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Are you mentally ok if not please share

... Yes and no. I am considerably less okay than I was even a year ago.

I could swear there used to be a "Keep Asking" button, but in absence of that...Florists are super cool! It's an awesome career aspiration. Happy late birthday. I'm sorry I haven't been there as much as I could've been. What have you been up to? Graduated high school I assume?

There did indeed, ASKfm has scrapped their site of all useful features and become clogged with ads, lol. But at any rate, thank you very much on both accounts! It’s perfectly alright as well; you’ve been busy and I’ve had limited social options up ‘til recently. It’s nice to talk to you again, though!
I admittedly haven’t been up to much in the long run, save for improving on my art, of which I must say I’m quite proud. And indeed I have! In as much as a home schooler can formally graduate, that is. XD How about you?

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do you make friends with women who are rude to men

I do not befriend anyone who is rude to anyone else, regardless of what either involved party is. Rudeness is rudeness.

I go off on men who call me “cute”.. I’m a woman. Cute is for puppies.. am I wrong? 😭

Not all feel the same; some women enjoy being called cute, but if being called cute annoys you or makes you uncomfortable, that is how you feel and it should be respected regardless.

What is with all these pictures of woman here with random questions lately? Are those really them or just looking for attention?

Whether it is truly them or not, they are looking for attention either way.

Abc de fu and your friends and your broke down car and that shit you call art

jaconhamil’s Profile PhotoKenny
>:0 I’m disappointed in you, Bob the Builder! I thought your show was children’s programming. Tsk, tsk.

Are you missing your ex?

I do not know that he can be considered an ex. Though I do not consider myself currently in a relationship any longer, our relationship never formerly ended; he simply stopped replying mysteriously one day this past October and never returned. That said, yes. I miss and worry about him every day.

Why do men think an unsolicited pickle pic is gonna wanna make me say “Oh yeah I’m totally in love and want you inside me”??

Because some men are ignorant, foolish pigs that care for only... reproductive activities, and are trying to find women who are the same, of which there are unfortunately plenty. That said, some men believe all women are nothing more than pleasure toys and that is it.

Are you truly happy with all the decisions you’ve made throughout life..?

No, but I doubt anyone is 100 percent happy with how they have conducted every detail of their life. We all make mistakes, it is part of being human.

How many times have you moved in your life so far?

cyniska’s Profile Photoemi
At least twelve, pending another move soon. Mind you I am only eighteen years old.

Do you like to argue or do you hate it?

I prefer to avoid arguments if possible, but if I do happen to get caught up in one, I am far too fiery-tempered to back down.


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