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Why do I keep wanting to apologize to you about everything? I doubt you have a second thought about the things you say. I’m the only party that feels guilt for my words and you don’t want to hear it anyway.

Apologize to me about what? I don’t understand where this is coming from? I don’t know who you are, or what this is about.

Did you ever get your nose pierced? If so what was your experience?

I have had my nose pierced, there is a bit of pain during, but you don’t experience much after that. It’s very quick, but I promise you’ll love it.

On a serious note I truly forgive you and I apologize for my part in this. I love and support everything you do. And I understand why you did what you did. I don't hold any grudges and would simply like to be your friend if possible ❤️. I miss you and hearing your sweet sweet voice sooo much. 🤗🤗

I don’t understand what I did, but I’m glad you forgive me for whatever happened. I would love to be your friend.

I finally let go. Throughout all the years together of course I just feel empty about the whole thing. But I could never forgive you.

I have no idea who you are, or what you’re talking about.

Can’t wait for Billie eilish’s new album I like the snippets

Same here, I’m anxious to hear everything!

You can't even take the time to read the messages. You never cared about me. You did use me.

I would never use anyone, I’ve been trying to read all of my messages as possible. If I knew who this was, I could talk to you.

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I won’t stop loving the idea of you until I find someone to love me more than what I thought I saw from you and they way I felt with you. Dam that was so rare! When will I get it again?!

I need to know who this is.

I wish I can go backwards and fix everything and make you love me again

I need to know who you are first.


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