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Opinion on transgender?

✦ Masha ✦

I don't have an opinion about it. I neither consider it to be good or bad. If someone wants to change gender, then who am I to say that he or she can not? =)

What's the meaning of Vulgaris Magistralis? -w-

Cristhian Híjar Zevallos

It's a made up word by a Dutch band. The meaning of it is completely unknown to me :x

A Bitter Truth? x

Kainat Farman.

Refugees are creating a problem for Islam in Europe...

How do you describe the perfect weekend?


Just spending all day in the sun, lying in a hammock and sipping on a cocktail ^-^

Do you think the new Star Wars movie looks good? :D


Wouldn't know, I haven't seen it yet. And to be honest, the odds of me ever going to watch it are almost zero. It's not really my type of movie :$

Btw u are good at photography😉

Mr. Sayeed Jabri✌️

Thanks, I've travelled a lot, which has probably contributed to my geographical knowledge ;p

Do you think that kings and queens should still exist in a democracy?

Blake Rankin

If a king or queen only holds a ceremonial function, and thus the power lies with a prime-minister or whatever, then yes. In fact, in such cases do I prefer a monarchy over a republic =)

What's a subject you wish you knew more about?


Chemistry, that would've made high school much more easy, hihi ^-^

What's your interpretation of the following statement? & how much do you agree with it? "Be firm with your goals & principles but flexible with your methods."

Mr. Do-do

I agree with this statement. You need to look at things with different perspectives if you want to accomplish your goals and pursue your dreams =)

When we bleed, do we bleed the same? Interpret this question however you like.


We all bleed the same colour, but some people receive more love than others when bleeding, thus making the proces different to every individual ;o

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Dekh mgar piyar se :)

I'm inclined to say cookies, icecream or pizza. Too bad that all of them will eventually make me fat ;p

Which compliments are the most meaningful to you?

Stella Miracula

The ones that are actually meant and revolve around more than simply looks :$

How important is money to you?

Dekh mgar piyar se :)

It's actually quite important to me, seeing as in order to survive in this world, you will need to have some money. But it's also extremely important to keep in mind that there are many things that are far more important in life and that we shouldn't allow money to dictate our lives.

-Last information you've read- (Arabic, English, or Spanish) doesn't matter.


I won't go much into detail, but it was an interesting, long article in Dutch about the pros and cons of multilingual education =))

Does the intention of a lie change the fact that it's a lie?

Stella Miracula

A lie remains to be a lie, but the intention is what makes a lie to be good or bad.

▲your favourite lyrics are (to all i followed )◙○^_^○◙

Jatin Bhardwaj

Roll down the windows, the sun will play along.
We'll forget the difference between right and wrong.
I feel the summer, the light we grew up with.
We'll forget the past dear, and learn to live for this <3

Do you drink soda? If so, what's your favorite?

Simply Darry

I do, yes, and my favourite one would probably be 7-up or Sprite =)

Would you spend one year of your life in prison in exchange for $500,00000?

Dekh mgar piyar se :)

You can buy your way out of jail, but it's impossible to buy freedom. In other words, I'd choose the first option here :x

Imagine! You have 10 seconds. 10 seconds to tell someone you're 'sorry'. But you aren't sorry. It was his/hers fault. You know you need to say it to save friendship, but you don't want to do that. Anyway or other you have consequences. What would you do?

Black-White Panda

A friendship is bigger than a little bit of pried. I'd simply apologise and continue our friendship as if nothing has happened before. It's not worth to let a friendship die so easily :$

What do you think you do best?


Being me =D

Op welke plek kun jij het beste denken? Post een foto.

Meestal op m'n kamer, omdat het daar lekker rustig en kalm. En anders ga ik regelmatig even met de hond een blokje om. Frisse lucht doet ook altijd wonderen =)

Would you go sky diving? :')

Nicest Person Ever

I've already done it, hihi ^-^

what is it that you find interesting ? why ?


Languages, ever since I was a little girl. When I was young, my parents and I used to travel a lot all across Europe and this way I came in contact with many different cultures and many different languages. As a child, you get easily impressed and I was no exception to that =))

why do we always take books on vacation knowing very well we aint gonna read them?

Dekh mgar piyar se :)

Because we're always afraid that we might get bored, hihi. Anyway, it appears that I'm one of the very few people in the world who does actually read the books she has brought along ;p

Are you done asking questions here? I'm asking because I love your questions, if you wonder.

I'm not using Ask.fm that much anymore. At least, not daily. Therefore I'm not able to hand out daily questions like I used to. Perhaps once my exams are over I will continue asking some. Anyway, glad to hear that you enjoyed them so much =)


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