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me copa tu nombre Rody Walker, tenes algún deseo que todavía no hayas cumplido?
I'm not very ambitious, I would like to buy a pick up truck, that's my only real desire.
Ici en Argentine, nous avons la bière artisanale. Quand vous venez, nous allons injecter un peu a vous  Cool y Suelto
I have never turned down a beer in my life, I don't intend to start now.
Will you give a video response of your favorite joke? Pretty please? It would make my day.
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What do you think about women who dye their armpit hair?
This is news to me, but it sounds pretty cool.
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can you be my mother ? i prefer you screaming at me instead of her  Cool y Suelto
I would never scream at you, you're too precious to me. Junk
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What are your thoughts on this guy? Guy can tell a story at the very least. -
He looks like a cherry tomato that's about to pop. Pretty good though.
Does this mean we will see videoresponses more often???
Sure will.
Hey man, always wondered this about people in professional bands: what do you do all day when you aren't on tour?
you dont do videoresponse?
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do you believe in extraterrestrials?  Cool y Suelto
It's complicated but ultimately yes.
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the last guy was also drunk, not just his girlfried. he shouldn't have drive either.
He didn't say he drove, all he said was he didn't let her.
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Hey you have 3666 likes. But rody, I'm drunk and so is my girlfriend and she got mad at me because I didn't let her drive home because she had a few shots. she said I didn't trust her so I got pissed and kicked her out, most likely do to my drunkenness. Did I do something wrong? I just love her man.
I think she was being a dick-head trying to drive and and needs to smarten the fuck up.
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hello Roadie, here Lucho. What is the meaning of "Sequoia Throne" ? i mean the song,  Cool y Suelto
Tree Chair!
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I sent my friend wretch and he said you should sing the power rangers theme. Can you do this?
I'll run it by the guys.
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Is there anyway of getting the "passion" t-shirt? i've been looking everywhere for it  kdonovan89
I wish. Best shirt we ever made.
fan of Christopher Hitchens?
Love him.
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Can I be the new singer in PTH?
Yea, I guess so.
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hello Roadie, if u must decide.. country or city?  Cool y Suelto
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u always keep it real
No you do.
Whats your plans for the summer?  Mike Zonta
Got a couple shows here and there, gonna go fishing a bunch and become the strongest man on earth.
Some of the vocal entrances to your songs are nuts. Did you have to spend a lot of time knowing exactly when to come in? Also, what is your favorite song to sing live?
Naw, I just listen to the songs a bunch when they come out and then I just basically guess roughly where it is.
In three words, how would you describe your best friend?
Fat drunk fuck.
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I hear Canada are interested in hosting the 2026 World Cup. Is there enough of a football/soccer following to jutify this, or would it be comparable to the novelty value of the US's tournament?
Yea I don't know, people seem to really like it. I think it's stupid.
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What made you and cage decide on an all inclusive vacation?
I have never been to one before and I didn't want to learn anything.
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Sometimes I get really drunk and say ridiculous things on the internet, and then feel a bit of shame the next day in most cases... Should I consider this a problem?
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