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All your friends in your periods?

Why is this still a thing

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How old is ur friend Tommy Brennan

16 why

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How old is Kyle f

Idk 15 or 16

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who are some of your good friends

Too many to name I'm lazy

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best friends on snapchat?

Tell Mathias I'm the king of the trap- el chapo Jr.

Alright will do I'll tell him tomrorrow

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Describe your first kiss

What classes are you taking next yr

Badminton, Pre-Calculus, French 1, Engineering, English 10H, Ceramics? Not sure yet on that one

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Is Mathias gay?

Whos ur best guy friend in all your classes? In periods 1,2,3,4,5,6

1. Ari 2.Mr. Choi 3.Ansel 4. Kyle F 5. Wyatt & Mathias 6. Nolan

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hey home slice lol what am i

Hello you're back

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I know some people who want to hookup with you

Hahaha sure

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Who do you find attractive/ want to hook up with rn

Many people

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Are u sure?

Positive why?

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Who is your favorite gay person? Bisexual person? Lesbian? Pan? Etc.

Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, Ellen DeGeneres

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Vv I didn't think u were good...

phoebe appel

Yeah and you were awful in beauty and the beast also... Sorry not sorry 😁😁

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You were so good in music man!

Aw thank you!

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What are some people other than Chris that u dislike?

Hm most definitely Gillian Fraas grace Gibbs Lindsey Fischer Alyssa Argenbright Nolan Montgomery and sage Dutter they are probably my least favorite people on the planet it's not like I would EVER spend days straight with them and hangout with them constantly because we all hate each other

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Pap of you when you did your first musical.

Well I did my first musical at like 6 but this was from music man last year

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Who do u ship?

Myself and Theo James

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10 people u don't like

1. C

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Do u like anyone?

How high were your heels to the 8th grade dance?

4 inches

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He's cheated on like all of his girlfriends did he cheat on you also?


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