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What's the most nerdiest thing you have ever done? :+

:o Actually . It's kind of embarrassing . Heheh '^-^

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Who is your best best best Guy friend to play video games with and talk smack to trollers on black ops with?!?!

Well I consider him as a bestfriend , && he's my cousin , but it's Najee(:: My best Guy-friend(s) I do those with is Anthony & Kevin !

Is you ghetto? ??

Honestly dude , do I look ghetto to you ? I mean come on I have a big bow in my hair and I have my cute anime face on my background >_< But to answer your ridiculous question no I'm not & never will be .. -.- also it's ' are you ghetto ' not ' is you ghetto ' go back to school !

How do you think 'RATCHETS' act when summer comes????

?.. When summer comes these hoes don't know how to act . >.<

You have to be some type of Asian or Mexican or Brazilian or something! I can just tell from your eyes! *-*

Ohmigosh ! Yaasss , I am part Asian & have some Spanish blood . Because I'm American Indian , && that has both ! ;* ( Thankyou sooo much for noticing ! )

What are the three most important things for you to be happy?

Family, trust worthy friends, & my one & only Julian <33 :3

Are you a nerd? Nd do you game? Cuzz I will send you a friend request on PSN thooo

Hecky yeah! And heck yasss! && my name on PSN is AkeeSakura-

What is your idea of paradise?

Living in my mini mansion with a very successful life with a good job and living with the one I love! ( Julian <3 )

Who is your bffs

Sabine, Victoria, Jessica, Tiffany, Malay, Mariah R, Bengerman, Anthony, Malik, Brittany, James, Corey & yeaah. ( There's more, these are just my best friends ever!! )

What's on your to-do list this weekend?

Uhm. Study my science book all throughout the week, today I went over Julian's house<33, tomorrow I'm going downtown, Thursday Tajah might come over. && Friday.. Idek ,,


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