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I got captured again, Dallas... Any chance you and the others could spring me back out? - Hoxton

...WHAT?! You mean to tell me we all chipped in to save your ass once before at that re-trial, and now you've gotten yourself incarcerated all over again!? Goddamnit, Hox... No offense, buddy, but I -really- gotta get something off my chest here, which has been hovering over me like a lingering cloud, regarding the whole episode of that breakout.
The fact you weren't prioritized in the head of the line for death row in the first place the -very- moment the feds got their grubby hands on you, astounds me. I mean, sure, your body count on the bluebacks when shit hit the fan on the loud heists, isn't as high as Chains or Jacket, but you'd think capital punishment on the judicial system's behalf would be a given consequence at that point, without question. I dunno how you managed to survive years in a federal prison and in other lockups like that, aside from incessant interrogations and skillful plea bargaining from your lawyer, maybe.
But seriously, how did you do it? Did you plead guilty at the first trial to avoid the death penalty, or did you actually try to appear cooperative to the cops, only to mislead them and play like a fiddle?
Whatever the case, bravo, man. Just... bravo!
...I suppose we'll see what we can do about it, this time.

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Hiiiiii, Plutie here! How did the last heist go? Is anyone hurt? I hope not...

I'm still typing all the way over here on my side of the screen, so there's your answer in itself, Plute.~ Err... We're laying low in our little fun-house, after some unexpected issues arose during our latest "adventure" outside. I swear, the meanie-heads in blue uniforms and shiny badges are just forgetting how they ought to behave when they finally find us. They're acting more and more like schoolyard bullies, at this point. I'm sure you'd not like being ordered around, much less shot at, over the slightest things they might try to exaggerate. Don't worry, Plutie, we'll still be around, if not in person, always in your thoughts. Have a good one, kiddo.~

What do you think of the Payday Gang's expansion, since the original four members?

Eh, I'm growing increasingly ambivalent towards the subject. While I've nothing personally against the newest members, like Sokol, Syndey, Rust, and the more recent crewmates in general, the extra help is always appreciated. However, I think the team's cohesion is diminishing bit by bit as more members join our set. It's rather exhausting to keep such close tabs on everyone at once, build and maintain solid relationships and make sure the gang's loyalty between each member doesn't suffer as a tradeoff, dipping too low. My greatest concern is that cliques within the Payday Gang might develop as even newer members come aboard, which could cause problems and friction within the gang. I mean, not everyone sees things eye to eye; even in our close-knit group, as that problem cropped up even on occasion with just Wolf, Chains, Hoxton and me, when we we're the only four people present.

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If I am allowed to ask, how did you use the site of which your profile for RPC on...if that is a question you can answer, please do...

If I understand you correctly, the profiles on RPC are just a re-direct to another website I personally use for miscellaneous purposes; roleplaying being one of them. This is primarily because I'm a part of other RP communities, besides just RPC. I've linked my profiles all to one website out of practicality of maintaining a single website, versus maintaining a separate dozen website profiles all at once; more time-consuming and tedious to do. What you're viewing is the actual off-site profile when you click the link, even though it displays in the same tab window.

You'd said who you like to pull jobs with the most. Now, of those you wouldn't take on jobs, which one do you truly want out of any job for what reason(s)?

Ashley Calliesta
John Wick... So, Mr. Wick, You want to be part of the Payday gang? Ah-ha-ha... No. Get that miserable excuse of a joke out of here. The guy is aggravating as hell to be around, and was essentially forced onto us by Chain's recommendation, which dumbfounded me when Bain accepted it as well. Sure, I gave him a chance, and he basically blew it. The man has difficulty counting past one, for example. I'M NOT KIDDING! "ONE! ONE! ONE! Uhhh... One!" when it comes to keeping count of loot, which in turn screws us up as well as we have to think for him. Then there's this horrible voice impression of some actor, Keanu Reeves or something, he tries to emulate whenever we're going out on a mission, and it's just mind-numbingly bad! He brings the dual-wielding perk with him, sure, but if I could take the perk and not the man along with it, I'd prefer that option.
Drawing back to my hitman days, part of the Chicago Syndicate. This is one hit I'd be willing to do for absolutely free of charge, if I had my way about it. Yeah, that's right. I said for "free."

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I must ask, and I assume to be shot for it, but at the same time, a certain purple-haired girl also wanted to ask the same thing: Does it ever get tiring the way you live, do you ever regret it sometimes?

Worry not. One won't get shot asking a question here, provided they don't abuse it for an RP by metagaming! Also, I know who you're referring to; tell her I said hello!
Yeah... It does get tiring and monotonous after a while in some ways, like most activities do if you're engaged in them for so long. I go through these "phases" where I become more withdrawn and isolated, due to the fact the stigma of a criminal background tends to derail one's social life in several aspects. It's not something you'll want to ever bring up as a topic of conversation, unless you're assured that your present company is willing to overlook such a stigma. When it comes to making friends as a criminal, ignorance is your best asset to employ, but also carries risks. This disadvantage comes as a tradeoff for all the material and wealth you might accumulate to compensate in pursuit of extravagance; taking a shortcut. In time, I'm able to recover, though, and keep focused to the next task and remain busy enough to refrain focusing on such negative thoughts.
As for regretting it... To do that would be to concede all the time and effort I've invested in making a niche life for myself so far, amounts to nothing, and I simply cannot allow that to happen for my health; for my sanity. Why should I feel ashamed about myself when I know my talents are being applied with efficiency, and yielding benefits, even if others don't agree with my methods? Stuff like this requires willingness in order to keep doing the types of jobs I accept, after all. To not employ violence or theft on some of these missions would be like asking a website designer to stop writing CSS / HTML, or telling a spy to extract information and then not use it to betray someone's trust in the process; it's the reality of their occupation. It's ignoble, but a necessity. Lastly, regret and remorse by itself doesn't atone for misdeeds you commit. You can't bring someone back alive, or simply restore trust just because you're sorry; it doesn't work like that. In spite of what I've done, going backwards is impossible. The only way is forward.

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So, considering other people have joined the PAYDAY gang to date, of all of them, which ones are your preferred teammates in any job?

Ashley Calliesta
Why, it's the kitsune! Been a while, Ashley. Wondered where that familiar face disappeared off to, since you last showed up. Onto the question.
Now, admittedly, I have a bias for my younger brother Houston tagging along for just about any job; loud or silent, although I sometimes worry for his safety, which should be understandable when it's a sibling or big brother relationship type of thing. He's the most dedicated stealth artist I've seen practice his craft in the field, sneaking about right beneath the police's noses, but sometimes isn't the best choice for the type of the job.
Like in other professions, talent comes in all shapes, forms, sizes and genders, but if I had to lean in favor of two teammates besides just my little brother, it would probably have to be Wolf and Chains as well, given their history as part of the original four crew members. We've been through a lot of hardships and successes together, and a bond yet to be severed. Hoxton, while he's a slick and smooth criminal with quite a fan-following, kinda lost a few points given the length of his absence over the years, but that's just a consequence of being captured and imprisoned; out of sight, out of mind. I don't dislike Hoxton, because of that, though. Must've taken a lot of endure through his sentence, much less having no sympathy for his affiliation with Crime.net, I imagine.

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What is your opinion on Jacket? I mean, I'm willing to bet you know a /hint/ about his past.

Jacket, eh? Well... If Chain's and Wolf's amps go to 10 out of 10 when it comes to violence, Jacket's amps go to 11 out of 10, to sum it up. Ha, ha.
To be honest, someone that extremely predisposed to killing is a double-edged sword. Yeah, he's on our side, at least for the moment, which is a blessing in its own sort of way. However who is to say my teammates and I couldn't be next if circumstances might change with Jacket? Gotta be wary around Jacket, he's pretty unstable. The silent thing he has going on, save for the tapes, doesn't help his case that much.
What's been said about him as mostly been hearsay going around. The claim that he wiped out the whole Russian mafia singlehandedly is skeptical and easily could be exaggerated by others. I mean... How can one man be everywhere at once, set aside time to live his own life, and yet be in the right place for every single opportunity to kill every single last one of them Ruskies? It's just ridiculous! No, he had to have help from others behind the scenes, or something; anything. He could not have truly done it all alone by himself.
Anyways, in spite of my misgivings about him, I do have to say because of Jacket's penchant for violence, he excels best for the loud, confrontational jobs where subtly is thrown out of the window. When your back's against the wall, and the only solution to escape is fight through the horde of cops, he's THE person you want to have at your side, until it's time to escape. GODDAMNIT, JACKET! STOP KILLING THE COPS AND GET TO THE ESCAPE ZONE, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!
As for the more stealthy missions... Not so much.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g9fCAD-KR0Dallas_PTH’s Video 128899853674 0g9fCAD-KR0Dallas_PTH’s Video 128899853674 0g9fCAD-KR0

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Dallas_PTH’s Video 128899853674 0g9fCAD-KR0Dallas_PTH’s Video 128899853674 0g9fCAD-KR0
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What if I asked to be taken along with you on one of your jobs?

Hikage Hebijo
If you're tagging along, you'll be expected to your pull your share of the weight, as we're all in this together; ESPECIALLY if things go south. No freeloading here; goes for everyone.
Also, the type of job may determine your interest or not. The method, too; silent-and-nonviolent or loud-and-proud, or involving both. Lastly, the job's length, is part of that decision you must be willing to make, as well.

So do you wear that mask ALL the time? Or when you're just on jobs?

Hikage Hebijo
I liquify all my food in a blender, so I can drink through the slits of these swollen clown lips. I cover my head in a plastic wrapper while showering, as to not discolor the vivid colors on this porcelain extension of my face from H20. I use a fine, angled brush toothbrush to cleanse my teeth, so they never have to see the light, while these thick straps attached on the back of my skull remain as tightest possible.
Just on jobs. Halloween, too.~

What would you do if you woke up and all the other people were gone?

Sounds like the plot of Home Alone, except the shoe's on the other foot; boobytrapping the home from other potential robbers seeking some household loot.

Do you make your own decisions, or let others make them for you?

Both, in a sense. I can decide what contracts I want to accept or refuse on Crime.net, based on personal opinions or preferences. At the sametime, gotta abide to the method and wishes a contractor wants in the mission itself; as it's an implied agreement for accepting a contract, after all!
While I honestly dislike last-minute changes, and alterations during a mission, it's not always about absolutely sticking to a plan, but improvising and making the best of a situation as it unfolds to complete the mission. We are advertised in Crime.net as professionals, but not as perfectionists.

If you could ask a single person one question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would you ask?

To Bain: Why did you choose me, out of all the other candidates you could've selected instead when assembling the payday gang? I've always wondered about that; if I was just some lucky draw out of a hat filled with names, or chosen for a specific criteria, which I've yet to find out...

Do you consider yourself the hero or the villain in your life story?

It's difficult to justify things like killing in the explicit furtherance of theft, barring some pretty extreme circumstances, but even then, still a challenge. As of the moment, I don't know anyone else who can do that; me included, without incurring some sort of moral repercussions as a tradeoff. I've accepted some violent jobs where a confrontation is expected, and it's a shootout from start to finish. However, I gotta admit these hands are forever stained with blood in a figurative sense, which will never wash off clean.
That makes me a villain for sure, but I think the bigger picture to this topic is that I'm involved in a story wherever everyone is a victim of someone else; in an indirect or personal level, in some way, shape or form. The government victimizing it's own populace behind the scenes, to masked robbers victimizing the small business owner, or the police victimizing the trust of their citizens by overstepping their boundaries and getting away with force. No one really wears halos over their heads, here.
Back to me. To summarize it, for all the wealth I've stolen, I haven't been winning much in the way of brownie points with the big man upstairs. Enriched materially, but bankrupt spiritually.

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What was the last time you were angry? What happened?

Let's just say that cleaner costs were involved; not that they're that persuasive a punishment all by themselves, anyways, to tell the truth. (Cash penalty long-term means nothing, seriously.)

Let us pretend for a moment that you didn't get into this life, Dallas. What do you think you would be doing instead?

Before Crime.net? I'd still be stuck in a rut with my ex-mafia ties, prior to Bain coming along to extend a renewed opportunity on things. A second chance that I really didn't deserve, but that's just part of life, sometimes. Good things happening to bad people, or vice-versa.
If I never got involved with the Chicago Syndicate or Crime.net, I'd be flipping hamburgers, working regular hours as I climbed the career ladder, or doing some mundane tasks associated with the likes of most NPCs for the sake of keeping those positions filled for sake of such. Not that interesting, but more morally acceptable.
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Are you satisfied with your life from a lack of elf stand point?

Amtherala Elensar
Yet to see one around these parts, in actuality. Working with one, or shooting one up, in either context. Can't get too worked up about that sort of thing, when it doesn't really exist in my reality to begin with, more or less. More diversity in Crime.net is never a bad thing, but hey, I wouldn't say no to it, if I were to chance upon an elf randomly, one day.

Which word do you want everyone to stop using?

Not a word, but rather a phrase that pops up frequently enough, which I feel compelled to address:
I hear the phrase, "bank robber" used commonly to describe me and the rest of my cohorts, but I have to honestly say that it's a stereotypical, and even lazy label to use, and just not as versatile as the term "robber" all by itself. Banks, while consistently worthwhile places to hit, are just the tip of the iceberg, to tell the truth. Heck, the banks even in the minority, compared to all the other locations we've hit to date, too, for that matter. There's plenty of equally profitable, if not greater, locations to coordinate heists, besides just banks, alone!
It's like the word, "mascot." A mascot can used for a business, a corporation, a sports team or a school, for example. The same applies to a robber; in how applicable it is to other fields. Why limit your definition of a robber to just banks, alone?

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If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?

"Why did you purchase all of Overkill's DLC the moment they were released, and not wait for discounts? It was a cash grab..."

What has been the scariest experience in your life?

That moment when a notice pops up entering Payday 2's main menu: "SAVE DATA CORRUPTED; A NEW PROFILE WILL BE CREATED." If I remember it correctly, or countless hours invested into any game, with saved data just plain wiped out altogether! FUCK!

Any experiences you wish you could relive?

Join a pro Death Wish difficulty heist in-progress, with the team heading to the escape van, with all objectives accomplished. The host doesn't kick you out. AH YEAH! FREE MONEH! Who can say no to that scenario?
Always great securing ALL bags of loot on Rats, or preserving stealth on Framing Frame throughout all the way, as well. Two of many examples I could list.

Are you afraid of losing anything? Why or why not.

I might've mentioned this before in a previous question, but a life without freedom is just an existence. I'm not planning to be taken alive by authorities, if I can help it, to put it straight. Hoxton might've found the fortitude or willpower to endure his prison term. How he did it, great for him, but... I don't know if I can endure that. I'd rather not find out the hard way. I'm playing a dangerous game, I realize, but I'd have to say that's my foremost fear out of them all, ranked in severity. Better to die trying, than just living out your days wallowing in misery.

As a kid were you ever frighted of a monster under the bed or in the cupboard?

...Even worse than your typical monster under the bed, or cupboard scenario. My monsters were actually real: Teletubbies in the television box! Quick, gotta change the channel away from PBS! Goddamnit batteries are out on the remote! Power button, POWER BUTTON! --- Oh, thank god! Almost watched one full minute of the show. *Panicked breathing.*
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