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What was the the starting idea behind EWO? (Cliché, I know)

The starting idea was to build a band with the same vision both in music and career. The most important thing if you want a band to last for a longer time is to share the same vision of the future. This almost sounds like a relationship...lol!!

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When will Patrik announce his relationship to Nils? Maybe on the 24. of the Auspuffkanal??

NILS & PATRIK!!?!?!? What about me Nils!?!? WHAT ABOUT ME!?!? //Erik
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When will Patrik announce his collaboration with Celine Dion?

They started shooting the promo video on the Titanic but something happened and the boat sunk... There may be something in the future but nothing that we will announce just yet!
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Great album guys!! Do you have tabs for rythm Guitar of red or new world order? \m/

Sander Tervoert
Thanks dude \m/ Yes, check out the christmas calendar we have at our website www.e-w-o.net. We posted the rythm guitar tabs for New World order yesterday and will try to post Red in a near future also,

Best guitarist ever?

Alex Skolnick. His solos from the early Testament albums are amazing. I also like Guthrie Govans playing. Whats yours? //Kristofer

Krakow in Poland is waiting for you guys! Please come and play for us as soon as it is possible ;)

We will for sure! Looks like Poland is a great metal country :)


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