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Do you have or going to have an instagram page in the future?

I started one up aaaages ago, but never used it - I recently got a new phone that can actually manage apps so I opened it up and had a look again!
So I guess I'll occasionally post pictures of random things I find and see, no context, just photos

Where were you originally born? Whether it's a different country or a different city/region

Nottingham :)

Any movie suggestions?

Although I haven't personally seen it myself - Zootropolis has been selling out at the cinema I work at.
Also Deadpool, that was great.

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If you got an unexpected day off, what would you do with the time?

Probably play a American Truck Sim.. or go to a cafe and judge people on their baking.

Heyo. I'd just like to thank you. About a year ago, you really helped me with some of my problems by giving me advice and just being so kind on here, and I'm really grateful for that. Thank you :) And how have you been?

Awwwh, no worries!!
I'm just glad I could help :)
I'm alright, been busy with moving and getting settled into the new house.
Nyx did his first shed with us today, for the first time he seemed super super happy that I was stroking him. Although makes sense that he's been so grumpy with being stroked since he was preparing to shed.

About what temperature has it been recently where you live? Do you wish it was hotter, colder, or neither?

Seems to be averaging around 10 degrees c, which is funny because it's freezing in the kitchen where I am because of the conservatory not having any curtains yet, But when it's slightly warmer outside and the kitchen is a reasonable temperature, for some reason the heating still kicks in upstairs and decides to melt everyone else

Favorite steam game that is less than $10 USD?

So I had to convert the dollars into pounds which gives me £6.89
Isn't a lot, and I'm not sure if steam converts game prices as such or if they're just set as random prices based on whatever maths they like buuuuut after looking at my library I realised that actually most of the ones I finished and 100%'d were around £6.99, which is only a little bit over.
If your interested?? - http://puu.sh/molFf.jpg
Not all of them I amazingly liked, my absolute favourites were: Alice, Costume Quest, Stacking, CookServeDelicious, Knights of Pen & Paper 2
Then there's the nice and easy short ones: Little Inferno, Haunt the House.
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what would you say were your best and worst qualities? (in terms of your personality)

I'm pretty shy, which sometimes is both good and bad.
I'm pretty soppy, I love the typical romancy stuff
Very quick to get angry, although I can hold that in and be patient for a veeeery long time
I'm also super indecisive if that counts aswell

What song would you say best describes you?

All Time Low - Weightless
I often feel stuck or not progressing, but I'm positive enough to look forward and be like "I'll do something to cheer me up for now, but I know it'll be better tomorrow"
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What do you wish for this Christmas? :) (it's okay to be materialistic)

Some more lucozade, to not be ill, and a day where I can just sit and relax with Josh where neither of us have to do anything, we can just watch movies on Netflix

Sorry to bother you with silly things you probably don't care about but I'm writing a book and really enjoying it but I'm not sure if I should continue since it's not very good not sure if anyone will like it Should I just give up? Again very sorry you probably don't care about my silly problems.

Do what makes you happy, if your doing it for someone else it doesn't always feel as good or encourage you to finish whatever it is. If in the end people aren't interested then at least you know you were happy enough to express yourself.
You do what you do :)

What were your teen years like?

Started out alright, had some friends, I used to go into the city and do some clothes shopping. Then I moved to Luxembourg/Germany for second half of my teen years and it became quite boring. I was home-schooled and studies online, I didn't go out because I had no one to go with to just hang out. Everyday was just the same.
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what is the furthest video in the future you have plans about? when is it planing to be and what do you think you want it to be? - MrRyanHoyle

Furthest video I have planned out is a Halloween one about how creepy I was as a child. Will pop up on the 1st of November.
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