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im sorry cuz im weird sorry ..


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i can be your shoes sniffer? its my dream

Shut up you weirdo

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If you were to write a movie script – what would it be about?

Staying in bed all day

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meet anyone cute on using the chatous app yet?

What app is that

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im sure your shoes smell like heaven :) my dream is to smell your shoes

Okay hahaha

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Post a picture of your shoes!

Who inspires you?

Sorry that I send that to you… I though that you were Romanian (by the name)

Florin Radulesc

if you walked in on a close friend of yours wanking over a picture of you, what would you do?

I would laugh tbh

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Opinion on me Tah:)


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Pune intrebarea asta la toti prietenii pe care ii ai la follow si vezi cate primesti inapoi! :) Pentru a pune întrebarea dă pe ACASA şi apoi îţi va apărea un buton sus în colţul drept cu : Adresează o întrebare prietenilor

Florin Radulesc

I'm welsh sorry

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Would you date yourself if you were someone else?

Obviously xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxixoxozoxoxjzjjxizixixozjskaizizisixiixixixixiixixosjqizqjosybs

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cute couples?

Harriet and josh
Katie and Tyler
Zara and Morgan

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Like 20 for hot or not x

Go on then x

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if you get this is follow you either because, you're hot or funny or just cause i know you:)x


Well thanks xo

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How often do you go to parties?

Like twice maybe three times a month

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Name a good song?


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What art form do you like best?

Umm I like drawing still life, if that's what you mean

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Please do more singing videos with your little sister. They're make me smile :) x

hey you,yeah you you are COOL

thanks lol

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No my dads virginity;)


Yeah, dug

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