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I don't really know u even though I go to ur school and my best friend talks about u so much. But I can see a lot of ppl admire u, and u r really encouraging. Uh but when I was walking to the busses last Friday u kinda stared me down and made a look sooooo? Wtheck

I don't remember staring somebody down.. ? I don't really stare at people but if I do it's either I think your cute so I guess your cute lol

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tbh//Blake i met u at Basils like 2-3 months ago and your really nice im glad we talked and kinda became friends cuz your a really cool person and your really cute too i hope to see you again cuz id like to get to know u better so we can be better friends!(:

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Yes Forsure ! Might go this Saturday (maybe) haha howl fully will you see there again thanks :)

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for everything, I was having a pretty bad day and coming home and seeing that message you sent to me on instagram made me feel sooo much better about myself and I actually got a chance to flush my blade. I love you sooooo much and I would like to talk to you sometime

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Your welcome :) stay strong I love you and you can get through it !


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