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What do you do to kill time on long flights?
Mostly contemplate suicide.
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You may have answered this one but I'm very curious about your disdain towards The Devil Wears Prada. I'm in no way a fan of theirs but I have listened to them before and I've been really turned of by their live preachiness, is that what did it for you? Or is there something more personal?
I have no specific distain for them, they were just sort of a figure head I chose to represent everything that I disliked about metal at the time. At the end of the day I'm just a loud mouth doucher.
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What is Arif growling after you sing I'll always be Keziaaaaaa in Divine Suicide of K?
I believe it is "turns tolerance to tired taboos".
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Do the letters on the boats/fish in the Indiegogo campaign album art stand for anything?
They sure do. The subreddit figured it out pretty quickly.
What's your opinion on Ricky Gervais? Do you like his comedy? Do you like The Office? US or UK?
I like him a lot. His stand up is great, and I enjoy both versions of the office. However I'm not sure what the deal is with that show on Netflix called Derek. I tried to sit through an episode of it and really hated it.
Do you like horror movies? If so, which ones?
I do and I don't. I enjoy the thrill of a good horror, but I'm also a huge pussy and scare easily.
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do you listen to any bands that people really wouldn't expect such as the carpenters ?
I feel as though you just want me to say I listen to the carpenters. I don't.
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Do you mind asking Luke and Tim what they look for in a good guitar tapping tone?
If I was with them right now I would. In the mean time I recommend asking Mr Aaron Marshall, he has an ask account and knows a fuck ton about tone.
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Would you consider visiting Lebanon? Also what are your thoughts on the Final Fantasy franchise?
I would love to visit Lebanon, but I have never played any final fantasy. The final destination movies however, big fan.
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did you update to iOS 8?
Just did, pretty neat.
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Was the recording at the end of Tongue Splitter of the dog barking and someone (sounds like you) saying "speak" just something that was randomly recorded for shits and giggles?
Naw, there's a group "hey hey" chant and I wanted it to be dog barking chants instead. Juice thought the audio of me trying to get him to bark was funny so we included it.
what do you think of the wonder years
I really really like them.
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In Underbite which came first, your vocal melody for "singer I have under lock and key" or Arif's bass line underneath? It's a really great fill  Craig Duncan
I think Riffy wrote the bass after the vocal preproduction was done on that song. I seem to recall him saying something about mimicking the vocal line at some point.
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Are you seriously into meditation? What's your method?
It was a Vulcan joke.
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how do you deal with pon farr ?
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do you do anything to make your beard grow fast or use any products or do you just have badass beard growing ability? cause I wanna try for a yeard and want tips
There's no tricks, just don't shave your face.
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Why fuck the moon?
Trailer park boys.
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Hey rody, i'm on my first big tour, stuck in a van with 5 other people. None of us have had real showers or eaten nutritious food in days. It's a real pleb operation we have going here. How did you survive when you first started touring and what did you do to help occupy all of the down time?
There's nothing I can say that's going to make this any better. Just know that you're paying your dues in a very real way. A lot of bands go on their first tour and don't have to struggle at all, I have very little respect for it. Paying your dues might be a thing of the past but I think it's important.
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Um....what the fuck is wrong with that dude the posted the get through these without laughing pictures? I literally just took a break at work with my buddy, showed him "Plato's Tri" and we talked at length how fucked people are that seem to be okay with rape...then I saw that....just what the fuck.
I'm starting to think it might have been some kind of spam bot.
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do you ever feel nervous/anxious before or during a set?
Sometimes, if my throat is in rough shape or my stomach is going nuts I get nervous that I'm either going to suck or shit my pants.
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Do you foresee yourself and a female producing a child in your lifetime?
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have any of you or other PTH member's girlfriends ever asked to come along on tour? If they haven't but did what would be your response?
They come out to dates here and there but none of them are particularly interested in being on tour, they all have jobs and lives so it doesn't make too much sense.
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Do you actually workout now? as in you have a routine and do so frequently? or is it just a when you feel like it thing?
When I'm home I go five days a week with a pretty strict routine, but when I'm on the road I just do what I can.
How did you meet your current girlfriend?
High school.
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How did you first get into Trek?
My dad watched it when I was a kid.