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why would someone hurts me?
cos they dont give a fuck
do you want to kill someone?
only myself
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I think guys like a girls eyes so much because when a girls giving a guy a blow job they look up and the guy likes it when the girls look up at him while sucking him off so i think thats why guys like girls eyes so much.
lol of course. -_-
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lol let's not i'm chaste buddy sex ain't all that
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Whats the first thing you notice about a person?  ❤️❤️Queen of Sass❤️❤️
eyes c all
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you're beautiful.
So are you!!
What's your favorite Denzel Washington movie?
the one where he's an alcoholic and a pilot. and it was real sad man it made a nigga cry
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hahaha i'll call da popo on dat hoeho
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This thot had sex with my boyfriend report or send her hate
lmfaooo petty
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What's the best dating advice you have?
stay single.
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Im 14 my boyfriends 22 it sounds bad, but i love him.
lol I'm seventeen in love with a twenty-seven year old get on my level
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Why do people kill each other?
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can I eat you out
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...I said no weapons
Right. I'd kill you with a look then bitch please
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Why do zombies attack?
They want the p
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I want to sex photo for you ^_^ !
Lol what's your name? I'll pray for you tonight.
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haha, alright, good luck with that... what would your first move be?
Pull out my gun. I told you I don't play
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Linkers get a tit pic
Linkers get a tit pic
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Yes you are sexy
I know
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True? Hahaha
if you and I were forced to fight until someone quit (I'm a guy), with no weapons, and the loser had to pay the winner all the money they make for the rest of their lives, what would you do to win? (I won't go easy on you :p)
What the fuck I don't fight. Cos I would literally murder them I don't play
Cos my parents r and I am inside
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just letting you know lol
Letting me know what? That your BUTHOLE stinks
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What is your relationship status?
Lol um.. I'm single. But I'm in love and also have feelings for another person cos the person I'm in love with I can't be with rn
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butt pic?