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How long is it going to take for you to stop lying to yourself to stop running away to stop being scared and just come over here so I can f****** hug you please you're going to lose me forever I mean it...

Who are you?

Why can't you stop staring at me? Is it my light or is it my Devine powerful muscles that captivate you??💪💪💪😎


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Would you accept someone back into your life if they ghosted you for months and then decided to make an appearance again and their excuse for ghosting you was them being “too busy”?

Depends who

Just hypothetically speaking how would you feel if a good friend of yours started dating your ex?

Solid no for me. I wouldn't talk to any of them anymore.

Do you care about how people might perceive you or what they’ll think about you going off of your posts on here?

I guess not?

If someone you loved disappeared for no reason with no explanation regularly, how long would you put up with that?

It depends

what is your criterion to accept someone on snapchat?

Do I know them, did I give my username to them?


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