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How many followers do you have on here ? Are people active on this site ? 🥺

princessxbunnii_’s Profile Photobunni
I have 1.11K followers. Some people are and others aren't. Im a lot less active than I used to be and many of the people I once interacted w/ regularly have either gone silent OR have left the platform for one reason or another

What are your thoughts on labeling people either entirely "pessimistic" or "optimistic". Do you think skeptics are overrated (because it's easy to find flaws), and only optimists are capable of solving problems?

Iamahomunculus’s Profile PhotoHawkeye
I think there is some merit to both perspectives as they both stem from somewhere and each have their advantages and disadvantages.
Optimistic people can tend to overlook potential problems in pursuit of their own optimism while pessimists tend to forget the power of will, luck, and that there are often more possibilities than just the negative outcomes.
Life is a balance between both.
What are your thoughts on labeling people either entirely pessimistic or
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do you work from home? or you have to be at ur workplace constantly on work hrs?

Man if I could do EMS from home...
do you work from home or you have to be at ur workplace constantly on work hrs

If something doesn't involve you how likely are you to care?

MyDearLovely222’s Profile PhotoMyDearLovely222
It depends on severity.
If I see a serious crash w/o fire/ems/police on scene, I'm likely to stop and assist esp if the crash is in main lane traffic and/or occupants do not seem to be able self extricate or they appear seriously injured etc.
Crashes in main lanes of traffic can result in secondary crashes without adequate traffic control.
Once 911 arrives on scene and a brief report is given, I will clear unless they request me to stay.
If something doesnt involve you how likely are you to care
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Is privacy a right?

EloquentlySagacious’s Profile PhotoEloquentlySagacious
Technically it depends on where you are and what is happening.
For example, you have no expectation of privacy in public spaces but you DO have some expectation of privacy in your home and in the bathroom stall etc.
Does this mean such privacy is always enforceable by law? No. That comes down to local policy, laws, and precedents set by the courts who have jurisdiction where the case took place.


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