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I wish you would hold me that's all I want...

You tell me the reason I will understand and I will hug you

I miss you, I think about you, but I feel we could never be…doesn’t mean I don’t wish/hope we could. Maybe we are meant to just be friends and that’s ok, I do believe we could be more again one day.

If you say you miss him, why don't you try to do something, don't believe it, don't imagine what will happen, maybe you'll be friends again 🖐️
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Do you go out of your way to go to a specific convenience store just to see someone you’re attracted to?

At my work it happens often 😃🙈 I go to the bar to order a lemonade just to see her 😊🖐️

Why do I keep wanting to apologize to you about everything? I doubt you have a second thought about the things you say. I’m the only party that feels guilt for my words and you don’t want to hear it anyway.

If you say you want to apologize, do it, you want to talk about something, do it, don't think too much about what will happen, don't feel bad, otherwise you'll be fine ❤️‍

Even though it was just a glimpse of was really nice to see you again today 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

😄😳 eres FBI 😭

Looking her in the eyes and taking accountability, apologizing, talking like adults could fix so much. Why do you avoid it? Why won't you even try? You know where she is right now, still where you left her in pieces. Trying to remember who she was before you.

No tengo idea para quien es esto

thanks for trying to be poetic, you ain’t got it. You got me blocked out mentally and spiritually like you wasn’t feeling me



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