybe he wants to manage you?
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why did you guys remove all online tabs?
Apparently Timmy just sent out an email and asked about it and they took the tabs down, maybe they thought we were going to take legal action, which is not the case.. But either way, I just asked luke and that's what he told me.
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On the Nike swoosh: Has 1997 changed at all since I was there 18 years ago?
Yea it's a little cooler now, people seem to really get it now, they're really with it, you know?
If i made a shirt or jacket of the protest the hero blue jays symbol, would you like one?
Haha sure man.
How do you respond to the statistics that pitbulls, amongst other breeds, maim and kill a high percentage of humans when compared to other breeds? Pitbulls were bred for fighting and for aggressiveness.
Those statistics are taken from media accounts. The media has been notoriously irresponsible with the word "pitbull". Statistics seem like a trustworthy thing that you can just quote willy-nilly, but without credible sources they don't mean shit, and the media is not a credible source. There are statistics out there that claim a women who owns a pitbull is more likely to have an abortion, do you believe that?
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What's the weirdest piece of PTH merch you've ever seen? Do you own it?
Probably the condoms, and yea I've got some.
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My bad
Haha it's all good, that doesn't spoil anything.
Its pretty cool that Julian Bashir in game of thrones now eh?!
I don't know, I'm waiting until the season is over to watch it.
are you trying to look like the guy from AILD?
I'm not sure what you're talking about. Does he have a Nike swoosh too?
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how did cage and her parents react to the nike swoosh?
I wore a hat, they didn't see it haha.
what happened to the beard???? you were supposed to not cut it till my birthday :(
I still have it... I'm not sure what you're talking about.
Sup  Olly Steele
Yo girl.
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What's with all the frigs lately? Just say FUCK!!!!
Trailer park boys and last man on earth are ruining my life.
On Luke's Reddit AMA, I asked him "If the new album were a vegetable, what vegetable would it be?", and didn't receive a reply. I was hoping you might have an answer to this hard hitting question.
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Does Cage ever bug you to shave and get a clean cut haircut?
Cage hates my beard so much.
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Did you ever have braces?
No. Look how crooked my teeth are.
Did you ever have braces?
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Out of all your contemporaries who would you say is the best singer?
Dan from tesseract/sky harbour, by a mile. Everyone else sucks compared to him.
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do you like tacos? if not, why the fuck not? tacos rule
I like tacos so much I got one tattooed on me.
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fuck you! go to propagandhi with me on June 26th
I looked into flights yesterday! Seriously thinking about it.
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