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Any chance of you guys come back to south america?
Yea there's a chance, we just haven't been offered anything since the first time we were there. We certainly enjoyed our time there and would love to explore it further.
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why don't you have your own wiki page?
I don't know, probably not relevant enough to require one.
also why did you take glove story off youtube
I accidentally deleted it while attempting to sort my YouTube channel.
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Do you have a favorite of your tattoos?
Probably the dog on my fore arm, or the enterprise on my bicep.
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Do you regret any of your tattoos?
Not yet.
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Rody, why don't you become the new Bassist?
Not only can I not play our bass parts, but even if I could, I doubt I could play them and sing at the same time.
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Zayn Malik just left One Direction. Not sure if he plays bass but it would be great exposure for you guys if you could get him on board. Drop him a tweet.
Or maybe... One direction are looking for an older, ugly member... This is my chance!
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You guys on the prowl for a bassist then?
Sorta, not really. We've all got it in the back of our minds but we're not really doing anything about it.
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How many people do you think ask you questions here?
I think it's just one, and I'm on to you Dad.
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Does your growl count as your range? That's pretty low right?
I certainly wouldn't count it.
Cam is listed on Wikipedia as a permanent member of PTH. Is this accurate?
Unfortunately not.
What's your vocal range? Like in octaves
I'm not sure, it's pretty limited as I can't sing very low. There's some videos on YouTube that show my range I think.
If you like Thrice, who wrote that rant against Thrice calling them generic on Peachy H's first website? Some fan of Thrice wrote back and said something like "Just because your music sounds disorganized doesn't make Thrice generic." I remember laughing at that.
I don't remember that, I believe you though. It was probably me, I said a lot of stupid shit when I was younger, mostly just hoping to make people angry.
Also I was one of those stupid little bastards that got mad at a band I liked when people I didn't like started to listen to them.
I was a real cock-nose.
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I've heard a no-pooping rule is in order on most tour buses, does this rule apply on the PTH bus? If so, where would one take a dump when required?
You can't poop on buses, you just wait until the gas station/venue/side of the road.
People have been known to bag it in times of desperation, but their identities will remain a secret. #everyone
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Ever gone surfing? How about snowboarding? That seems like a little bit more of a Canadian thing to do
I've gone crowd surfing, hink. Naw I've never done either of those things... Or crowd surfed.
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How the hell do you do that at 0:29?
Haha I don't know some nights I can squeeze out some pretty weird shit.
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Happy St Paddys day. Enjoy your Guiness
I got fairly drunk however I had very little Guinness.
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Thanks for the goddamn spoiler man. Jk, its my fault for ring so slow finishing trek...
It's part of a movie, I think the movies and the shows are different. Don't worry, doesn't ruin anything that happens in the show.
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What bands originally sparked your interest in using harsh vocals? Growls aren't exactly a punk thing;
That's a good question, I would say Mike Patton influenced me to try things outside of just singing. Strike Anywhere and thrice started me on a path towards harsh vocals, and I think I would attribute my poor attempts at growling to Aeon.
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I just realized the video for Limb from Limb was from the Village People-In the Navy lol
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Did you attend the junos as well?
I did not.
Is there any food that always gives you gas?
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Data should not have died at the end of Nemesis. ?
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A small hello from a fellow that's feeling a little down on dumps tonight.
Don't get down on dumps man, what did they ever do to you?
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when can we expect at least a teaser from the new album?
Haha I don't know, two, three years.
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