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Hi baby, I love you <3

Is someone feeling lovely out there tonight' are u feeling lonely are u feeling lonely, is anybody lonely.

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Should I be jealous because he follows literally any other girl except for me?

So u the jealous type u must be insecure about him having another woman that's interested in him. Since u Said jealous I'm assuming ur jealous but thats who u are show ur true feelings about it if u feel that way I bet u couldn't because he doesn't notice u and well u never tried to be with him or talk to him so u don't have what it takes. U Never been real with urself let that mango

Tell me something

It's f*cked up how I found out that one of my old friends is now addicted to cocaine.

How I wish,how I wish you were here we're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl year after year running over the same old ground what have we found the same old fears WISH YOU WERE HERE 🙏

Let's not be cocky I would never want to be next too u like f*ck u and why would u want to be drug to hell by someone like me but I see u think I'm cool.

Awww what's wrong. The truth too much for you. Keeping it in the family. NOT

I can't keep ur cousin off my d*ck the way she eye f*cks me when she's in the same room Ya she wants the d*ck what would u rate me

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Show me how it ends it's alright show me how defenseless you really are satisfied and empty inside well that's alright, let's give this another try

Are u a bot cuz look bro seem like to me ur trying to take ur anger out on me this a app basically what I'm saying is JR never go by what u see on the internet and I'm right here saying quit hating. Obviously ur mad ^I'm pissed^

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Would you still be with someone knowing they are married?

Why would u get married, u don't even know that person at the end of the day like f*ck u your the second choice

Was there ever a period in your life when you were miserable?

Look at ya mom nem they miserable af sum like u homeboy

Do you believe a person will show you how they feel about you? 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣

Nobody gives a fu*k forreal like fu*k u
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He SHOWED you he ain’t want you, So show hím WHO DO🙃😘

That's something u tell a homegirl thats going thru it, & that advice u are trying to give yes u' is trash.


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