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If we date do you think it will make alot of people mad?

Not sure because I don't know who u are & not try to sound arrogant but messing wit me gone bring the haters. I been hated on & having people mad.

What made you want to start working out?

I have a couple reasons I started to workout first of all I changing my lifestyle to a more healthy one & there was things about my body I didn't like so I decided to do something about it. I'm still learning how to eat better & how to workout properly.

Are you romantic?

Very I love doing things that my spouse will never forget anyone who ever dates me or is in a relationship wit me will always separate me from the rest.

Lol iight I got you! Have you been in a relationship that you wish you were still in?

To be honest nope I'm still cool with both of the people I was in a relationships with & not saying I didn't share good times with. But I believe in true love & it wasn't & neither relationship was it.


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