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Would you be fine with being of average income/middle class, or do you aspire to be wealthy? Middle class is just fine by me.

Im bout to be good and broke i guess

🌸🍃.. You are one of those who take responsibility for your actions??.. 💜RIP💙 Eres de los que se responsabilizan de sus actos?? ..🍃🌸

ysk88burbujita88’s Profile Photoπ^÷Copo de Nieve÷^π
I'm Coming EITHER WAY! I Don't Believe In Your Numbers Or Time! 👽🛸🤷‍♂️🧘‍♂️ This Is Gonna Turn Into Something Else... 🤬 I'll Just Fade Away Bro, I'm Really There... Like If You Don't Want What I Do, That's Fine But Keep Blocking Me! Watch KARMA! 🤐🤫

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🤩 What makes you happy in a relationship?

Why You Wanna Know Man? You Loosing Your Old Lady? You Sound So Old Lol Who Asking These Grandpa Grandma Questions Lol 👴👵 Better Ask Your Grandson... Stop Tryna Live Life Through Me Lol 🤷‍♂️ I'm Good You Ok? 🤔

High five 👋 You are a TOP!

Aliens Don't Mate Like Humans! I'm On To You, Are You Wanting To Come Out? Good For You! I'm In A Relationship SMH! Keep Posting This But This Homophobic "Follower" Wants Attention So Here You Go Bro! 👽

My bf asked me to hook up with a guy and send him vids at work. I did it and I loved it. Is this strange?

That's Y'all Business! 🤔

What’s a weird random fact about you? I like to look on Zillow at houses around the country. 😂🏡

I Squeeze Lemons Just Like The Next Man... 🍋


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