Ask @ErinWolf4919:

Do you ever experience feelings of burnout in your EMS profession? If so, how do you deal with it?

Yes, absolutely.
Some days are very stressful, frustrating, and difficult.
On those days my work partner and Significant Other really help me vent and relax when things start to hit the fan repeatedly.
Honestly I DO love what I do. I enjoy driving the ambo, working with pts, and taking care of those who need help.
But its the days where we are verbally attacked, have pts seing at us, have technical/mechanical issues, issues with the facility, staff, or equipment etc
Those wear at you. They tire you in your soul because no mstter how hard you work or try, people can still find fault in you regardless of everything else and rather than be courteous they become abrasive and snarky.
That shit sucks.
As for how to manage burnout, talk to your loved ones, peers, and connect with a therapist.
Take advantage of CISM/CISD programs that may be offered through your respective service.
Talk to service chaplains, if available.
There is help for our community.
Remember, we are one family, one team, and we leave no Brother or Sister behind.

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What are some things you're proud of doing today? (They don't have to be huge accomplishments, even getting out of bed is a good answer if you're proud for doing so!) ?

I love doing my truck checks.
Seeing the lights, hearing the sirens, checking the tires, engine, aux power, turn signals, wipers etc.
Today i put rainX on our rig to help manage the rain we're getting.

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What are two words that have drastically different meanings in your country and another country? For example "pecker" means "p*nis" in the US but here it just means "beak". "Bangs" in the US means "fringe" but here in Ireland it means "to f*ck".

Well in the uk "fags" are smokes but in the US "fags" are a derogatory term for the lgbtqia+ community.

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