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I went to church today.. I thought of shrek. And how he is all I beleave..he is what gets me up in the morning.. He is what gets me through the pain.. He is why I go on.. His tender orger love.. The pain.. The beauty of that giant orge cock tought me the meaning of life.. Shrek is love shrek is life

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Aw I'm sorry :( maybe if you try to forget about those people that you try to get to know too hard and talk to some new people it might make ya feel better

Yeah, you're probably right. Maybe we could talk sometime if you tell me who you are...

Are there any girls that you don't talk to but would like to get to know more?

Yeah. And then there are some that I try way to hard to get to know...

Can you describe her ?

Well that would kinda tell you who it is anon... Well anyway, she is really attractive and sings a lot. That help?

Does she no ?

How would I know? I don't go around telling people who I like because then I usually end up getting slapped or laughed at...


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