I downloaded each of the PM tracks as they were released, I seem to remember something lately about a new mix or something? should I download them all again?

Yea there's a new mix to make it more cohesive. They were all mixed individually so as a group they didn't work very well together. It's entirely up to you if you pick up the new mixes!

Have you lost your interest in making those sweet country tunes?

I think so. I don't know I'm a flip flop.

The next one is almost finished, logistically it's difficult to get us all in the same place to do them so regularly with work, families etc, but the next one should be soon. I'll keep you informed as always!

Benj - PRF

Thanks brother!

Can we expect more punk rock style stuff on the next record? Like Mist, Underbite etc? I get a fully loaded boner for that shit.

Benj - PRF

I hope so, but I doubt it. Mike and I have been working on a little thing that may please those of you who enjoy the more punk songs.
Question for you: when's the next cover? I love those!

did you ever perform the blindfolds outro live?

Yup. With Jadea and everything. No solo though.

What's your first name? Jack? John? Jeff? Jeromy? Jeremiah?


Do you still check this often or are people just not sending questions lately?

People don't ask me questions anymore.

Dude what if you was a fish?

Not sure. But if the ocean was whisky and I was a duck, I'd swim to the bottom and never come up.

Tell us your secret for being so chill and not giving a fuck about anything, rody

I care about stuff. I just make sure that stuff is worth caring about.

So what happened with the whole hack thing, how did that person hack the pth Facebook through yours and how did you one who did it?

He hacked my page, and because I'm an admin on the peachy H page he has full access to it. I know who it is because when attempting to log into my Facebook it shows me his picture and name.

Do you know the band "Elvenking"? I think their singer sounds pretty much like you. maybe you could take one listen and tell me what you think about that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-lcmETWQEo


I went and listened. I definitely hear the similarity. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, not just because our voices are similar haha.

How would you recommend going about expanding one's vocal range?

You know how to get to Carnegie hall?

Why no Peachy H shirts? I would like a shirt with a literal peach shaped into an H. That would be awesome.

I'll talk to Luke for you.

I challenge you guys to make a better cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" than Panic at the Disco!

Not possible!

Was 2028 a joke or a typo meaning 2018


Can youse stop being a tease and release the joosie details for the US tour mang?

I would love to but there have been some recent changes to it. It is no longer ours to announce.

Did you guys actually get infections from kissing the cod?

No, it's a metaphor... But it did have pretty serious teeth.

do you play pokemon go?

I downloaded it, looked around, caught one and deleted it. I didn't play Pokemon as a kid, so there is no nostalgic connection for me. I don't see a problem with it though. Seems to make people happy.

where do you stay while touring? hotels?

Depends how we're traveling. If we're in a van it's hotels. Otherwise it's just on the bus.

what do you make of all the lamentation for Gord and the Hip?

It's a pretty sad situation. It's understandable that people are upset. He's a Canadian icon and this is his last go around.

Do you think you would have had a harder time "breaking in" if you had been in the US instead?

Maybe... There's so many bands in the states it's difficult to not become another fart in the wind.

Did you have the opportunity to meet Addazerty during the European tour ?

I did not unfortunately. Looking forward to meeting him one day.

You got any plans to watch any other bands at Techfest today?

I wanted to see destiny potato and sithu aye but missed them both! I bought some shorts though so... That's cool.

Can you give us a hint about the upcoming US tour (bands, timeline) :) ?

Don't know what you're talking about pal.

Are you guys gonna sell out cause you're married?

Honestly, yes.


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