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Can we get a video response of you singing free bird?
Can you frig off Mr Lahey?
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Can we get a video response of you doing your best Christopher Walken impression?
Absolutely not.
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I can't go as far as being rude to PTH to get Luke's attention. I'll just set myself on fire.
My man.
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Can you make Luke have an account ? I have questions for him too.
I can't make Luke do anything. Usually if you say something rude on the band's Facebook you'll get his attention though.
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Any opinion on Saosin ?
I only know the song seven years, and I only know it because at every high school party I ever went to someone would pick up a guitar and play it. Oh how the ladies swooned.
Wait, are you gay or something?
Naw, someone was just bein a ding dong and that was my way of pointing out how long gay marriage has been a thing in Canada.
Who wrote the lyrics for Skyes? I think it has the most beautiful lyrics of all your songs, and what were the contributions of the indiegogo funders?
I did and thank you. The indiegogo fellas sing in the vocal trade off part near the end "just a promise and a final message" also there's another fella that did some screaming a little earlier in the song.
Dan left skyharbor. What do you think of the new guy?
Replacing Dan is no easy task and I think they've done a very good job.
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Would you ever change your name like Tim?
I don't think so, Tim and Sandy found themselves in the fortunate situation that there names were easily amalgamated. If cage and I were to do it, it ends up sounding more like some kinda fresh breath spray. Hence I believe we'll both just keep our names and confuse our offspring.
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Is it just me, or do a lot of bands keep getting caught lip synching? I feel like if they can't play their own songs, then they should fuck off.
More bands get away with it then you realize.
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I'm ashamed to admit it to you, most holy of choads, but I really like that first song on the AA video.
Never be ashamed of liking a song. Fuck, I like party in the USA, not ashamed of it.
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We know you like beer, but what's your spirit of choice?
Whiskey, rye, scotch or Irish.
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You should get arkham knight choadster. Makes you feel like a badass bat thing.
I have it, the batmobile sucks, the game is pretty great.
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The States just legalized gay marriage. When are you and Cam going to come get married?
We're Canadian, hence we've been married for like ten years or something.
9 people like this For reference that's the singer of AA now. That mic cupping.
Screamo will never die.
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Why don't you ever snapchat me back my friend?
At this point I don't know if people are sending me snap chats or sending out big group snap chats... And I feel like responding to a group snapchat is weird.
I'm confused about the whole damn thing. I think I'm getting old.
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how do you listen to music? online stream? digital downloads? cds? vynil? speaking about it, do you collect physical music(records)?
I usually buy music from apple out of sheer laziness. Records I love, I get on vinyl.
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Is running out of breath and your chest being tired the same thing when it comes to singing? Cause I would imagine all your high ranged singing fatigues you and doesn't necessarily leave you "gasping for air" as you said haha
It's an interesting question, one that I've never thought about on stage. I promise next show I'll think about it.
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How do you feel about the fact the new singer of AA covered one of your songs?
Pretty good little guitar player.
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post a link to timmy's so everyone harassing here can also harass him! <3
I believe his user name is timerity do at Rockies work on here? I doubt it, let's try anyway ‎@timerity
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What kind of Star Trek fan names his dog Leia ???
She came with the name. I lobbied to change it to Uhura, but was ultimately ignored.
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That dog's ugly.
That's crazy mean, and untrue. You best hope you and I never meet.
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Can you show a pic of your pets ?  Cool y Suelto
There's my sleepy Miss Piggy. Leia.
Can you show a pic of your pets ?
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How often do you run out of breath on stage?
I'm always out of breath, both on and off stage.... Seriously I spend most of my time up there gasping for air.
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Did you like any venues in Edmonton?
Yea there was one I really liked called starlight ballroom or something. The bar downstairs was fun.