sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
If you need to talk or wanna actually get to know me, just ask for my kik OFF ANONYMOUS(: & NO I DON'T HAVE FB, thnx
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May i please have your kik ?  Watermelondriaaa
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You are really pretty
Thank you
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What's the biggest penis you've had sex with honestly
He was over 20 years old. like over 25. He was big. Quite. He was white too. Like wow. Wow.
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would you talk dirty to me
How do I not know you're some creep I mean you obvi are
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When the fuck can I bang the shit out of you!
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where did you go for your last vacation
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You are very gorgeous and skinny
Thanks I guess
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U got snap chat?
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shut the fuck up
Lol sick of people telling me to shut up. You're on MY page talking to me. Haha fuckin suck a dick
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what makes you so horny ?
When a guy doesn't fuck me. Ugh I get SO HOT AND BOTHERED
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Is 6 inches good or bad for a 14 year old?
You're good. Don't worry about dick size. You're 14. Worry about your grades. You shouldn't even be having sex at fourteen. I waited.
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you got it goin on and everybody knows it
Lol yeah
If u were to be left alone with a girl or a boy in a room . Which gender would u choose ?
I think that would look really good on you too. do you exercise a lot?
Not a lot. but I don't need to. My body can be sculpted in a matter of days.
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so you have sex with lesbians ?
I JUST SAID NO. I've made out with one girl before. that's it. and we were drunk.
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What makes you finger your pussy?
lmfao ew why would I violate my cat like that.. wtf is wrong with you. Animal abuse!
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what color do you want to dye your hair?
Red. lol I wanna copy riri. She's tan, great body, bright eyes, and red hair. so hot.
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Post a sexy selfie anyone??
Dude no. Bye.
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do u wear thongs?
Yeah. Idk why people act like that's a big deal it's just underwear.
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u practically get the same question over and over again and u keep given the same answers..booorring
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nudes :-D :-D :-D
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You're beautiful x  thenamesneikaa
Oh shucks.
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do you have lesbian sex ??
Dude no. I'm pansexual. not fully gay or bisexual. So. Yeah. But I know I'm not straight.
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kik?  khader Mousa fino
what are a few things you want to do this summer?
Party, find a crew, trip, go on vacation, and get tanned as fuck and dye my hair. change da look up, switch up doe.
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