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Thoughts on Rory Karl?

She's my neighbor and we used to hang out a lot. She's really pretty and super nice! (:

Tbh I think that shit that just happened was 100% pointless and stupid and that was should just move on from it, but we have trillions of memories❤️ you're fucking hilarious and pretty and you're b day is coming up! Love ya❤️

Nikki Caruso
Love you too❤️❤️
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Tbhh anna sofia lol spanish is so fun with you! Your really gorgeous and really funny but i wish we had more classes together ❤️

Awe thanks chela lol. You're also gorgeous and we need to hang out sometime! (:

Ryan would literally kick the shit out of Nolan if he fucked with you then, right?

Only if he hurts me in anyway yeah.

Finally you admit it

It's called sarcasm-_-
And btw whats up with you asking all these questions about Nolan? It's getting really old/annoying


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