sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
eye see you ♡
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Whatdo you think about birthmarks? Have you ever gotten one removed?
Hey I know u probably wouldn't talk to me but I just wanna say that your so beautiful!! U look like u would be the perfect girlfriend! You look so nice and funny and on top of that your gorgeous!!
aww thanks!
You are really cute!
aww thanks c:
your beauty is something special
Thank you.
Youre honestly perfect
Aww. I wish!
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your so gorgeous
Thank you.
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you should be a supermodel
I aspire to be.
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booty pic?
ew no
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You're amazing, I hope you have a great day!
Thank you!
so damn beautiful, I wouldn't know what to do around you
this is cute
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whats your kik?  Justin Manaoat
dont got one
isn't it babycakes ?
your welcome what going on today
shopping for london
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Answer me the question about the dick pick
How do you get started with people to follow you
lol be yourself bro
good you are so pretty
hi how are you
Im fine.
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Do you want to kik?  Sam Godwin
Not relly no
I hope you had an amazing day, goodnight. ❤️
Thank you.(:
SnapchT Name?
Do you always smile for pictures?
i wont disagree with that, its just a shame not a lot of people get to see that haha
Lol.. whata re you talkinf about im literally naked all the time
where are you from?
your butthole
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you have nudes?
what you doin today gorgeous?
went grocery shopping & stuff