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Why are boys mean?

KaylonKirk’s Profile PhotoCreative
99.9% of the time boys are mean because they go through a lot of pain and they like seeing other people feel what they feel

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What’s the best horror movie you’ve seen?

None I haven’t been scared of anything for a long time but you probably going to ask why did I even bother saying anything I’m just bored

I need help. My best friend and his girlfriend broke up yesterday after a week of dating. And she has no where to go, but she keeps asking me if she can stay with me. But my friend said not to mess with her. So what do I do?

ElijahStrong7’s Profile PhotoElijah Villegas
It depends I don’t know what happened so I don’t know how to handle it
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My boyfriend a while ago was following a bunch of half naked playboy account but they were all the way on the bottom of his following on insta he said he never looked and he forgot I forgave him because they were all the way in the bottom but then yesterday I asked what his tik tok was and he kept m

I’m a guy I can help you if you want


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