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Since the "main 5" plus Lindsay is gone. Is there anything that you guys want to do like video wise? Like maybe the 4 if you in a Let's play of some kind?

Today's AHWU!
And with this question answered I'm closing my ASK.FM.
Still want to ask me questions? Use any one of these!

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I'm really loving your little corrections, quick edits, and answers to questions/arguments. They're rapidly becoming the best tidbits of Let's Plays. Please keep it up!

Suck it everybody else, especially Caleb!
A person is starting to like me better than a percentage of the rest of you!
Kdin: 1
The rest: Probably a lot, like 200 or something, I have no idea.
...that would look a lot more impressive if my number was bigger...

You guys probably know that you impact lives, but I don't know if you know the extent to which you help the community...you're most days the only thing keeping me here...thank you for continuing to provide the content that you do

It's really awesome to hear that! We really enjoy making content that makes people laugh! My personal goal is to have at least one big part in every video I make that gets everyone to go "THAT WAS AWESOME/HILARIOUS/MY FAVORITE PART!"
So to hear so many people enjoy the videos I have a hand in creating is awesome!
You keep watching, we'll keep making videos!


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