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Why is being sexual or just wanting some fun looked at so poorly

Look man I’m gonna be honest I know u want to find someone . Maybe really bad but listen to me EFFORT is the key . Also family isn’t always family if u get what I’m saying stay out of it

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If in a sexless marriage, how long do you have to go before cheating? I’m on 8 months now 🥺

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Quit calling me from unknown numbers and then having indian customer representatives try to scam me

What’s ur Snapchat I so forgot

You’re right. I don’t have the nerve to reach out to you. I don’t know if it’s bc I don’t trust you, or if it’s bc I’m afraid of what you’ll say. Why won’t you reach out first? Why are we still doing this?!

I been here . And I’m waiting

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Funny thing is I chose you so what’s up we gonna keep playing these games or we going to keep denying the fact that we both still care for each other and want a healthy relationship ??

Dude u better be quiet like rn

If you touch me you’ll feel how hot my body is for you. The way my heart will beat out my chest. All for you.

That’s between us try to keep it that way

Man I hate being single I hate it so much I just want to have the one Girl who likes me for me not for what I have and not for anything else just likes me for me and can uncover the deep emotional side of myself and someone who really loves anime I just wish that



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