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Do you almost always have the last word in conversations or does that not really not matter to you?

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I’m right so it doesn’t matter to me. Lol Nah but seriously it doesn’t.

I have crush on my "girl" friend, and I'm scared to death to confess her but if i don't i know i will regret it for the rest of my life. What should i do, please help 😭😭

Screenshot your question and send it to your best friend. Seriously

I have a question, this dude stopped talking to me for about a week and I'd texted him to see if he would text back and he does. His first response was I'm sorry I been super depressed, 2nd was what's up and his 3rd was good morning, I was told that this dude might think I'm still interested in him.

Stop texting him if you’re not.

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