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Say you went to the beach with someone who has kids. The kid ended up going the bathroom while you waited outside to be next in line. The kid asks for help. Would you go in and help or be all "he's not mine" mentality? What would make you pick the latter approach?

Uh nop. Not happening. I don't mind trying to locate the child's parent/guardian, but I'm not going in to the stall with a child that isn't mine to help them with something like that. That's asking for a sexual assault charge and to be put on a sex offender registry, so that's a big N O from me.
Unless the child's life is in immediate/imminent danger, I'm not entering a stall with them, lol.

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Have you learned anything new about yourself this year?

Well, I guess it would be that I'm probably somewhere in the area of considering myself a sapiosexual/demisexual, idk?
I've watched friends & loved ones hop between relationships & express sexual attraction to almost anyone, almost in an insatiable fashion sometimes. I've noticed that I just don't see the hype. Mind you I can be insatiable & sexually attracted to people but it's not really common for me & generally requires me to have a fairly close/strong bond with the person before I really give a shit about anything more than that. That drive isn't really there like I've seen it in others. And this is something that, as I look back, was kinda a theme for many years. It do be like that sometimes. This contributes to my difficulties in connecting with people from a romantic/realtionship standpoint because I'd be fine without jumping into sexual activity with random people, hell, if I found a romantic partner that checked all the other boxes, I could probably be just fine not even having a sexual component to the relationship. It's more the bond that is important to me than the sex. Yes, sexual activity is great, & fun, & all that jazz, but between that & an emotional bond that ticks the right boxes...hell, I'll happily jump ship & go with an emotional connection. I know people who'd fuck people just because, & I don't get it. I don't really lust after or think about fucking randoms either. I genuinely don't see why I'd want to without a deep connection to that person. I also tend to have a very strong platonic connection to my friends.
As far as sapiosexual goes, I cannot handle being with people that don't intellectually stimulate me. This kind of goes hand in hand with the idea of demisexuality in that my connections to people are a lot more on the intellectual/emotional level while the sexual/physical attraction kinda is in the backseat chilling. Mind you, I'm not saying looks don't matter, I don't want to date someone I don't find physically attractive, but I'm not looking for some super hot babe to bang. In fact, physically super attractive people are kind of a turn-off. I don't really care how big their ass or tits are. If they're dumb as shit, fuck off. Let me elaborate. It's not that I don't like teaching or that I have anything against people who aren't around my level of intelligence, but for me to learn & grow, I need a partner & people around me who can push me to grow, who can teach me things, & who can learn from me as well. I don't want to spend my life/home life explaining myself to my partner constantly. I want to be understood at my level. Idk. I a lack of intelligence/willful ignorance/general ignorance of (what I consider to be) basic knowledge is also a pretty big turn-off.
So yeah. I guess that's some shit I'm kinda coming to terms with, I suppose. It's not really something I highly publicize but people who know me can probably attest to this all making a lot more sense now, lmao.
Might delete later, idk lol

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Do you easily communicate with opposite gender people?

I don't easily communicate with anyone.
It's not that I cant. I'm skilled in observing others and adapting my communication style to be more easily understood. I simply don't care enough to do so.
I don't see the point in expending that energy in meaningless and frivolous conversation when I know people dont actually care what my answers are.
Why waste my efforts in something that's not really getting anyone anywhere?
Opposite gender especially. I'm not taken seriously by most people. While it does annoy me, I don't mind it overly much cause it means I'm vastly underestimated most of the time, which plays to my advantage usually.
Fair enough. Let them think or say whatever.
Those who wish to get to know me better will put in the effort. Those who simply assume the surface is all there is to me can live with that.
I can handle myself. Always have. I don't need a lot of people in my life.
I won't grovel for people to be friends with me.
Choose what you will. I will survive either way.
I'm tough to get to know or close to.
No matter how much you may know OF or ABOUT me you won't KNOW me. Simple as.

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How did gender roles come to be? Are they completely and entirely bad/unsuitable for today's world, or is there anything logical and/or salvageable out of them?

WonderRand *:・゚☆
I couldn't really tell you how gender roles came to be.
Gender Studies isn't one of my strong areas.
I believe absolutes are rarely true, therefore, gender roles aren't entirely bad/unsuitable, but I also think they shouldn't be ironclad.
It's fine to have a rough outline of what you think people of certain genders roles may be, but do not lock yourself into those assumptions.
There are physical and mental differences between men and women.
Males mature more slowly. Women have less cushioning/reinforcement in their joints. Males have lower pain tolerances than women. Women have more hormonal fluctuations. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Now while these can have an effect on what we do, they don't have to limit us either.
Men may naturally be built for more physical tasks but that doesn't necessarily mean that's all they can or want to do nor should they only be seen as a resource of physical labor. Women may have high pain tolerances than men but that doesn't mean they belong in or should endure large amounts of pain etc.
Some of the greatest chefs in the world are males. Some of the toughest warriors on the planet are females.
Nonbinary, trans, and other gender identities existed long before the modern political/social concepts became widely talked about.
Hitler and the Third Reich wiped out much of the knowledge on the LGBTQIA+ community back in WWII.
In more modern times this is aking to the US/Allies wiping out the hospitals and libraries of Baghdad, Iraq and subsequently losing irreplaceable research on many medical advances the Iraqis had made. They were incredible physicians and had a wealth of medical knowledge. But much of it was purged by our troops. Mind you, this is coming from a mentor of mine who served as a Combat Medic in the Middle East who told it to me himself.
Such is the way of history, and it will continue to repeat itself lest we learn and remember its lessons.

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What are some things that you believe need more awareness brought to them? What do you think bringing more attention to these issues would do?

Just facts.
Facts in general.
We've left the realm of sanity at this point and people are fuckin' insane.
You can't nuke hurricanes to make them go away.
There isn't a crisis at the border.
Human-driven climate change is real and it will kill us.
You cannot simply "order" species to be removed from the Endangered Species list.
Water towers don't stop floods.
There is no such thing as "severe lightning". All lightning is severe and no warning is issued just for lightning.
Your big ass pickup won't save you from floodwaters. Don't drive through it. The size of your vehicle doesn't matter. Warships and icebergs float. Your Toyota Tundra will too.
Science is real. Scientists aren't trying to sell you something. They're trying to save your dumb asses from killing yourselves. Take your medicine. Save the planet. Use new technology to improve efficiency.

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What are things that many people believe in, but you think are just myths?

Donald fucking Trump and all the bullshit he's spread.
People just don't seem to understand how the actual world works.
We all gon' die because people be stupid.
That's pretty much the gist of it.
Like why the fuck is one of the FAQs for NOAA on hurricanes "Why can't we just nuke hurricanes away?"
This is real. This is actually a frequently asked question.

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I meant 'intelligent'

Education also does not equate with intelligence.
You can "have an education" and still be dumb as shit.
You can go without a formal education and be brilliant.
Education is simply one pathway towards intelligence. It does not guarantee intelligence, wisdom, or critical thinking.

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+1 answer in: “Is every educated person an inelegant person? What’s the relevance between acquaintance and mental capability?”

Is every educated person an inelegant person? What’s the relevance between acquaintance and mental capability?

Why the heck would education equate to a lack of elegance?
Why would there necessarily BE a relationship between acquaintance and mental capability?
These are very strange and seemingly disjointed and unrelated comparisons.
Education and elegance do not correlate. One can be uneducated, relatively speaking, yet elegant. One can be Educated and refined in their elegance.
There's nothing that suggests one is tied to the other or vice versa.
One can be versed in a sphere of knowledge yet lack a certain mental capability. This is called Savant Syndrome.
Knowledge/skill in a field does not equal mental capability.
One can also be fully capable yet lack most knowledge.
Again, they're not really tied.

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Yeah, if someone thinks I'm attractive or sexy I'm usually flattered (if they aren't aggressive about it), regardless of their sex, but I am surprised by how many people, men in particular, who appear uncomfortable about it.

I would surmise because they're bigoted and don't realize/accept that there's nothing wrong with people of different sexualities.
Also being gentle =/= being gay. Being soft also doesnt make you gay.
The opposite of masculine is not gay.
Gay guys can be masculine.
It's all wrapped up in this bow of toxic masculinity and low emotional IQ due to the culture and society males are brought up in and have forced upon them, unfortunately.

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+1 answer in: “Assuming you are hetereosexual, how would you feel if someone of the same sex was attracted to you? Flattered? Uncomfortable? Indifferent? Other?”