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Is a long distance relationship worth it?

It depends on your intentions. I think if you care enough it's worth doing whatever you have to.

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Can you genuinely tell someone they are good looking in a non flirtatious way without coming off wrong to your partner?

Oh absolutely. I would never be upset at my SO If she decided to compliment someone in a respectful manner.

Why do you stalk your crushes page when you could just come to their house and tell them you want it right now?

I dont stalk my crush's page. I'm a 30 year old man. I don't have a crush.

If your previous gf/bf wanted to get back together with you and have a fresh start would you?

It would depend on the conditions. I would want to talk out why she wants to get back together.

Why these anons from all the way want to be friends but deep down they're scared to reveal who they are ??

Sounds like a question for them not me.

What do you think about vegans who feed their dogs vegan dog food? Do they have the right to force their diet on their carnivorous pets? BQ: I've seen vegans say they don't trust meat eaters to look after their pets but would you trust a vegan to look after your dog properly, in terms of feeding??

I think its none of my fuckin business. if you wanna be vegan, cool. you wanna have a vegan pet, cool. do you as long as you're not harming anyone.

How many times have you heard the words of someone close to you..? 🤔

uh, whenever someone is close to me and they say something I guess?

What if you're home alone, at late night and you sneeze. Suddenly phone rings and when you answer, Someone whispers "Bless You" and hangs up?? What'll u do then?? ??



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