sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
eye see you ♡
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why  John
Because i dont have to
just follow back
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you said you just had sex earlier
I said a while ago. as in like days ago.
how was your sex earlier?
I didn't have sex earlier. lol.
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What's Your Kik Again Lol??  Dwayne Wells Jr.
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u bored?
no im with my friend
Want to see a dickpic?
no Im good
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#tumblrgirl you are really cute, how old are you?
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how old were you when you lost your virginity?
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do you ever twerk?
yes lol
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I'm going to be your foot slave.
foot fetish much
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Ever had your toes sucked and feet worshipped.
I think so
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do you like when a man spoils you?
yes, w weed
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Do you finger yourself?
no your man does that for me
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what is your middle name?
You're gorgeous! how about you, me, bubble bath, and a bottle of champagne?
haha how do i know you're not some
old creepy man?
you mean manstrubate?
i just dont think going out all the time is that great either, sometimes i just wanna chill and be lazy.
exactly (:
who has the biggest booty in your fam?
not me
what is your fine ass wearing tonight?
yogas and a shirt
spit or swallow?
swallow 😂
Truth or dare?
When was the last time you had sex?
Umm.. a while ago.
favourite sexual position?
doggy 😍
i want to hold you all night
aww 😘