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I don't think it's appropriate for perverts to be allowed to go around on ask.fm and ask disgusting anonymous questions to young women on here. Young women don't need to be growing up reading some of the filth I've seen asked on here. Do you think anonymous questions should be allowed on here?

Ikr? I also don’t think it’s appropriate for people to inbox strangers on here either. Because of how the internet is set up, people who try to come at others can be easily found and dealt with. I also don’t think it’s appropriate for strangers to attempt to advise strangers whom they don’t know or accuse them based on assumptions… that’s dangerous and will get you hurt. I think it’s best for people to only inbox people who they know. That’s the safest thing to do

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What good deed did you do this week?

Saw a homeless person and bought him some food. Then went back home and got him a couple blankets and a jacket I don't use anymore

Who is the smartest person you know?

Everyone is smart on different levels. You can't possibly answer this because knowledge can't be compared unless speaking on a specific area.


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