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how do you get help with depression when everyone around is not supportive and not politicly correct? what i mean by this is, they they're old fashion and don't believe in metal illnesses.

That must be incredibly frustrating! I would start with your family doctor and see if they can refer you. Also, there's a great section on the Psychology Today site with a listing of therapists by state. If you google 'find a therapist' you'll find lots of great resources and also tips on how to make sure you find a good fit. I'm a huge advocate of empowerment through education, and I think it's a great idea for you to read as much as you can about depression and the various treatments available. I am very much in favor of both cognitive therapy and emotionally focused therapy. I hope that helps, and I hope you continue to take good care of yourself.

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You answered my question last night, and I am watching your recording now. I will try to be compassionately honest. Thanks to you and your brother for having this show. Great to have unbiased advice. Off to cry at my desk now :)

Breaking up is brutal, there's no lying to anyone about that. Make sure you take good care of your heart during this process, but also tune into what your mind and body needs. Don't indulge in toxic stuff (excessive alcohol consumption, binge eating) do pamper yourself, enjoy expensive chocolate, tears with good friends, a glass of something rich and delicious here and there.
Change is inevitable. All of the pain and confusion of now is guaranteed to shift into something else. I always find that deeply comforting.
Sending you lots of love.

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the one that starts with "so i just went to a party" don't answer this please**** . my friends watch you and i don't want then to know!

Ah, you mean don't answer it on Periscope. Got it! Thanks darlin'. We can answer that question in way more general terms if you like. I think it would be interesting to talk about how it feels when you're the only single person in a group of friends who are successfully hooking up. Does that seem okay to you?

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