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That’s so rude , who do you think I am

A person that deserves respect. Life is a major difficulty to people. And someone tried to make our graduation a massecre out of lack and pretention. But im working at an optimal speed to shake off any spange.

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You cheated on me!!!

Well damn! Pecker or cresent i swear to you i would do it again. Im polyamorous.

Best way to let out anger without violence?

I invented this little way of screaming and just rile playibg with myself to get it out. Tre cute v fun.

If a guy is distant .. is he no longer interested ?

Poasibly. I think its chill if my dude dips for a while. Its annoying when your lives become eachothers lives. Im me and you are you and no i do not want to date any of you.

Do you regret the last decision you made?

No. I am of the authority and maturity to have the further forward knowledge that this too shall pass.

What's a red flag if your dating someone??

Lies. So dumb. Just such a fucking bummer having to throw people in a dumpster and walk away.

I hope you feel better and gets stronger everyday. I only wish the best for you.

Thanks a ton man. Ive been feeling a great deal better. Hope youre finding it fun too.

How many kids do you want?

I dont any of my own. But i will be harvesting new borbs in the next 2+ years until im satisfied with your suffering. Thata my job. Keep you in the know. Yall forgot n shit.

Ever feel depressed for no reason at all. Nothing there to be upset about yet you just feel like there is this dark cloud over your head that won’t go away.

No i havent. How does it feel?

How do you move forward in life

Bootstraps i am a beleivet in just standing up and taking care of your life. But now its all mine. My respomsibility is what took you first.


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