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no rhcp and no silverchair... you were an odd 12 year old...
Anyone that was remotely mainstream I consider a "sell out". I was a dick, and still kinda am.
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What is your favorite concert you've ever been to?
Silverchair 1999 hink
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reading the old questions here... how come you never liked RHCP? you were a kid in 1999, jesus! will you tell me you never like silverchair as well?
In 1999 I hated the chili peppers probably more than I do now. Also I saw silverchair live that very year and wasn't a fan.
I was just a little too young for grunge, I'm not sure I would have ever liked it anyway.
hey, i'm planning on adopting a puppy. is it ok if i name it rody?
It's cool with me. Good on you for adopting.
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Why do amazing singers feel like they need to use pitch correction?
Probably just to be more efficient or acquire the bullshit sound every other record has on it now.
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On that Sydney, Nova Scotia date, how hammered was Arif?
Back then, probably not hammered at all.
How much does that salary average out to per week?
Not a whole heck of a lot.
i'm reading all your ask page and i remember you guys had some albums leaked. at least it wasn't like american hi-fi's fight the frequency that leaked like 7 months before the release date
Seven months? Wow. We don't even have a record ready seven months before the release date. We would still be writing it at that point haha.
Do you speak Klingon?
Only select phrases.
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How does your income work now that you're not on tour ?
We put away money after each tour in a band account so that it can be paid out like salary.
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Did Mike get a Juno award? Or did Chris Adler receive it?
I'm not sure about either of those, I know I have one... I'll have to ask someone.
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i read something on internet(i don't know where) that you guys said you don't like acuos anymore. And from some questions i read here i guess thats right. But just so you know(again), it's great dude. Still love it to this day.
It's not that we don't like it, I'm very proud of what we accomplished at such a young age, it just doesn't represent us very well anymore.
the email introducing the gallop meets the earth dvd was an actual email? Or did you guys made a fake email message from what people were saying on the internet at the time?
Hahah no that's a real email we received.
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Ever been to a trek convention?
I went to fan expo once.
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Sooooo what does the title "See who mars the skin of gods" even mean ?
She changed the image of god in the eyes of another ;)
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Do all the band members get a Juno as well?
Hey Rody, me and some pals grew up listening to punk rock, same as you guys. We've just started a new project for youtube kinda like Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, covering current and classic hits. Just put our first track up. Mind checking it out?
This is fucking great man, can't wait to hear more.
Where's your juno award right now?
Sittin on a shelf beside the couch.
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favourite superhero?
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Watching the Oscars?
What do you think of the new ghostbusters movies having an all female cast? Like you I grew up loving the cartoons and movies and this just doesn't do it for me.
I think it's pretty wicked. Particularly if it's Kristin Wiig and Melissa Mcarthy.
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Favourite childhood cartoon? favourite cartoon now?
The ninja turtles or the ghostbusters.
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Favorite Pokemon? game and actual pokemon?
I played Pokemon for the first and last time just a few short months ago, I have no favourite, they are all tied for my least favourite.
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I don't know much, but be careful with overtraining your shoulders. Chest exercises already work them pretty hard. You're basically training your shoulders every day!
I appreciate that, and I promise I'm careful. My sister is a physio therapist and provides excellent advice for not hurting myself... Again.
Are you gonna see the new star wars? Or are you that much of a trekker where you dislike star wars?
No, I'll definitely see it.