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sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
eye see you ♡
RSS answers
whats your kik?  Justin Manaoat
dont got one
isn't it babycakes ?
your welcome what going on today
shopping for london
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Answer me the question about the dick pick
How do you get started with people to follow you
lol be yourself bro
good you are so pretty
hi how are you
Im fine.
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Do you want to kik?  Sam Godwin
Not relly no
I hope you had an amazing day, goodnight. ❤️
Thank you.(:
SnapchT Name?
Do you always smile for pictures?
i wont disagree with that, its just a shame not a lot of people get to see that haha
Lol.. whata re you talkinf about im literally naked all the time
where are you from?
your butthole
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you have nudes?
what you doin today gorgeous?
went grocery shopping & stuff
You're attractive.. wow
Aw thanks (;
your welcome what you like to do for fun
your dad
you should send me a picture of you with no clothes on 8138578259
haha nice try but you're a dumbass
If i send you a dick pic in snapchat will you delete me?
if you repeatedly send me nasty dick pics I'm gonna have ta block ya.. I'm sorry buddy but that's just how it goes
accept my snap?
can I send you a dick pic and get your thoughts on it? lol
Sure babe.. But let's make one thing clear.. I dont want cha lil two inch peepee alright I'm just tryna get a good laugh in
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that's not saying much because I bet you would look good in anything.
lol I look best without any clothing or I feel best anyway
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you look damn good in a bikini
Thanks babe.
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do you like getting dick pics sometimes?
If the dick's pretty looking..
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you do you
I will (;
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