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Good luck trying to figure out who I am now because I'm not coming back you're going to have to call me or text me God forbid is that so hard for you I guess you're right it's best we just go our separate ways goodbye well that was easy


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Just hypothetically speaking imagine you are in a relationship and another couple asks you and your partner if you are interested in a four way, would you?

Hell yes
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Have you ever met someone that was more talk than anything else?

Yes I find occupations for there mouths

If you hooked up with someone and they gave you herrpes and they ghosted you what would you do?

Id find her and play hobo junkie roulette Passing her around to the whole druggie and homeless And Junkie population Pump and Dump Drill and Fill . Then hook up again and hope for Cerebral Syphilis. Always wanted to go out like that jk or am i

Do you see angels when your out

No I see Those things in nightmares that stalk the shadow never ment to be seen. They would tear out your eyes if they knew you could see them.

Do you judge people?

I try not to . But like Cho-Moe's Rey-poe's and any person that harms Pets, Women Children or the Elderly. I can't help but to judge.
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Are you ok?

Nope not even a little Bit. I contemplate giving up daily . Every morning I wake up and I'm surprised. Then I'm instantly angery that I woke up again.

i hate that people in 2024 still can’t mind their business

I hate that little MF Snowflakes Hate and Whine about EVERYTHING THAT OFFENDS THEM. Crybaby entitled lil _U_†§

did you die?

I did for 40 mins as a child. I drown in a frozen pond . I haven't been right ever since. TBI nobody should be that far over the vail for that long things follow your energy as it's slammed back inside of this half dead battery of meat and salt water. Thing no one should ever see

Why 30+ men want to date younger women

NATURE older women want younger men. Virility and Fertility It's our primal attraction survival and procreation are 98. % of every species Base instinct


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