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When are you coming back to the US? Any chances of San Diego, California? I know your special girl lives out here but I also really want to meet you. Im a big fan :)

Yes I will be back soon and will be making sure
I get out to San Diego
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North Carolina. Big Duke fan so of course you're my favorite HS player right now.

Got to get out to a game :)

Really? How can I get your autograph then? I just want something on like a piece of printer paper. :)

Where are you from

How did people start to recognize you e.g. "Oh that's Ben Simmons"

Most my life since my dad played NBL I have gotten that a lot

Did you see any of the last series between New Zealand and the Boomers? It got pretty vicious, think you and Dante are ready for it?

Yeh I was at the game, well we would like to hope its what we have been doing since we were born

Have any visits planned yet for when you get back to the US? If not, who would you like to get to this year?

Yeh for sure I will decide when after i get settled back into school


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