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No, like HOW do you have so many?

Oh oops I read that wrong. Umm idk don't post too many shoutouts, realatable pictures, not too many selfies but you know you do you
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Do u like guys with long or short hair

I like long or bushy hair but the days of discrimination r over so idc

Do u like guys that r mature or immature?

Mature when he needs to be, but immature when we're just having fun...but not so immature that it's annoying

Celebrity crush?

John Krasinski, Andrew Garfield, Harry Osborne, James Franco, JC Caylen, Wesley, Drew, Ray, Jennifer Lawrence, Joey Greceffa, Shane Dawson, Josh Hutcherson, John Letterman, Oprah, Rainn Williams, B.J. Novak, Steve Correl, Diego, and Dylan Shmid.

Do you like Sean Starkweather??

No...I don't even know him that well...He was in my fifth and 4th grade class but...

whats a poop

the aftermost and highest deck of a ship, especially in a sailing ship where it typically forms the roof of a cabin in the stern.
(of a wave) break over the stern of (a ship), sometimes causing it to capsize.
"carrying a high sea, we were badly pooped"


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