Cryo-EM school at MIPT


Could you please comment on how the aminoacid charge could affect the CryoEM density quality?

To Albert Guskov

Why are Thone rings alongated in the direction of beam tilt when collecting Zemlin tableau?

To Grigory Sharov

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During bootstrapping, what is the average percentage of images included/excluded from each generated set?

To Gunnar Schroeder

Just a kind reminder that CryoEM doesn't deal with an electron density as electrons are scattered by both protons in the nucleus and electrons.

For the evening discussion

Where radiation damage is more severe problem - in X-Ray Crystallography or in CryEM?

To Vadim Cherezov

How can we say that the chosen detergent is not good enough? Which step allows us to estimate it's quality?

To Vadim Cherezov

Are the densities derived from CroyEM data the same as in X-Ray crystallography? How the charge affects it?

To Vadim Cherezov

Is there any other biological factors that limit the resolution of macromolecular complexes? (Besides heterogeneity and membrane localisation) How can *wrong (or just different) physiological conditions affect the results of our reconstructions?

To Elena Sokolova

Is it possible to receive presentations?

In the end of the school it will be discussed with the lectors.

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