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Do you want to get married?

Not Sure .. At This Moment, I’m At This Point In My Life Where I Just Think Marriage Is Strange . Because I Don’t Believe Someone Will Be Loyal To The Real Road Of Marriage W/ Me .
But Maybe In The Next Lifetime.. 🙏🏽

Wish I was cold like you this would be easy

I Hate That You Believe That.. Im A Warrior Within My Soul . But Everything Has A Limitation 💯

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What's a saying that annoys you?

“ I Understand ..”
Because, I Don’t Believe Anyone Will Understand.. This Is The Worst Thing To Tell People , I Feel Like That’s The Last Thing People Say To Give Strange Vibes To Someone .
Because If You Knew The Half You Wouldn’t Say Nothing .. Just Keep It Moving ‼️

should I call you rn ?? give me a sign cuz then I will

If You Don’t Even Have My Number , Dont Really Matter x

How to move on after being brutally rejected?💔

I Dont Know
Man , I’m Just The Type To Get Over The Awkward Shit .. After The Bullshit Is Not Been Under Control I Just Gotta Do Things In My Way & Mind My Business .

How do you determine your self-worth?

Perish Your Thoughts Twice & Say What You Mean .. It May Take A While For Others To See That ..

Are you healed?

I’m One Of A Kind . It May Not Be Healthy For Others , But As Long As I’m Crystal Clear & Focus . I’m All Me .

Do you like animals ?

I Do Be There For Them , But I Just Wanna Say One Thing , They DONT Belong To Me . Lol

Say something I'm giving up on you 😔

Nah , Cause If You Wanna Be With Your Ex . Say That Then .


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