hi(: i love you so much. You don't need to starve yourself. it's not worth it. you're Perfect. that bitch can shut her ugly ass face up. because you're perfect 100lbs or 125lbs. You're amazing. Please stay strong<3 you can do this<3 please ignore her. you're better than her and her words.

But i DO need to stare myself, thats why i do. I didnt need that bitch to tell me i should for me to do it. I'll never be perfect and i realize that. I'll try to stay strong

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What is the longest u have ever stayed clean...? mine was 3 months... but im cutting again

Awh why are you cutting again baby?? And the longest for me was a month

I'm so sorry... I'm stupid I didn't know you didn't believe in God. I'm sorry.

Its ok!! Dont worry about it (: i dont take it personally, most people dont know my religion, i dont make a habit of telling everyone! No big deal (:

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