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I honestly like the old Luis I think he's talking his music career too too too too serious like I feel he's not paying a lot of attention to everyone around him like his close friends and you. No hate I love his music. Does he know what it does to others ? Does he know how you feel ?

I hope he does and if not well reality strucks sooner or later, but I hope it's not too late.. It's okay though I understand he living his dream

luis didnt make you famouss, your pretty nd thats why your getting far. dont worry about this non sence people trying to bring you down.

I don't worry love, the people saying that are the ones who should worry cause I'm atleast doing something with my life and not sitting down behind a screen trying to break people and bring them down for no reason. Thank you so much <3

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Equivocada?!?!?!?!? Es cierto aunque te cale, si el nunca te hubiera elegido para su primer video y si el nunca te hubiera subido al ecsenario en su primer concierto oh el concierto que hubiera sido la gente nunca te hubiera conocido en persona!! Ademas te doy tu credito eres hermosa una belleza.

Eso no tiene NADA que ver con que la gente me haga conocido o ni la verdad haha. & el me eligió porque quiso nadie lo obligo. (:

Honestly. I think you're really pretty but Nena is way more prettier than you! You shouldn't really wear that much makeup ! Don't hide your self behind all that makeup. Oh and you should have you're own style Don't copy Nena. Por no le llegas ni a los talones!

Honestly i don't really care what you have to say if it's something negative. & I don't wear a lot of makeup and even if I did that's my problem not your sweety, & if I wanna dress a certain way I will because that's what I like and I'm not gonna let people like you stop me from doing what I WANT. Kay? K.

Thanks for following my on IG chula , i had my doubts about you and i feel bad for telling you some semi rude things when you broke up with Luis , but I see you different now not just because you followed me but I admire you strength on moving forward and being secure,

Thanks for taking the time and actually seeing who I really am. Xoxo !

Estas bien chula, pero se origginal siempre quieres ser como nena. Las uñas los videos y todo pero ella es mas bonita que tu no te compares con una señora haha! Pero estas hermosa:***

No es mi culpa que tengamos mismos gustos no quiere decir que copeo a nadie ella no es la única con ese estilo , & lo de los vídeos los hago porque muchas niñas me los a pedido :) y pues porque yo los quiero hacer. Pero gracias :)

you haven't answered any of my questions :( Ive asked a lot lol . But just stopping by, to say your MY inspiration girl . Your gorgeous, don't listen tl what haters gotta say, there the ones who keep you going (: wish you and Luis the best ^.^ hope to meet you one dayy {:

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Sorry :( but thank you so much! Love you ;*


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