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What is the best feeling ever?

When you getting something for ur self on birthday with ur own money

What is your type of person you prefer to be your future spouse 🚶

Tall black man that loves me for me

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Hello, you have received the 3rd shoutout I sent about a hint of who your girlfriend/boyfriend is. Your hint is that they have black or blonde hair.


If u love someone and it has been almost one year and they r changing with u ? Is that a bad sign? Or it’s normal?

No it means there are getting use of you

1)Who was the last dialogue with? ✨ 2) Who is your first friend? ?? 4) Do you have many friends? ? 5) Favorite song? ? 6) Favorite movie? ? 7) Currently in love? ? 8) Favorite season of the year? ? 9) Do you dance? ? 10) Favorite fruit? ? Share this to everyone you are following

My bestie Jainaba, Jainaba, fuckin Dumbass No, Suge by Dababy, princess and the frog 🐸, fuck No, summer, lil, Mango

How do you like to be comforted when you are feeling down?

In bed listen and watch Any old show like big time rush or I Carly or Sam and cat or Victorious

So does my crush like me? He stares at me we make eye contact he teases me in a mean way and playful way he's nice he stands close to me and sits sometimes, my frenids think he likes me, he asks my boy best friend who I like when there alone,when I.m with his frenids they bring him up alot, thank u.

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Yes he does he basically loves you

Is there a person that you just talk and hangout with "for the sake of whatever" but your dont really like?

Yah but it okay


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