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Ever had to shit in the middle of a song? (To the point where you got off stage mid song to shit?)
Yes, just once though.
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Did you shit yourself a lot? Or just enough to make you nervous?
I never actually shit myself, but came very close dozens of times.
Are you a fan of Moka Only?
I don't really drink coffee.... Haaaaaaaank
you planning on heading to the ACC for any juniors games these couple weeks?
I would really love to, but I'll probably just watch from home. I do love those juniors though.
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Are you a fan of Kingdom Hearts at all?
I thought this said Klingon hearts and I was about to say yes, however I've never heard of kingdom of hearts.
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How many times have you watched the original Star Trek series from beginning to end?
Probably only three or four times. I watch random episodes of it here and there all the time though.
How is your anxiety now compared to when you were younger?
I really only got anxiety because I thought I was going to shit myself everywhere I went. Now that I know if I don't consume dairy products I won't lose control of my bowels, I don't worry about anything. Thanks depends.
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I still find your old interviews from the Kezia/Fortress days funny but do they make you cringe? Cos I know I can barely think about the way I used to carry on in my late teens/early 20's without getting the urge to self harm.
Yea man, extremely cringeworthy. I had a lot of fun but I am still embarrassed.
I just saw an interview of you from 2009 and you said that you hoped you wouldn't still be in the band doing your thing when you're 30. I obviously don't know what your thoughts on it now are but I hope that's not true!
I was young, dumb, and ugly. I didn't know what I was talking about.
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How long does it usually take you to memorize a song once it's been recorded?
I've never had a problem before, it was just step up and sing it. However I had a really difficult time memorizing drumhead, also it was difficult to REMEMBER some of the older shit for this tour. I think my mental faculties may be slipping.
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Pancakes or waffles?
From looking at YouTube videos I've noticed a huge improvement in your vocal performance! I mean you've always been impressive, but it seems like now you're better than ever. Do you feel like getting in better shape has improved your vocal skills?
Thanks! I'm not sure, I'm a lot less drunk then I was. I still love havin a drink but I don't get blackout on stage anymore... That probably has more to do with it than anything.
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Have you ever gotten your wisdom teeth removed? If so, how was it?
Yea I got them removed when I was like twenty. It wasn't too bad, a couple days of bed rest and I was up and about again.
Why don't you get contacts to wear while you're on stage?
I have contacts, I'm just shitty about them. I put them in and leave them in for a week out of laziness
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you viewed all of Netflix!?!? how and why!
I haven't yet, but one day.
Not really a question but I'm hoping you can get a few dates in Asia on your next tour cycle! We love your music and would politely laugh at your jokes.
Hahah I appreciate that. We'll try!
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How do you feel about those pictures of Nick Jonas posing for Calvin Klein?
Probably good. I haven't seen the pics but he was always the sexy one, and now he's all jacked.
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Scratch that I'll just come to Canada. Is the drinking age 18 there??
Depends on the province. Ontario is 19.
What'd you think of Indian band Goddess Gagged (yes, the name's a nod to PTH)?
I liked them especial as people. Couple of the dudes are in sky harbour now, really awesome guys.
Why would you subject yourself to ALL of HIMYM? Ouch. You should have just let it go after 4 seasons tops.
I'm not a smart man.
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You're invited to my 21st birthday. I'm thinking a really good brewery. Any recommendations?
Depends where you live feller.
Do you have a fear of your neck being touched? Apparently it's not too uncommon of a thing. No need to be ashamed if you do
I do not have that fear. Clem puts me in a headlock almost every day of my life.
walker? are you paul walker brother/family?
Too soon man. Hink.
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Have you ever seen american psycho
Yes. "Don't just look at her butthole, eat it" is my personal motto.
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