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Oh. But isnt there like a sophomore your talking to or something

none of those names were anyone I've talked to

Mix of freshamn sophmores and a few seniors

I only recognized one name and idek if it was the right dude

Ethan,Dylan,Carlos,Jonathan,alonzo,jairo,xavier, Ronnie,Alejandro,gonzalo,fernando,kieran

what grade is this?

And what grade is he in 9/10/11\12

prolly be in your best interest to drop names. there's a couple I'd wanna get to know

And are you single? Talking to anyone and if you are whats his name

I'm not talking to anyone anymore no

Whats your ideal vision of a boyfriend?

I'm a sucker for brown eyes and curly hair but I'm not too picky. I'd really just like a trustworthy bf that can hang out w my friends too.

confession: I get sad when u leave me to go "tutoring" and youre sense of humor is like one of your best features

DeniseChow’s Profile PhotoDenise Chow
Tbh I'm not really getting tutored. I'm actually cheating on you, and guess what... he IS Jamaican
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