sav ૐ @asksavannah
sav ૐ @asksavannah
I live in Michigan, the US. 17
eye see you ♡
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how do you look perfect in every pic?
aw thanks (:
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will you let me be the judge of that?
can i get some attention plz?
can i be your sugar daddy?
Can we get a hotel room to party in?
will you come watch mad men with me?
sup party girl?
I dont even party enough to be considered that
would you say you are thick?
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where is it?
figure it out
so why dont you goooooo?
No ride
i dont know anyone having a party tonight unfortunately you?
well what do you want to go do?
party duh
can we do something?
i want out of this house
why not?
what are you doin tonight lookin so good?
you are amazing
ty (:
oh lord that sounds like a beautiful sight...what you just trying to be comfy?
Im just chillin in my room
what is your fine ass wearing today?
bra and undies currently 🙈
he's a fuck boy anyway, so that his loss
idgaf im focused on me nigga
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hi pretty lady
ahh hi
what are your plans for today?
i wanna go tanning & then probably chill with some people
aww did you make quan maddd?
all i did was not hang out with him for one night..?
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What's your kik  Feliks Marinov
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do you feel like twerking?
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can we?
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