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What's your fav thing about Logan and Haleigh

Logan// plenty of plenty of plenty things.. But I guess her sweet laugh ❤
Haleigh// not gonna answer anything pertaining to her
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Why not. Just answer it, don't be a pussy.

I hate that word. I fucking hate that word.
Seriously, it's so vulgar.
Suck my ass anon

Thoughts on your ex Logan and your ex Haleigh

Who are you? xD
Logan: She's.. She's something else.
She's amazing omg.. Always gonna have feelings for her tbh. I don't know where we're gonna go from that but she's beautiful.. Smart.. Funny.. Sweet I could go on for days but I'll chill
Haleigh: nothing to say.

Thoughts on ashley godwin

I think she has a boyfriend so I don't wanna say anything to far.
But we talked for a little, and she's really sweet, and she's really pretty too.
And I love her sense of humor xD
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Thoughts on olivia.

She's an amazing girl really, she deserves better then how's she's been treated in the past. She's one of my closest friends and I couldn't ask for a better one :))


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