Do you ship Kirito x Tatsuya? Because don't two wrongs make a right?

Yes. Kirito x Tatsuya is my OTP 5eva.
In all honesty, Tatsuya is more of a superman than Kirito and would undoubtedly kick Kirito's ass in any kind of showdown. This would make Kirito feel humbled and even angry. For the first time, he has come across a man even more hax0r than he is. Kirito ends up becoming fixated on Tatsuya, especially after Tatsuya steals his waifu Asuna and his imouto Suguha from him by simply being Tatsuya. Depressed, Kirito turns to alcohol. He cannot stand the insult to his manhood, so he turns permanently to his womanly GGO avatar. Finally, he returns as a crazed bleary-eyed drunkard, deflecting Tatsuya's bullets with his lightsaber, thereby earning Tatsuya's respect. They make hot steamy love.

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this sounds like something you should be asking tne Sakugablog people if you want a non-shitpost answer

Frog-kun, how many anime fandoms would you consider yourself part of? Also AotY 2016?

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