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Have you ever been used just for the fun of it then that person never cared about you instead they be playing games with you then cheat and lie like you were nothing to them?


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Do you wear rings almost on a daily basis?

I'm married and we have a different wedding ring for every occasion so yes I am always wearing a ring

Were you the smartest kid at your school?

I was valedictorian but I went to school with a kid that discovered a new form of algae when he was in the sixth grade, so not hardly 😄

Do you got a stalker in your life?

Big time. She accidentally likes and unlikes my posts and etc.

Have you ever been betrayed?

By loads of people. One person lately thought she was betraying me but I was never stupid about her and never told her anything authentic because I didn't trust her. The stuff she said about the girl she thought was betraying me for though. Very helpful in court.
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