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do you consider yourself a sensitive person?

ahahHhaha well .. i just love seeing lions afraid of me the rat haha
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if i leave temporarily - your kates should come back .. you have a chance

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& of course no one in my family says we belong to Jews 😃 all this came from you & people here

save your lies for your concubines 😃 & leave @yusrairis♒ alone - you have given them nothing but illusion & misleading did you save her family from what they were suffering from ? did you save them from what had happened to them ? No - i don't speak for her she is free - i only know you

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i don't care if she h a t e s me or not it's a personal freedom 😃 d i e with your hateful always forever

because my brother11A12oct1984 refused to marry yours 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎ but in reality we are all already dead since before we were born 😃

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you wanted to r a p e my younger brother11A12oct1984 too through yours 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎
but my brother11A12oct1984 ran away from you. you said you couldn't control him too 😃 in reality through one of your slaves you know
because my brother11A12oct1984 refused to marry yours 22khadijah2324oct1981 but

ahahahh my brother11291980M didn't really have s e x with 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎ this happened after 2001 2002 so as i said the r a p e scene immortal 2004 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎ was the r a p i s t not my brother11291980M & you were through 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎ not through my brother11291980M

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you are the occupier aggressor saudis royal families. arabs. her dracula & 22khadijah23/24oct1981♎one of your brides
i posted this somewhere earlier I don't remember where 😂
22khadijah23/24oct1981♎ loves to control & controls of her relationships no matter how she pretends to be the opposite she will fight those she has power on them in secret by indirect means - she is your upbringing
ahahahh my brother11291980M didnt really have s e x with 22khadijah2324oct1981

we've been even dead since before we were born it's okay - death has no problem with our family bloodties - but you have a definite validity period because you are a living human being death is destined to catch you anytime

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get ready & don't cast your destiny on the poor & needy to avoid karma it's an inevitable fate even if it is will late is not it
again the sacrificials for victimization will be made - the slaves brides who you they need them everywhere protected - you they can even have more - you they have no problem staying longer ..

of course none of our family bloodties knows that you is chasing our family bloodties & mur der ing our family bloodties openly with this ba se ne ss & horrific while we are not even rich politicians famous but very poor simple who living even far from your developed world

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that is why i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied told yemenis : your defense don't waste it in the hands of the aggressor occupier saudis royal families. arabs. & his her their its allies from everywhere
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what's not funny is only when i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied saw them mocking fun about my brother11291980M's mur der ed 12/13feb2005pm after the aggressor occupier saudis royal families. arabs. mur der ed him & portraying our family bloodties & i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied as zombies & vampires right after on this free site all that before even 2008

i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied don't have any man any woman not even snakes or a plant or that stupid thing in my hand 😃 i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied don't focus & random i can't be a witch nor after a thousand years as you can't catch me

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also they refer to angel alshehri - there is a similarity between them - she is a saudi feminist a liar as usual appeared at this time 2015 - 2018 from the newborn slaves of the aggressor occupier alwaleed bin talal & his saudis royal family but she doesn't have any white hair & her birth information is untrusted
i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied dont have any man any woman not even snakes

hahahahah i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied really made them afraid of me

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https://youtu.be/t3pBi2nzFMkDemonNun’s Video 171432351574 t3pBi2nzFMkDemonNun’s Video 171432351574 t3pBi2nzFMk
i S10sep1983 8or9asyouofficiallylied also didn't allow them to touch me sleep with me or r a p e me or enslave me or give birth from me .. i should be the eternal villain 😃 awesome i love evil forever

we are not your ally australia - they do this always directing attention to other places for the sake of misinformation & the continuation of repression & the pursuit of strategic interests - she is one of the tamed puppet slaves 😃 as usual nothing new

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we are not your ally australia  they do this always directing attention to other


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