sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
eye see you ♡
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you are a bad lil lady
What's up?
just got out the shower
You're beautiful  John Harrison
aw thank you (:
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you are welcome...any man would be lucky to have you
I guess so
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What hair straightner do you use for your hair? I really love your hair curly or straight. I have similar hair to yours but I can never get it as straight as yours
Idk my mom bought it for me
well since you are the most beautiful woman i've ever seem really sweet and mature
Aww thank you :)
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you are my dream woman
Wow thank you! I wonder what makes you say that thoughh.
hi pretty lady
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- because if it is allowed then i'm honestly so proud of you. For saving yourself instead of wasting your feelings for some wrong guy
thank you!
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About a year ago, i you were all "i lost my virginity" "i love my boyfriend" & now you're wearing a purity ring? Is this even allowed after you have sex?
yes it is. you don't have to be a virgin to wear a purity ring
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I'm just flirting with her but I'll stop if you want to get married  Josh Vera
lol no thanks
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What makes you think that?  Josh Vera
idk that girl you wanna fly to the moon
I already know you have a sexy personality
lol fab
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Will you marry me even though I'm 15?  Josh Vera
bro it looks like you already gotta girl..
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Do you have a nice butt? Boobs? Tummy?
How bout a nice personality..?
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you bae <3
i don't have a bae.. wahhh
you would definately be worth the wait
Are you jewish
I think it's super cool for someone your age to be wearing a purity ring and actually believe in what it means. you give me hope for humanity <3
aww this made me smile, thank you (:
how old are you?
how does it feel to be completely sober?
What does purity ring mean ?
waiting to have sex after marriage
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You have pretty lips?
Thank you?
You're really short lol, that's really cute
lol thanks but i'm not that short hahah
What's the youngest you would date?