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if you ask me. id say that if ya cant handle the shade thrown at you, dont throw shade your self! simple as that point blank period.

id say no one asked.

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Would you forgive someone who habitually lies about everything?

I dont know? Are they sick? Do they have dementia or some memory disorder?

Do you regret anything or how you treated someone

I regret some things in life, but a lot of times I also feel like people should be treated how they treated others, to know what it feels like

In your opinion, can someone really care about you if they don’t reach out?

I mean sure, they can.
But maybe they think its better not to reach out? Like there is less harm?
But at the same time, if someone is left hanging after they reach out and you dont, it would take initiative on your part to get them to be same again.

why do you hate me

dont know who you are. I hate it when someone is not straightforward? like who the fuck are you? Give some context?

If you were dieing would you tell anyone?

I would expect that anyone I was close to would tell me.
So yes, I would tell them

I hear flowers work great for an apology do you agree?

umm sure but what are you apologizing about? and how will it not happen again? And if someone got hurt, how do you help them recover?
but flowers must be nice.

If you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were going to die would you be afraid ?

not really?
I know beyond a shadow of doubt that everyone has to die one day.
I mean yes, I would be afraid because you are leaving this world and everything and your loved ones behind and you dont know whats ahead?
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How Can I make you happy? 🤍

tell them what you like about them?
words of affirmations, gifts, physical touch if the other person is comfortable enough?

Are you a deeply emotional person and fall deep when you fall in love?

I think I have a warped sense of what love is, and that people may act irrationally when they are in love because they are not used to the emotion and how to deal with it.

whats your favorite drink (soda, seltzer, milk, apple juice, ect…)

I don't know from the top of my head. Probably soda but its not healthy..


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