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what are the things that will prevent you from being with someone even though you like them

Um, lusting after others. Flirting. Damn, what kind of monster have a become.🥲

In my eyes it’s going tit for tat to just cheat “randomly” because I’m ignored in my own relationship. I rather cheat and be comfortable cheating with some who truly cares. I believe in hitting you where it really hurts because a man can hurt me and say nobody else can treat me better. Narcissism!!

I don't know how to process this lol

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Are you able to specifically Target people when you ask these questions or does it just go up for everybody does everybody get to answer the question or does only one person get to how does this shit work

weenchman’s Profile Photowrenchman
I've always wondered this

I don’t cheat. I want you. Only you. It’s simple.

Ok. Same here. I'll cut down of flirty nerdy. Idk. It's like I could never get a girl, and now that I am with one...at least in my head....it's hard not to use my powers lol but I can restrain even more. Because it's only right

How uncomfortable would you be if you were to have classes with your crush because of how anxious you get around them?

It would be a thrill....actually.

If someone unblocks you on Facebook after a few years, do you think it’s because they miss you or they want to spy on you?


If there was a chance for us to meet again what would you do different

I would wish I didnt scare you with my insanity.
But other than that. Nothing.

Is it possible to feel nothing towards your first crush/love after they rejected you multiple times when before they were your everything?

I don't know. You can heal and in a way feel nothing


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