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What's a cock nose? Is it like that mask from Slipknot?
I'm sure that guy is a cock-nose but it's not specifically about him.
How did you guys land that tour with Avenged in 2006?
Good question, that was one of the last support slots we did.
You gonna be clean shaven for your wedding next summer?
Probably not clean shaven, but I'm gonna be clean as a bean in a couple days.
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Have you ever played the video game Limbo? Very different from actual limbo..
Naw I saw it on the play station store. Any good?
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Care to explain the hilarity of Cam's creation?
He says "crazy bears" all the time as a way of proclaiming something to be crazy. No one else has ever caught on to it, but he said it anyway. Any way he just tacked on super Dave (as in super Dave Osborne) and the combination makes me laugh.
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wtf is superdave crazy bears? Google gave me nuttin
Some amazing thing Cam made up.
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If PTH were to break up, and a peer and friend that is in the same realm of music (i.e Aaron Marshall or someone similar) offered you a spot to sing in a band they're in, would you consider it or would you go back to school and start a new path?
Maybe, I don't know. I'm almost thirty, the thought of starting over is not a pleasant one. Maybe if a fairly well established band asked me, but even then I would be hesitant.
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I saw a live video from the St. Pete show. Man you sound unbelievable in that vid. How nice is it when you have a short tour after a long time of rest?
It's okay. Sometimes I lose my voice quickly if I've had too long of a rest. Thank you though!
if anyone asked me what would be the effects of being on multiple drugs at once I'd show them that performance. See that guy singing? yeah you'll be just like him
You've never done drugs have you?
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can i come to your wedding?
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Still waiting for "Hunt for the iPaf 2". That video was gold. :')  Leonardo Gabellini
But I haven't lost it since?
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bring back dese moves bruh
I wish I could. However if you listen to the singing in this you might understand why I don't.
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does cage like your beard?
Not one bit.
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Any news of addazerty ? He is pretty silent those days...
Why would I know?
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If you were genetically engineered to be 10x as fast as you are now would you change your name to Rody Runner?
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I don't understand why you've sent this to me.
Can we see a close up of Enterprise tat?
Can we see a close up of Enterprise tat?
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Why no crowd funding this time?
You'll see.
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hey man, just got my vinyl in the mail today, they were well worth the wait and look fuckin killer. Thanks for doing the whole pre order thing!
Thanks for grabbing that, I'm glad your enjoying it.
What happened to, "We think Crowdfunding is the future of music"? Did you guys pussy out?
Just because we're not doing it doesn't mean we don't believe in it. It also doesn't mean we'll never do another.
Additionally, frig off with the cock nose attitude.
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soon is very open to interpretation. I'm hoping it means by the end of the week ;)
I don't think it will be that soon.
So I'm guessing no crowdfunding this time?
That would be correct.
Is it a full new album, or is it related to the Kezia Anniversary at all?
No relation to Kezia whatsoever. We'll release more information about it soon.
Will anything be announced regarding a new album before the year is over ?
We announced on instacrum yesterday that tracking guitars has begun.
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What are the trek tattoos that you have? I know of the Klingon battle cruiser but that's all.
I have a Klingon bird of prey and the enterprise (NCC-1701D) both tattooed on my arm.
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