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Will the FPC be involved in conjunction with the FPL in any capacity, or is that yet to be determined?

Some of the management have made efforts to support the FPC already!! The FPL organization itself has made a promise to help with certain opportunities they will be offering in the future.

Will your league conflict with other leagues schedules

Not planning on hosting a league for COD at least until we find a system that supports our values due to past experiences. Working on Tournaments, Showmatches and other things that we found bring unity and make the womens community better.

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Where do I register @

Currently getting system built into a new website and rolling back the tournament components. After we get this stuff done it will be extremely easy to register.

Are you bringing back Leagues?

Yes, currently looking at different games and recruiting staff in preparation.

Will teams who placed t8 or t6 or whatever need to re-qualify for season 3?

Possibly, looking into all options going forward

Will FPL S3 (CoD) be combined of EU and NA teams together like Season 1 or will it be separate again like Season 2?

Looking into legal matters concerning what we can and can't do going forward.

Will season 3 call of duty be coed or all female?

The FPL will have a 2 part system. The "League" will be ALL FEMALE Teams. The FPL will also be a component of Payday.GG in which additional prizes and awards can be earned from all female and co-ed teams alongside the main prizepool. We hope this provides clarification and we do apologize for the confusion. After talking to key members of the community we feel this is the best way going forward

How does one sign up to be a F/A? Are there requirements?

You dont sign up to be a free agent. Just find an organization looking for players. There are currently more orgs than players which is a thing we will be looking to fix

Not a question, I just want you to know that I hope you're able to grow, mature and become something big & successful.

It means a lot! We are just a spark of many great adventures to come if we work together!
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FPL Halo?

We are only looking for a commissioner. We wont make a league until we have everything in place for it to run successfully.

Will OpTic Gaming have a ladies team running in the FPL? If not has this been approached to Hecz to have one?

We believe the FPL was mentioned in a Podcast by H3CZ and crew in which he stated that if the community wanted them to have a team then they would go that route so it depends on the community at this point if they want to take this on.
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Why do you never announce prize pools right away?

We want to attract those that put passion, community and competition ahead of just playing for money. We like to look at it as an incentive but don't mistake us when we say that we wont be giving more, it is more of a statement to the strength of our community, that we can say hundreds of people and teams are all playing for the fun and enhancement of our amazing community and that in itself is an accomplishment.

how are "not all rules are in the rules?" even a thing? i heard it from Daniis stream from one of her matches this weekend. Didnt seem right

It could of been worded better but such as new glitches being discovered in game or the "dolphin dive" from AW. Many things are unexpected in gaming as the game can have many problems which would require an official to make a call. Hope that answers your question.

Do you have the stats from first season? Like individual player stats?

We will be looking to track those stats next season

Where to find a female clan or org?I can't seem to find any. Ones to even learn how to get better at the game?

We retweet sometimes but outside of that you can post on our forums at femaleproleague.com

If I am gender fluid, am I allowed to play in the league?

If you can provide the proper government identification with photographic proof stating you are female, as it stands there should be no problem

Will the FPL do in-depth interviews with the players?

That is a major change we want. A dedicated team to content

Will the FPL be it's own brand?

Yes, it already is but it will definitely be more stand alone and an identifiable brand from other connected aspects


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