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فآكتس عن شخص تحبونه :

- Funny, a crackhead.
- Very humble and very very kind, has a big heart.
- Strong,a fighter.
- Talented, hard working, very passionate.
- Loves food soo much, loves chicken.
- Introvert, shy around new people.
- A living meme.
- They have the brightest smile that you can’t forget.
- So caring. Always reassuring, constantly reminding you of their love.
- Very inspiring.
- Makes my heart flutters more than it should.
- Dimples.

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من الاشياء اللي عالقة ف الذاكرة؛

Honestly this got me thinking and I got a bit scared, I always have said before that I have been living like just ignore and forget, yeah it feels like half of my memory has been erased, not even the important moments that happened in my life, I can’t name something! I think because of the state I was in while living some moments.. I DONT KNOW AH, I can’t think of one thing to answer this question, my life hasn’t been eventful either lately!

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I want to get into mamamoo can you help me learn their names and facts about them? I only know moonbyul and hwasa btw

Heyy of course!! yes let’s exchange twitters, tho I’m in deep with mmm I don’t know much about other groups, kinda like it better that way, hope you check back here my phone was full so I deleted the app, I can’t believe that this is the last time I’ll be saying this aaa

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