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Why do people kill each other?
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can I eat you out
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...I said no weapons
Right. I'd kill you with a look then bitch please
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Why do zombies attack?
They want the p
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I want to sex photo for you ^_^ !
Lol what's your name? I'll pray for you tonight.
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haha, alright, good luck with that... what would your first move be?
Pull out my gun. I told you I don't play
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Linkers get a tit pic
Linkers get a tit pic
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Yes you are sexy
I know
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True? Hahaha
if you and I were forced to fight until someone quit (I'm a guy), with no weapons, and the loser had to pay the winner all the money they make for the rest of their lives, what would you do to win? (I won't go easy on you :p)
What the fuck I don't fight. Cos I would literally murder them I don't play
Cos my parents r and I am inside
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just letting you know lol
Letting me know what? That your BUTHOLE stinks
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What is your relationship status?
Lol um.. I'm single. But I'm in love and also have feelings for another person cos the person I'm in love with I can't be with rn
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butt pic?
how hard is it to find a good man?
Not hard at all for me. I found me a good man. He's all righteous and shit. Amazing.
Your thick as hell. Do you send out sexy pics
I just came over your pic :D
You're lame
Why catch an attitude?
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post a belfie
What's a belfie
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can we smoke 5 blunts today?
No I don't have time for that shit and idek you bitch
okay. pap of boobs?
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pap with a bong?
phone sex nw ?
Don't have time for that. Call a hot line creep
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Why do you have to go to a therapist?
Parents make me. I can quit going anytime I want but apparently I'm so fuxked up I need to go ..
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Yea what race es you?
Shouldn't matter I'm apart of the human race
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