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"Go back to school, get a job...." In regards to what you said if PTH disbanded: Does this mean you don't have a life long passion for music or are you being more considerate of future financial support?
I don't believe you should follow your passion blindly. Mike Rowe said something to the effect of, don't follow your passion, but bring it with you.
I love music, and I feel very fortunate that I am able to make a living doing it, however if it were to end, I don't know about starting from scratch. I have a mortgage to pay hah.
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Are you dressing up tonight? Please tell me yes as Roseanne and post pics!!!
That's a great idea...
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Do Luke and Tim still remember how to play sounds from a calculated use of sound? I only ask because I'm curious to know if they would ever release a tab book for them?
I don't know, maybe they remember them maybe they don't. They could certainly figure them out in order to tab them but they probably won't bother. This is a question better asked of Tim or Luke.
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What album was Is Anybody There from? How old were you guys when you wrote that song? Is that the first ever PTH song?
It's from the 7' it was called search for the truth. We were teenagers, I don't remember how old, I'm currently drunk. We had written a ton of songs before that, all of them garbage.
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Where did you guys used to practice when you were first starting out?
We went back and forth from Arif's parent's basement and my own.
Would PTH ever make another punk album such as a calculated use of sound?
Probably not, but you never know.
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u remind me of deron miller
I want that first printed t-shirt!!!
I know
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Gonna get the new cod Tuesday?
Maybe, my loved ones always get pissed at me if I buy myself presents around Christmas.
More YouTube videos by james rody walker too come?
That's the plan.
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Do you have snap chat?
That's fucked. Just wait a minute we've got a new press of that coming and it won't be such an incredible rip off... It will still be a rip off though.
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It's not the same tee..the one with the lizard on it dude.
Yea the lizard, it's called the Gorn.
Can you post a full pic of the shirt you have on in your ig pic, I've never seen it before.
It's just a picture of the Gorn from trek, and on the back it says Gorn to be wild. The real interesting shirt is the one I wore in the video, it's the first printed p-test shirt.
check it.
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Nice vid, you look smokin (Winky Face, Hinky Face)
Glad you liked it (dead pan).
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I thought Arif let you record that bass part?
That was just a joke. I learned the line so it would be more convincing, apparently a little too convincing. Cam recorded it.
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This is probably going to sound dumb, but do you usually listen to music by the bands you tour with? Aside, from hearing them play live, I mean.  Andrew Nye
Yea sometimes I find music that I really love by touring with bands.
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I can't even hear the tuning on your EP, am I dumb?
It's probably Eb, I believe that's around the time we started tuning down.
If PTH broke up, what would you go to school ferr?
Probably Ukulele or something. Hink
How long did it take you to get down that bass part from Without Predujuice? How long have you been playing bass?
I don't really play bass, and I still haven't got the part down so... Over a year?
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Who are your biggest vocal influences for your style in Protest the Hero?
Russell Allen and Colm Wilkinson.
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If Protest broke up tomorrow what would you do after? Start a country band?
I think I'd probably go back to school, get a job and never look back. Maybe start a little punk band for fun with some buddies, but nothing beyond that.
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Okay so we all know you and Riffy love trek, Yimmy is indifferent but what about Mike, Crum and Truke?
It was really Moe Riffy and I that were the Trekkers in the band. Thus I am the only remaining member with any real love of trek.
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Hey dude, any idea where Tim and the by's picked up those Top of The World Hoodies?
Yea man, it's a skate shop in Ottawa, it's called Top of the world and it's great. Really nice people, and really nice clothes.
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How do you even gauge what a fan favorite is? Why don't you just take Blindfolds Aside off the setlist? Surely fans would be understanding.
I suggested removing it from the set once to an audience in Germany. They weren't very receptive of the idea.
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